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Short story By: JaelleMarissa

the tale of a suicidal brother and what he does because he's insecure

Submitted:Jun 22, 2011    Reads: 125    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

I was talking to my boyfriend the other day.... and his fatass brother walked into the room and farted on me. i was like "RV your fatass brother farted on me and now i smell like his rear end and i just bought this outfit for our wonderful date tonight. i really want you to beat him up for farting on me plus this room smells really really bad" RV said "Jaelle lets go to the mall so we can get you a new better smelling outfit. i hear american eagle has a sell on, and ill deal with Jesse later. lets go!" Well when RV and i got to American Eagle the sale had just went off we missed it by like 30 minutes arguing with jesse about him farting on me. he was like "bra i didnt fart on your stupid ass girlfriend she farted on me" and i was like "dude ur soooo totally lying you farted on me" and he asked why i said that he farted on me and i said " Because i'm taking your brother's attention away from you, now move on over there's a new sherriff in town, and her name is Princess Jaelle he's with me and only me. i own his mind body and soul now." well jesse jumped up off the couch at me and tried to grab my throat and RV stepped in the way, and got hurt all because of me. I never meant for jesses fatass to land on him. RV is in the hospital in a coma cuz of his fatass brother and i argueing over who farted on who. Jesse landed on RV who then fell to the floor and hit his head on the coffee table which knocked him out. I tried waking him up but he wouldnt open his eyes. He was still breathing just not responding to anything we did. Now in this coma his fatass brother and i sit by his bed side night and day. I never leave jesse does but not i. I havent released his hand since he got there to the hospital. I want him to wake up and talk to me, squeeze my hand, and be able to eat. His mother blames me for his coma so im constantly crying my eyes out............. TWO WEEKS LATER Well its been two weeks since my boyfriend accident that put him in this horrible coma. Im praying everyday that he'll wake up so that i can never let him go. "JAELLE is that you?" RV said weakly "YES I'M HERE I HAVEN'T LEFT YOUR BEDSIDE FOR TWO WEEKS NOW. well today is already starting off great my boyfriend is out of his coma but i dont know for how long. he has stitches in head as well as staples. Jesse mysteriously disappeared real late last night. he probably wont return, i took his wallet and all of his identification, his money and the keys to his pedo-van. he's walking alone in the dark somewhere with no money no i.d. no car no nothing. thats what he gets fro lying on me. i run into the waiting area and get MAMA V who gets PAPA V who wakes up little V and i tell them that their son is awake and he's talking. later on that day. "MAMA i cant move my left leg" "WHAAAAAAAT"!? "I CANT MOVE MY FRIGGIN LEFT LEG" "RV you have to be able to move your left leg." "DAMMIT WOMAN I CANT MOVE IT I'VE ALREADY TRIED A MILLION TIMES!!!, hey where's my fatass brother? "HE LEFT late yesterday afternoon saying that you're dead there's no use to waiting on you to wake up so he left. he handed me the keys to his pedo van and his wallet with everything in it including the house keys, i heard him mumble something about "TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS" then he left" well comes to find out that since Jesse thought RV was dead he jumped off a massive cliff onto some rocks and killed himself ,and some cliff divers found his body early this morning he even left a note which read...... DEAR RIVIO, IM SORRY I AM A BAD FATASS BROTHER THE WORST YOU COULD EVER HAVE. I SUPPOSE SINCE YOUR READING THIS YOUR AWAKE. I GAVE THIS TO YOUR NURSE LAST NIGHT WHILE I WAS LEAVING AND TOLD HER NOT TO GIVE IT TO YOU UNLESS YOU WOKE UP. IM SORRY JAELLE DIDNT FART ON ME AND SHE WASNT THE CAUSE OF YOUR COMA I WAS I PUSHED YOU DOWN BECAUSE I WAS JELLY OF YOU, WHY YOU ASK BECAUSE YOU'RE DATING A BEAUTIFUL GIRL AND YOU'RE TALL AND HANDSOME AND IM SHORT AND FAT NO GIRL THAT BEAUTIFUL WOULD EVER FALL IN LOVE WITH ME, AS FOR MAMA AND PAPA AND LIL V IM SORRY BUT I'M COMMITTING SUICIDE BECAUSE IM INSECURE.... LOVE YOUR FATASS BROTHER, JESSE Rivio eventually began to feel his left leg again he was able to walk by himself in three days, the day of his fatass brother's funeral he was walking by himself no cane no walker no nothing. he cried i cried, we all cried. and still all the blame is on me cuz i am beautiful i was the cause of jesse's death. :'(


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