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I Will Love You Till My Dying Day

Short story By: Kewee

Colin is faced with his judgement of the mistake he will never forget.

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The crowd filed in through the doors; some faces full of remorse, confusion, depression, and most held anger pointed right at me even when they couldn't visibly see me. I knew they hated me and wished a sentence far worse than what I was getting. It was only fair.
I didn't mean it, I pleaded desperately in my head. I knew it would never get anywhere or even matter to them.
Her light blue eyes looked up at me expectantly. God she looked so beautiful tonight. Her baby blue dress brought out her eyes and accented her blonde hair that flowed down her shoulders.
"I love you," I said. The smile she gave me was enough to melt my heart and bring tears to my eyes.
She bit her lip softly. "I love you too," she said back. I knew this moment would always be in my mind and I never wanted to let it go.
Tears immediately sprung up in my eyes. They weren't going to help my case. People would never feel sorry for me. They would just hate me more. Kristen had been the perfect daughter, best friend, and big sister. The perfect love of my life as well.
She use to laugh at the stupid things I did and even when I wanted to I couldn't bear to yell at her and take away that smile. The smile that haunts me every time I try and fall asleep.
Her adorable blush, the way she bit her lip before I kissed her, and how she used to push her face into my hand every time I set it on her cheek. Even our stupid arguments had made me smile.
Her eyes had brightened with anger. "I thought you decided to leave?" she asked.
Kristen was always stubborn and always thought I couldn't handle an argument. "No I told you I wouldn't. I'm not leaving without talking about this, "I said. I tried yelling at her, but I couldn't bear to see a tear on her face.
She pursued her lips in defiance."Well I want you to leave!" she yelled.
I rolled my eyes. "Are you mad at me?"I asked as firm as I could manage.
Her shoulders slumped in defeat. "Yes, "she muttered.
"Well then I'm staying."
My palms started sweating. The doors opened again and finally Kristen's parents walked through.
Her mom held the beauty of the light blonde hair she had and her dad had the same blue eyes. They didn't bring Madelyn, she was only three.
The bailiff and judge were about to enter. Finally the last memory assaulted me.
Her beautiful blue eyes were filled with tears, the way I would always remember her.
"Colin?" she choked out. "I'm afraid to die."
The pavement was till cold from he last rainfall and skid marks stretched from the scene of the accident and on. There wasn't a spot on Kristen that wasn't stained with blood.
I tightened my grip on her. "Shh Kristen, I won't let you, "I said, my tears falling on to her perfect arms.
She smiled at me. "Thank you for loving me and always being there for me. I hope you always remember me," she said. Her body was quickly losing heat.
I laid my hand on her cheek. "Don't talk like that. Stay with me," I sobbed.
She winced. "Don't feel guilty about his Colin. You did everything you could."
This time I couldn't even manage to speak. I just cried harder, rocking back and forth
I felt her shudder. "I love you Colin," she whispered. "Forever."
Swallowing down my tears I answered back as strong as I could manage. "I love you too Kristen," I said. "Till my dying day."
That last promise I could keep.
The memory clouded my mind and restricted my breathing. I pushed the car to exceed the speed limit. My introduction to the stand was starting. I was losing focus. The attorney pushed me forward harshly. I let out an exciting whoop still hoping Kristen was watching. The judge's voice came out in a sharp rasp. Only bits and pieces made it to me though. I flipped on the radio and turned the volume up.
"Accident," heard. There was a flash to my right, so I turned around. "Kristen was crossing the street." Suddenly I had hit something hard. "Colin Armstrong convicted of manslaughter."I breathed, in and out. I couldn't block out the words or memories. I tried to keep my eyes open. Kristen was lying there, behind my car. Died an hour later."
Memories stopped coming, but the voice never ceased. Everything slowed down like in a movie right before the judge asked the final question. "How do you plead?"
I met everybody's eyes in the room leaving her parents for last. There was no forgiveness.
"Guilty," said.
I was thankful when I finally fainted.


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