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Charlie and Emma Chapter Fifteen

Short story By: KLianB

The continuation of Charlie and Emma.
Erin keeps all secrets and all comments to herself. Or at least she tries to around her new boss. She can't keep herself from looking perfect in front of her boss, or her ex-best friend. Loss and betrayal lies past them and burdens them since then. What happened, and what will happen?

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We both headed towards the living room. I sat down first in the middle of the couch, Seth sat down too...but too close. His thigh was beside mine, I managed to scoot to my right more.

He sat closer. We didn't talk at all, and this repeated until I was at the end of the couch.

"Can you stop?" I turned my head sharply and hissed. He scooted once more to stump me at the end of the couch "Stop what?"

"This whole..." I waved my hands hesitantly around our bodies "thing"

He suddenly nuzzled my neck "You're so cute when you're nervous"

"I am so not nervous" I pushed him away. He leaned in closer and I could just feel my knees trembling.

He layed his hand on my chest. I jerked up "What are you!-"

"You heart" His voice was charming "tells your nervous."

We looked at each other quietly.

"And you're ears..." I whispered shyly, looking at the shade of red "tells the same."


I closed my eyes shut and clenched my teeth.


I curled my toes and took quick short breaths.

"Erin" He repeated "You're shaking"

I opened my eyes and Seth was hovering over me, holding my hands. "...Are you scar-"

"I am so not scared" I choked out weakly, my face got hotter when he gave me a grin.

Things got crazy a few moments ago. Seth couldn't respond when I stated about his ears...And we did more than just....kiss. Seth managed to find my room and lay me down, but I couldn't remember anything clearly. My mind was spinning from the thumping of my heart and the spinning of my head.

"Don't get too tired," He said "We only made out"

Here we are now though, he was laying lightly on top of me and our clothes rumpled "Here's the thing" He layed his head against my chest "We didn't even have se-"


He lifted his head abruptly and starred at me wide eyed "Did you just..." He said to himself "agree to have se-"

"Don't use that word, its so harsh" I felt my body get hot.

"It makes it sound rough doesn't it-"

"Nooo!!" I covered my face shaking my head furiously "Don't describe it!"

He laughed a little and leaned in my ear "Then what do you prefer?" I felt him move against me.

I clung to his neck when my breath was short and quick again.

Our foreheads placed against each other, and nose to nose, I replied



I cried. It was the middle of the night. Seth was asleep. And I cried.

We did it, and it wasn't just once.

Why are you crying? You should be happy!

I was happy, until it ended. Seth isn't the type of person to stick around. Or so I suppose- He will soon leave, and I might be pregnant again.

I felt his arm grasp my body, and he brought me close.

I heard him mumble "...Are you crying?"

I sniffed and wiped my tears "No, I just woke up."

He hugged me by the stomach and held me tighter "...Don't cry..." He mumbled drowsily "I'm here"

I figured he was not even thinking straight, so I proceeded.

"You're going to leave again anyway." He didn't answer for a while. He must have fallen asleep agai-

"So you were crying...?"

Tears that were from my yawn fell on his body

He held me closer "Please don't cry, I won't hurt you..."

I hesitated to ask, but it was all I could actually have at the moment "Will you leave me?"

He nuzzled my neck and kissed my head

"I'm all yours."

He fell asleep after a few minutes. What filled the room was our soft breathing...as I whispered lullabies under my breath like I would to Charlie...I fell into a deep sleep I haven't had in ages.


I woke up, the light from the windows spotted my eyes. My body had this ache around my hips and thighs when I moved. I slowly lifted my arms to get up, then when I saw our bare bodies.

"Oh shi-" I fell from my bed and all the covers landed on me.

I heard his drowsy voice "E...Erin?" I got up to find him there bare.

"D-d-don't move!" I quickly threw all the covers on him but one to cover me "Y-y-you should go shower! I'll make breakfast!" I scurried to gather my clothes but he pulled my body back to the bed "You don't plan to make breakfast smelling like this do you?"

"Seth!" I gasped at his remark.

"You should shower with me-"

"We should get ready before Charlie see's something" I struggled through his grip on me- but utterly failed.

"One shower"

"You're being stupid!"

"Just one"

"You're asking for too much!"

He didn't say anything else but he still held me "...I don't want to lose you..."

I froze and felt my body tense up. He started playing with my fingers "I..." He started out but he didn't finish.

I got up and pulled on my clothes "I'll shower first, you keep yourself hidden." I told him gently. He laughed a little

"You're beautiful"

I stopped in front of the bathroom when I heard him "You're pretty sly" I replied back.

"It comes with affection." He grinned

I closed the door behind me and stood there for a while.

I Looked in the mirror and all I saw was a crooked smile.

(To be continued...)

(I'm sorry I havent made anything in a while, so I'm a bit rusty. I apologize if my writing has gone downhill or it is different now >_<)


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