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Saving Eira White

Short story By: Katie Cruz

(FIRST PLACE - NICKYSTOKES CONTEST). A modern Snow White fairy tale.

(An entry to Nickystoke's fairytale contest)

Submitted:May 31, 2011    Reads: 2,331    Comments: 8    Likes: 2   

Saving Eira White

"Everyone has a fairytale of their own."

A burly guy with a dark brown jacket and a black cap nervously knocked on the door of a large brown door.

"Come in." A woman's muffled voice said.

As soon as he came in, a long, wavy, dark haired woman who was sitting at a large wooden desk turned her chair around with a devilish grin on her face.

"Mrs. White." The guy took of his cap.

"You found her?"

He nodded. He threw a big manila envelope on her desk. She eyed him carefully and reached for the envelope. She opens it slowly.

Inside were photographs of a beautiful young girl. Long dark hair, skin pale white as snow and perfect rosy red lips. Shots showing every movement of the girl possible.

The woman curls her lips in disgust and she immediately threw the envelope in the trash behind her. She remained silent as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Finish her." She finally tells him.

"We made a deal."

The woman nods at him, smiling. She reaches something below her desk. She brought out a small black briefcase and slides it slowly on the desk towards the guy.

"There," she said sweetly. "Happy?"

He grabs the briefcase and opens it. After verifying the contents, he hurriedly left the room. Her smile widens and she began to laugh hysterically.


We now move across town to see a beautiful young girl who has skin as white as snow and perfect rosy red lips. She stood outside a small quaint brick house at a very nice suburban neighborhood. She glances at the newspaper again.

"2094 Kettle Street. I guess this is it." She mumbled. She lets out a puff of air and knocks on the door.

A short baldheaded man opens the door with a frown on his face. "Who are..." then his face softens. "You?"

"H - Hi," The girl greeted, "I'm Eira White." She offers a handshake. He just stared at her so she took her hand away awkwardly. He seemed so grumpy, I guess because of old age. Maybe that's the reason why he lost all of his hair. He ushers her in.

"Housekeeping, right?" He enquired, still frowning.

She stared at him weirdly. "Uh, Yeah."

"Hey, guys! We have the housekeeper here!" The short baldheaded man shouted. One by one, guys started to come out of their rooms. Most of them were like in their thirties, but there was one younger one, a tall lanky boy who was way younger than Eira smiled shyly at her. She smiled back at him. He was cute, of course.

The short baldheaded man starts to talk. "We all live here, we share the monthly rent. We have work Monday through Friday so..."

"Oh, okay," she nodded. "I'll do whatever you guys want. Cook, clean..."

"Yeah, then when we come home at the end of the day, you can go back to your home and come back again the next morning."

"Uh, sir?" she pressed her lips together. "There's a slight bit of a problem."

He cocked an eyebrow. "And what is that?"

"I don't have a place to stay." She says quietly.

"You can stay here with us then!" The tall lanky boy quickly said. "Right, uncle?"

All the other guys reacted all at once. Eira's heart raced. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea, She thought.

"Wait, stop!" She interrupts. "Just for a month. Until I get a good paying job, that's all I'm asking."

They have all agreed upon letting the girl stay, so they gave her one of their rooms to sleep in.


Early that morning, everyone had went to work, leaving Eira to do the chores. She went outside and saw how the grass needed clippings very badly. The front yard was a mess.

"What a pigsty." She muttered.

She got the lawnmower out and she tries to start it. It wasn't cooperating very well so she tried pulling the cord again and again until she panted like a dog. She decided to plop down the grass to rest.

That's when she heard the rustle of leaves nearby. She looks up to see a hot shirtless guy with black shorts and earphones. He had dark brown shaggy hair and a body of an adonis. Her jaw dropped at the sight of him.

he walked up to her, smiling.

"Hi!" He waves at her.

Eira squinted her eyes from the sun. "Hey."

He points at the lawnmower. "I see you have a wee bit of a problem."

"Yeah, unfortunately." She chuckled as she got up from the grass.

He started to fiddle with it and a few minutes later it starts up. Eira flashed him a grin.

"Wow. How did you do that? I've been at it for almost thirty minutes now."

"Magic." He smiles at her, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Well, thank you for your help, sir - you are very kind." Eira tells him turning back to the lawnmower.

