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Encounter at the next corner

Short story By: John Xu

Tags: Romance

Zoey had one dream, to encounter her prince charming. But when he really came, she found out that he was with another girl.

Submitted:Apr 6, 2012    Reads: 32    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

Zoey had never thought of encountering him. She was sixteen, with her hairs pulled back, forming a neat stripe that resembled a fountain. She had a face dotted with freckles. She didn't look charming as her sister Amanda, who had a white and smooth skin like a finely made porcelain. Amanda on the other hand had those eyes so beautiful that no man could simply walk away from her gaze.They didn't look like sisters at all. At the back of Zoey's mind, she was jealous, jealous to her sibling for what she herself didn't possess.

Zoey had witnessed her sister encountering her prince Charming. She hid at the corner, leaning forward tentatively peering them holding hands, hugging gaily in the center of the amusement park. He wore a tan jacket and a turtle neck inside. His smile revealed the gap of his white teeth, shinning under the afternoon sun.
He was everything to her, at least in the middle of Zoey's dream, that he would turn around and give her a look. She didn't care what that look could be, she just wanted it to happen. It never happened, not even in the dream, where wish could come true.
Zoey would sneak out before the school bell rang and into the same park where he and Amanda dated. She'd wait there till he came out, with Amanda. Zoey sighed as she eased her sore neck. Last time he wore a brown shirt with the alphabet A on. This time it was a clean jacket with a lot of pockets. Zoey brought out the pen and a small note book.
" nov 2th 2011.
Clothes: clean brown jacket.
Partners: Amanda :(
... "
" His name is Jack, isn't he cute?" Amanda pointed at the picture in her album. The one she'd taken in the park.
" I'm going to take him home this Friday, would you please prepare some thing to eat. "
Zoey hated that, she hated being treated like a low class person because of her look. She dreamed of being a snow white, or may be being a Cinderella could be fine. But she was Zoey, a plain girl in this small town.
" Okay. " Her voice was hoarse like a old cloth being tossed around and could be ripped off at any time.
Zoey had dreamed about seeing Jack, but till she got the chance to really take a look at him, the young and friendly boy, who held Amanda's hand when his glance converged on Zoey.
" Hi, I'm Jack, nice to meet you. "
He pulled his hand out from Amanda's palm and shook Zoey's right hand. The smile could melt the heart of the coldest woman on earth. Zoey stood there, face to face to Jack, unable to speak a word.
" Come on, pick up a word, stupid girl. You are wasting your sister's time. "
Her eyes drifted away, trying to get rid of the stare. It was too sharp for her, and too good for a girl with no elegance and beauty. She dreamed about that stare every night, but never thought it would happen in the reality.
She droop her head down, tears streamed down her face. There was a flick of thought crossing her mind that things had gone wrong. It was her sister's time and she should not be there to interrupt them.
" Are you okay?"
Jack was bewildered as he saw Zoey shivered and wept with her long hair down, covering her entire face.
" Yeah, I'm fine. I guess that I still have some school work to do, so please have fun. "
She was afraid to look up again, she felt the hot liquid wetted her eyelids. She gasped and held her mouth with her right hand. She tumbled upstairs like a discarded cat, but she could still hear Jack questioning in concern.
" Is your sister okay. "
" Oh, she's fine. She's always like that. She has obsession. "
Zoey ran into her bedroom and shut the door and locked it. She didn't want to hear anything any more. Being broken with sorrow and regret, the world collapsed as she slumped on the floor. Lifting her right arms, Zoey saw that the cuff was moistened by her tear.
" What a wretch am I. "
She closed her eyes and held her calfs with both hands. The dream was shattered brutally. She sighed and inhaled, not to let the tear flow again. May be this is what life meant. Zoey wished that she was still dreaming. She wished that it didn't happen at all. She wished that she hadn't have met Jack.
( 5 years later )
" Zoey Jones, you forgot to bring your text book again. "
The professor grumbled as he glared at her.
" Sorry... I will... bring them immediately. "
The university of Duke surely didn't give Zoey much feeling of home. It was the third time that something like that happened.
" Oh, my god. Where is it. " She fumbled in her locker clumsily. Two girls giggled when they passed by.
" See, the freckles can't find her book again. "
Zoey flushed. She was always like that subconsciously, even there weren't people around.
This time, things was different. Zoey heard another footsteps coming from the staircase.
" Click, click, click..."
Zoey kept her head low, trying to grab everything out.
" Zoey?"
The voice sounded familiar, like a far reminder awakening the deepest memory. She stiffened, breathlessly. Jack stood in front of her, holding a cluster of books.
" Hi, it's... so good to see you. "
Zoey glanced at him, the Duke sophomore wore a sapphire shirt, no longer with the alphabet A. His hair Was trimmed and all pointed up, but the stare was still there, the biggest impression indicating that the time didn't wear away what the most valuable thing.
" Good to see you here. " Zoey felt her cheek heating, but the feeling of happiness ingrained in her heart.
" All right, see you then. " Jack smiled and said.
Zoey skipped downstairs. Jack's figure faded when she winded down the spiral staircase, but that was fine. Zoey clutched her books. That was real, real for her to encounter Jack once again. She had never thought that it could happen. May be it was a dream, as she wished five years ago.
( Staring at Zoey running down the staircase, Jack fell into a silence. The time with Amanda was beautiful, but perhaps it was destined that they wouldn't be together. He looked down on the ground. There was a notebook there, sprawling and half-opened with a brown outfit. Jack leaned down and picked it up. He shuffled the page casually with curiosity.
"It was real," he thought.
" She's my Julia. "


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