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Once In A Lifetime Love

Short story By: katey 1111

This short story is about, a girl named Mirandia ,and, her long time boyfriend, Jessie, brakes up with her his senior year of high school ,and, joins the marines. Then three years later, in North Carolina, she sees him on the beach. She catches Jessie's eye, and, then he tryes to make things right again.

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The sun was setting, as the hot summer night air, of North Carolina,was wafting on to my skin, and, as i walked down to the pier. I've seen you, once or twice, in the past month, standing there next to the ocean. This time i caught your eye. I couldn't help but wonder, why you? Why now? I felt all the old feelings, coming back once again, as your eyes met mine. I quickly turned around, to walk back to where i came from.I haven't seen or heard from you sense, you graduated from high school. I was told, by an old friend, that after High school, you ran off ,and, enlisted into the Marines, 3 years ago. It wasn't a surprise to me. You all ways, talked about serving your country, and, making your daddy proud.

But tonight when i seen you, standing there, by the ocean, all the memories of you, flooded back to me. Those long and cold southern nights, standing on the bleachers, cheering for you, and running down onto the football field, after your big win. Kissing you as you spun me around in your arms, then setting me down, whispering "I love you" into my long dark auburn hair. When you held me in your arms, it was perfect, when you kissed me it was Amazing, sparks would fly, and, when i looked, into your dark brown eyes, i felt loved ,and, cared for. I was a 17 year old girl, in love with the star Quarter back, and, you where the 18 year old senior in love, with the Junior high school girl. Until the night, you left me heart broken, standing, by the old football stadium bleachers.

"Miranda!" You called, catching up with me ,and, grabbing my wrist. I knew, i couldn't let you back into my heart, but it was hard to look into your eyes, with out falling in love with you,all over again.

I turned to look at you and whispered, "Jessie." I could feel your warm breath lingering on my skin. You smiled at me, with your lips, that i had once, kissed every day.

"Miranda" you whispered, my name in a loving tone.

This is not what i wanted, i didn't want to fall in love with you again. "What are you doing here?" I asked, looking into the eyes of you,my once upon a time fairy tail. You smiled at me, making me feel weak in the knees.

"You brought me back." You smiled, looking me in the eyes.

"How could you say that!" I yelled, pulling my arm away from you, and walking away. How dare you say that, you broke my heart ,and, left me to pick up the pieces.All you ever thought about was yourself.

"Mira!" You called after me.

You knew, you where the only one, that i let call me, Mira. I couldn't help myself, from turning around, to look back at you. "Mira please!" You said, walking back up to me ,and, grabbing my hand. I could see the desperation, in your eyes ,and, all the pain.

"What if i don't tell you what's on my mind, and you walk away, we might live out our lives, and, never feel this way, what if your the one, that i know I'm meant to love, what if tonight is the night, what if once in a life time love, don't come twice. Girl take a chance, time is unfolding. We could be blessed with out even knowing. Just for a minute close your eyes, and, don't take a breath. Cause what if you miss it ,and, love never comes again?!" You asked, with so much heart.

I could tell you where being true to me and to your heart, and, now i wanted you more than ever before. I closed my eyes just like you asked me to ,and, thought about what you had just said. It was all to true.

"I don't want to wake up by myself, years from now, wishin' that id told you what i felt. Your eyes are like a window, to your soul. If you don't open up, I may never know!" You said, with so much passion, I could feel you trying, to make me understand, and, i did perfectly.

You are my true love, you always have been! "I love you, always have, always will!" I whispered, opening my eyes, to look at you, your cheeks where stained with tears. "

Baby, i love you, I'm sorry , I'm sorry for everything!" You cried, pulling me into your massive body ,and, kissing me, with so much passion, I kissed you back, with just as much passion.

You pulled away from me, and, smiled, then dropped to one knee. I was in dis belief. "Marry me, Mira?" You asked looking up at me, with the same smile, that always melted my heart. How could i not say yes? You are my happy ever after.

"Yes, a million times, yes" I smiled,putting both of my hands, on either side of your face and kissing you, with so much passion as before.

We pulled away from the kiss, and, you stood up and wrapped me in your arms, an, Whispered in my still long dark auburn hair "I love you." then picked me up an spun me around kissing me, just like you used too.


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