"You're very beautiful." He says back, but Eira wasn't aware of what he said. "What's your name, by the way?"

Eira couldn't hear so she stopped the lawnmower.

"What is it?"

"What's your name?"

"Eira White. And you?"

"Pretty name," he nodded. "I'm Adrian Cadwell."

They both shook hands. Electricity seemed to flow between them. Both were locked in a gaze. None of them seem to realize that they were still holding hands. Finally, a motorcycle whisked by, the noise interrupted them.

They quickly released their hands from each other, feeling very awkward at the moment.

"Eira," he whispers. "I love your name. Never heard it before."

"It's Welsh for snow," she explains. "I think? Someone told me that's what my mom gave me. She gave birth to me around winter time."

"Hmm... that explains it." He seemed so mesmerized by her beauty, his eyes couldn't leave hers. Eira's cheeks blushed as she averts her gaze.

"I - I have to go finish my chores." She smiles and walks back to the lawnmower.

He nodded. "Okay, nice to meet you by the way."

He puts his earphones back on, winks at her and continues to jog again. Eira couldn't help but stare at the guy she just met. He was incredibly hot and irresistible, no doubt about that. Too bad she didn't get his number, but dating was far from Eira's mind. She was more worried about finding a stable job and maybe look for her biological parents.



"Eira," called the baldheaded man. They were all gathered at the kitchen. Eira stared at him with her sad eyes. It was the moment of truth.

"Yes, Mr. Castro?"

"Uh... we all decided it's bets if..." He looks at the rest of the guys in the house. They all nodded at him. Eira pressed her lips together. This was it, she thought. They were about to kick her out, but she still haven't found a good job yet.

"We all decided that you can stay as long as you want." He finally tells her.

Eira's eyes were watery now and she quickly hugged the man. Everybody cheered and she had to give each and every one of them a hug to give her thanks for all their kindness for the past month.

As all the other guys left for work, the young boy approached her. She was stirring a pot of stew.

"Hi, Malcolm." She smiled at him.

"Hey," he smiles back. "Smells wonderful."

"Sorry, it's not ready yet."

"Eira, I'm so happy uncle made you stay."

She stops stirring and places the lid back on the pot. She turned to him. "I'm happy, too. Thanks to all of you."

He nodded. He grabbed his bag and ran out of the house as fast as he could, or else he was going to be late for work.


"WHAT?!" Elvira angrily slams her hands on her desk. The old man in front of her took his eyeglasses off. "So I don't get anything at all?!"

"I'm afraid so," He breathes. "She's still alive, Elvira. She's the sole heiress to the White's inheritance."

"She's... Alive?" her face softens. "Well, that's wonderful!"

The old man pinched the bridge of his nose. "She gets everything and you don't get a single penny. That's what your husband's will says."

She laces her fingers together and chuckles. "We'll see about that."


The doorbell rang. Eira was scrubbing the floor at that time. She heard the doorbell rang the second time and she went to wash her hands before proceeding to the door.

As she opened the door, there was a long wavy dark hair haired woman standing on the porch. She was really pretty, with flawless skin. She was smiling sweetly with a huge basket of red shiny apples in her hand.

"Hi!" greeted the woman, who was Elvira. "I'm here to sell fresh picked Apples, It's for a good cause. I'm the one in charge of our school's fundraising team."

Eira smiled at the woman then shifted her eyes at the Apples. Her heart raced, she didn't know why though.

"I'm really sorry, but I - I don't really have money right now, ma'am..."

"Oh, you poor dear!" She gasped. "That's Okay, don't worry about it!" She reaches for an apple. "Here." She hands over a perfectly shaped red Apple.

"Oh, no - I can't take that!" She pushes the woman's hand away.

"Take it, it's yours! I insist, come on," Elvira prodded. "I can see you're a beautiful person inside and out. So please, just take it."

Eira nodded and took the Apple in her hand. "Thank you so much."

After closing the door, she marveled at how beautiful the shiny Apple was. It looked so good, but it was going to be such a waste if she doesn't eat it now. She lifts the Apple close to her mouth, she smiles and took a bite out of it.

