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A Cliche Romance

Short story By: Khoraak

Tags: Cliche, Romance

This short story is about a teenager who is troubled, but ends up meeting a girl at a party.

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A Cliche Romance

Hello. You all don't know me. My name is Zakarious. My friends call me Zak, so, I guess you can call me Zak too. This book is about a girl I met. She was older than me. But that's besides the point. The point of this book is tell you about my feelings towards this girl, and if I ask her out on a date. And if I do, how said dates will go. Let's start off by introducing myself. I mean, I've already introduced my name. But, the other stuff. The unimportant, but yet, the stuff that people curiously want to know about others. I'm turning 16 this summer. I'm into all that normal teenage shit. Drinking, smoking weed. Not parties though. I hate parties. My music taste... well, nobody really gives a shit about that. I'm anxious with crowds of people. I'm scared of others opinions of myself, but at the same time, I really couldn't give less of a fuck how they feel about me. The majority of people are assholes. But, I've got a few friends. Two of which are jocks of the school. They know the ins and outs of the entire school social circle.

Anyway, how the story starts is a friend of mine invites me to a party. "Hey, Zak, there's this party down on 13th Ave, if you wanna come. I mean, it's cool if you don't want to." I simply replied, "Sure. I'll give it a shot. Just remember, Jason. I'm not too fond of crowds." "Yeah, I know. I'll stick with you the whole time, no worries" Jason said as he smiles. Jason is one of my best friends. And surprisingly enough, he's our school's Football Team Captain. I never thought in a million years I'd have a best friend who is a Team Captain of a Football team. Jason unlocked the doors to his Ford Edge. Weird car for a Football Captain. "Hey, Zak, I'm just gonna pick up a few buddies, and we'll head down to the party." I nervously bite my nails and speak through my biting, "Yeah, sure. No problem." Jason looked at me, slightly worried, but started his car and drove off. We picked up his friends, and they were surprised to see me there. "Jason, I didn't know you were friends with the school's loner" one of his buddies said, laughing. I started to bite my nails again. "Hey, relax Zak, I was just joking," he says as he pats my shoulder, "Jason says you're a real cool guy." Yeah, if you think anxiety and mild depression is cool.

We started to get close the party. I could tell because of the amount of drunk teenagers that were walking to and from 13th Ave. "Uhh, Jason, how many people will be at this party?" He laughs and says, "Oh don't worry man. Just a few." We pulled up to a sidewalk across the street from the mansion that the party was being hosted at. Wow, the host must have rich parents. I grab my coat, and get out with the guys. We all cross the street. "This is not a few," I say nervously to Jason. He grabs me by my shoulder and walks me into the party while saying, "Don't worry. I won't leave you alone bud." As I enter in the door, all I can smell is pure alcohol and weed. The music is blaring. If I can remember the song correctly, it was Watchu Want by Belief & Karniege. You know, that song from the movie This Is The End.

I go straight to the drinks, and grab a red cup and fill it with rum and coke. My prefered drink. Jason yells at me, "Man this parties pretty insane," and I look around. It was a fairly large house filled with teenagers ranging from about 15 to 18. The music was so loud I could barely listen to my own thoughts. But I liked the song, despite my music taste. I stand around at the drinks for a while, refilling my cup with drinks every so often, and I finally spot her. She was just standing there. Alone. "Come on Zak, just go and talk to her. Maybe she's like you" I say to myself. "Oh, don't fucking kid yourself. You're fucked up, there's no way." Just at that moment, she spots me staring. I quickly look away, I can feel the warmth of my cheeks flushing. Her hair was strawberry blonde. From afar it looked like she had blue eyes. I quickly glance over a second later to see if she's still looking, and she's got her head in the other direction smiling. "Zak, I see you eye fucking that girl over there," one of Jason's friends yells in my ear, "Go talk to her. Don't be a pussy. Maybe you can get pussy." He laughs than walks away. "I'm gonna go with the guys, I'll be right back, don't worry." And as soon as Jason leaves, I feel the anxiety kicking in. "No, Zak, don't do this. These people are just degenerates. Don't get anxious over these people." At that moment, a Kendrick Lamar song comes on. I think it was called A.D.H.D. All of a sudden, everyone else is blurred out, like I suddenly got tunnel vision of this girl. "Go over there. Talk to her. Get to know her. Maybe even get her number." I finally talk myself into it. I refill my drink, and grab another for her. I walk over to her, and she looks at me, smiling. "Hi," I say to her, grinning. "Really, Zak? That's all you have to say?" I say to myself. "Um, I brought you a drink." She takes it from my hand, "Thank you. I saw you over there, looking at me." My heartbeat raises, and I start to think "Oh shit, she thinks I'm weird. Doesn't she?" I just smile and say, "Oh yeah?" She smiles back and says, "Yep. I'm Persephone, but my friends call me Percy." I smile, and think "Wow. She's named after a Greek goddess. That's such a pretty name." And then I say outloud, "That's a nice name. My name's Zakarious, but my friends call me Zak." She looks at me and says, "Thank you, and you've got quite a nice name too, Zak." I grin. She starts to change the subject and asks, "So, what kind of TV shows are you into?" I look at her and start talking. "Well, I'm mostly into Dexter, but I've been really interested in Teen Wolf." She nods her head, as if she's proud, and says "Those are some good choices." "Yeah, I guess. What about you?" I ask. "The same, really. Except, with a few more girly ones added to the list." I laugh and ask "Which girly ones?" "Mostly just Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liar, Being Human," she says. "Oh, nice. My mom watches those all the time." I look over to the drinks and I see Jason waving me over. "Oh, shit." I say, my smile fading away. "What? What's up?" She asks. "Uh, I've got to go. Is there some other way I can talk to you?" I ask. She writes down her number and says "Give me a call or a text or something." I smile and take off.

I walk over to Jason, "What?" He looks at me with a concerned look on his face. "Kyle, my friend, got in a fight and he got stabbed. We gotta take him to the hospital, Zak." "Well, fuck! Let's call the ambulance!" I pull out my phone and dial 9-1-1. "Hello? I'd like an ambulance please. Uhh, 13th Avenue. The address is 3453. Please hurry." I hang up the phone. "Okay, they're on the way here," I say to Jason, and rush to see if Kyle is okay. "Somebody get me a towel and some alcohol!" I get handed a bottle of vodka and a towel. I pour a little alcohol on the stab wound and put pressure on it with a towel. The ambulance comes, and take Kyle away. "Fuck! This is so fucked, Jason!" One of Jason's Football buddies yells. "Yeah, just calm down Trevor. He'll be okay." Jason tells Trevor. Then Trevor starts throwing a fit and yells "I'm gonna catch the motherfucker who did this to Kyle and I'm going to beat the shit out of him." I start on him, "Now, now. You could get yourself killed by doing that. Just leave it to the police. Jason, can you just drive me home?" "Yeah. Yeah, sure thing, Zak." He drops me off, and I walk into my house and into my room. Well, at least something good happened that night. I actually met a girl. I laugh, and then fall asleep.


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