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One and only love

Short story By: lacy

This is a story about love and being with that one person you know you were meant to be with.

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Here comes the bride


Today was the day and all I could do was smile, it's been three years since we first met and I'm still so much in love with him. "Ok Beth it's time are you ready?" I turn towards my mom who looks likes she's stopped crying for now. "Yes I'm ready" my dad walks in the little dressing room and he still looks somewhat sad but happy at the same time. "Dad you are going to let me go aren't you?" He smiles a little "my mind isn't made up yet." I let out a laugh before taking one last look in the mirror "let's go we don't want to keep everyone waiting." My mom say's and all three of us walk out of thedressing room and stand in front of thedouble doors.

My mom walks in ahead of us an quickly shuts the doors before anyone can see me. I take a breath of air and look at my dad taking hold of his arm. The song that I have been waiting all week to hear is now playing here comes the bride.The doors open and everyoneis standing and starring at me but the only one I'm seeing is him. I have been waiting so long for this day and it's here, the person I love and know in my heart that God has put on this earth for me is standing right there starring at me with that smile on his that makes me go weak in the knees.


As I'm standing in front of all these people my family and friends all I can think about is her. From the first time that we met I knew she was meant for me. Beth is unlike any other girl I've ever known and today is the day of a new start in our lives. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives together. The music here comes the bride starts to play and I just starre at those doors they can't open fast enough. As soon as the door everything and everyone is gone and all I see is her.

Beth to me has always been beautiful inside and out but today her beauty is something pure and great. Her stunning white lace dress fits her little body like a glove. Her long dark hair is curled and flows around her face and the only thing that's keeping me from running up to her right now is the fact that I know there are people watching us. She walks up to me and her dad at first doesn't let go of her arm but after a minute he does and I take hold of her hands. The ceremony starts and all I can dois look down at my bride and smile as she smiles up at me, weboth can see the happiness in our eyes.

First time


The wedding went by so fast and before I knew it we were pulling up to the hotel where we will be staying for the night. Tomorrow morning we will be leaving for a week in Europe,I've always wantedto go to Europe I hear it's very romantic. "WellMrs. Rosewood howdo you feel about our first night together?"Jason asks me as he opens the door to the hotel sweet and picks me up bridal style, I just smile and say the onlything I'm feeling. "I'm excited Mr. Rosewood" he kisses my lips and sets me down on the king sized bed.

Tonight will be our first time together and my first time periode,I'm so excited to be experiencing this with Jason he has been very patient over the years not like some guys I knew who where very pushy and didn't want to take no for an answer. Jason however, is and always has beenvery understanding about my reason's to wait untill my weeding night.


WhileI was donwn getting thebagsI couldn'thelp but think about tonight and about being with Beth.The first datewe has she told be that shewanted to wait till her wedding night to have sex and that people she's dated in the pastseamed to be ok with itat first but after a few months theygot pushy in her words. These day'speople don't wait any more andit wasn't easybeing together threeyears and not beingpyshical in that way with each other but now that the time is amosthere and we are now marriedI'm glade we waited.

When I get back theroomIsee Beth standing in the door way of the bathroom,I've never seen her in a sexy outfit before. "Wow..." that's all I could say as I starred at her and she walked towards me with a big smile on her face. "I'm in love with you and I'm so happy that now I can give my everything to you." I look downat her are are lips touch softly as I run my hands down her back, she pulls my shirt off we start kissing again now a little more intense. I pick her up off the ground and lay her on thebed and she looks up at me and just smiles.


It may seam silly but I've never seen a naked man before and I wasn't shocked when Jason removed all his clothes just surprised. My mind started to over throw my heart and I felt as if I started thinking too much. Sex as people call it means more to me then most I don't like the sex it seams too common. I like to call it making love because that's what I believe it is and should only be. My thoughts stopped and my heart finally took over again when Jason softly kissed my lips and down my neck, when I felt his finger tips move down my body it sent sparks all through my body and heart.

As we became one and I experienced my first time with my first love I couldn't help but think he is my one and only love and from this moment on we will be together to share the good times, the bad times and the unbelievable times. My one and only love is all I need.



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