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Passion and Despair

Short story By: KristinaThompson

Nick is feeling low and needs a little support from his adoring girlfriend who can't bear to see her partner so distressed.

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I walk through the doorway of the living room to find Nick sitting on the sofa looking miserable and desolate. I lean against the door frame with my arms crossed and a warm cup of cocoa in my hand. From where I stand I have a perfectly angled view of the side my lover. I admire and appreciate every little detail of him as he sits there staring straight ahead of him at absolutely nothing.

He has blonde hair that falls just below his ears in natural, messy waves. It's darker at the roots because the blonde isn't real, but I love it all the same. His mouth with a slight pout screams out despair. His not-so-much-smile is set on a strong, almost squared jawline. His eyes so pale and blue and bright. Not light and not dark, but strongly pigmented, they glisten. His skin peachy and slightly tanned from the sun gives his whole body a natural glow. I let my eyes slowly fall to look down at his body, noticing his broad and muscular shoulders first. His physique is muscular from head to toe. I love how greatly defined his arms are and how his chest rises and falls with each breath, to show how much life lives within that lovely figure. The hands are strong and masculine and wrapped around a coffee mug. Just looking at them wouldn't let you know how light handed and gentle he really is. His thighs are chunky but made of mostly muscle and look delightful and utterly comfortable in his faded jeans.

Even though he is beautiful the way he is, I want to take away the despair from his eyes. I make my way over to the music player and put my iPod on shuffle. I slowly walk over to Nick and place my cup of cocoa down on the small coffee table next to him. I take his almost empty mug out of his hands and place it next to mine. A slow, gentle song begins to play through the speakers as I stand over the bigger man and put my hand out to him, in a gesture for him to take it. He suddenly turns his head to look at my hand like he's only just noticed it. He looks up and into my eyes and I give him a mellow smile to reassure him. He takes my hand and I softly pull him to his feet. He understands that we are about to dance and he pulls me into him for a hug. We wrap our arms tightly around each other and he lays a delicate kiss on my head. He finds my hand, spins me outward and then back toward him so we are in a slow dancing position. His hand feather-light around my waist, mine on his shoulder and our free hands are laced together. Our fingers brush against each other's hands ever so lightly, memorising the soft touches that we both give, and concentrating only on the way it feels so right to be here together and touching. I lay my head tightly in-between his shoulder and neck whilst we sway mildly to the music. I turn my face towards his skin and breathe in the familiar scent of his cologne.

He lays his cheek against my hair and whispers, "I love you."

I move my head back so I can see his face and I lay a chaste kiss on his mouth. Staring up into his eyes, I see futility. I take both my hands and smooth them from his neck, over his shoulders and down his arms. I gaze into those beautiful eyes and tell him exactly what I'm thinking. "You don't even realise how beautiful you are."

That got me a lazy but ordinary smile that I know only to be his. I wrap my fingers in the warmth of his hair and pull him toward me for a kiss. At first it was gentle, but it grew into passion and love. His tongue slipped into my mouth and mine into his. It's like we would drink each other down if we could. His hands slid from the top of my spine all the way down to the small of my back, making things go tight low in my body, and drawing small sounds from my mouth. Our bodies were as close as they could be without hurting one another. He lifts me up from the very tops of my thighs so I can wrap my legs around his waist and back. I fold my arms around him while he continues to kiss me.

He draws away from the kiss for a moment to say, "Here or the bedroom?"

With my voice breathy I reply, "Bedroom."

He beams a massive grin at me, his eyes not full of despair now, but full of hunger, passion and need. He kisses me again entirely and completely, before carrying me to our bedroom.


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