She starts coughing. The Apple drops to the floor. She grips her throat, her eyes were becoming watery and red. She quickly ran to the kitchen but everything she touches just tumbles down to the floor.

Then, soon enough - she drops down to the floor.


"Eira? Eira! We're home!" Malcolm called. hanging his jacket at the coat closet. He walked over to the kitchen, there he saw a motionless Eira sprawled on the floor.

"EIRA!" He drops to his knees and lifts her up to his arms. "OH, GOD! Someone call 911! QUICK!"



Malcolm, Mr. Castro and the other five guys were at the waiting room, patiently waiting for the news about Eira's condition. Some of them thought it might be suicide, but Malcolm saw the Apple she took a bite out of.

"I think someone's trying to poison her." Said Malcolm, out of the blue. They all looked at each other. Who would do such a thing?

A Doctor came out at last. He looked very young to be one. Tall, handsome, dark brown shaggy hair. He had light blue scrubs on and held a clipboard in his hand. They all stood up. Mr. Castro was the first to walk up to him.

The Doctor held his hand out for a shake. "I'm Doctor Cadwell. I believe you're Eira's father?"

"James Castro, just her uncle." He shakes the Doctor's hands. "How is she?"

He sighed. "She's doing fine. We got the poison out of her system just in time."

They all gave out a sigh of relief.

"Are we allowed to see her now?" Malcolm asked.

The young Doctor shook his head. "No, unfortunately her level of consciousness is at a very minimal state presently. You guys may check up on her in the morning." They all groaned and the Doctor excused himself.


That night, Eira was still sleeping soundly. The electrocardiogram machine was beeping repetitively by her side. Someone opened the door quietly.

It was Doctor Cadwell. He pulled a chair closer to Eira's bed and opened the small lamp on the wall. He scanned her face, she was as beautiful as ever. He held her hand and brought it out to his lips. He kissed it.

"Eira," he whispers. "I just wanted to tell you how fortunate I was to see you again. The day I first saw you, I was so moved by your beauty... You caught my heart and I think I might just have fallen for you..." He squeezes her hand gently as he stared at her beautiful pale face.

Beep... Beep... Beep... Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep.... A flatline.

"OH, GOD!" He quickly stood up and pressed the emergency button for back up.

Everyone came to his aid. Eira was slipping away by the minute. They got the defibrillator ready.

"CLEAR!" Shouted Adrian.

They did it a few times and the beeping came back up. Adrian swallowed hard and closed his eyes. He thought he had already lost Eira.


That morning, Adrian came by Eira's room to check up on her. He smoothed a hand over to her forehead. He was so glad to see her face in a normal state. Pale white skin, kissable rosy red lips...

He lowered himself closer to Eira's face. He was a bit nervous about the thought of Eira waking up to see him as her Doctor. He had saved her last night.

It only meant one thing.

He kissed her gently on the lips. They were warm. He pulled away. He heard her give out a soft groan, her eyes started to flicker. She was trying to will her eyes open.

He gasped. He wasn't sure if he was going to stay or leave the room that moment. her eyes flickered open.

"Eira?" Adrian held her hand.

Eira looked up at him and smiled. "Adrian." She laces her fingers with his. "Thank you..."

"I'm so glad you're alive." His eyes were in tears now. He placed her hand on his cheek, then once again he moved closer to her, planting a soft kiss on her red lips. She cups his cheek as they shared a wonderful, sweet kiss. He slowly pulls away.

"Thank you," Eira breathed. "Thank you for saving me, my prince."

Someone coughed and they both turned their eyes to the door. It was her friends. All seven of them were there to visit her that morning. They all had smiles on their faces, relieved to see that Eira was alive.


So, let's fast forward, shall we?

We hear bells ringing, A flower bouquet being tossed in the air, two white doves flying high up in the sky and people endlessly cheering, throwing rice at the newlyweds coming out of the white chapel.

We learned that the handsome young Doctor had finally married the beautiful young girl who's skin was white as snow and had rosy red lips. They waved happily at their friends as they boarded a silver carriage with flowers and two white horses.

As for Elvira White? Well, unfortunately the guy she hired to kill Eira took off with the money she paid him and somehow tipped the police about her evil scheme.

She's now locked up, living miserably in her own cell for life, without parole.

Saving Eira meant only one thing. They were meant to be together.



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