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Love For A Monster: Book 1

Short story By: Lady Ai

This story uses a few characters from Mashashi Kishmoto's NARUTO. IMPORTANT!!!! MANY OF THE CHARACTERS USED WERE NOT CREATED BY ME!!! Mashashi Kishmoto did. If you read this Mr. Kishmoto, I am not trying to take credit for NARUTO, Promise!!!!

Submitted:Jun 7, 2011    Reads: 41    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Your Name: Ami Karakuri Age: 13 Your Ninja Rank: Joinin Team: Baki Your Village: Sand You Love: Gaara Your Style: Most people are afraid of you, and call you a monster. In result, you're very into your training and yourself, and don't care about much else (except Gaara, cause you love him). Of course, you're very emotional sometimes. You have short black hair, teal/violet eyes and you're 5" 2'. You're an amazing ninja, your skills even surpass Kakashi's (which is absolutely amazing especially considering you are only 13 years old) Special Abilities: Sharingan, Chidori, Gentle Fist (no Byakugan, sorry), and creating Sand clones. You were on your bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking about what Temari had told you earlier. She had said that Gaara wanted to meet you at 5 near the edge of the woods. You were partialy excited, but you were also pretty sure it was just a trick, because of two major reasons: Number 1, Gaara didn't want to meet anyone, anywhere, ever... He just wanted to be alone.... & Number 2, Temari knew you liked him and she was probably just going to pop out of nowhere with some friends and start laughing at you... So, you were debating whether you wanted to be COMPLETELY humiliated to talk to a guy you've liked for ages, or if you wanted to just sulk in your room like a little kid. Finally, you decided that talking to Gaara was COMPLETELY worth being laughed at, so you walked outside and went downstairs. On your way out, you saw Uchiha Sasuke standing by the door. Great, not that stupid brat; you thought. Sasuke is SO annoying. You did your best to ignore him, but he smirked and tried to make a conversation. "Hey, gorgeous." He said, grinning and trying to grab your arm. "Excuse me." You muttered; yanking your arm away, and giving him a "Death Glare". "Where are you going? He said, smirking. "No one's outside at this time of day." "I'm going to meet someone, if it's any of your business, nosey." You snapped, tossing your hair. Then you glared at him, and tried to get by him again. "Oh, Let me guess, Gaara?" He said fluttering his eyes mockingly and acting like such a jerk. You kept your mouth shut and fiddled with your headband. "I don't even know what you see in him. He's such a freak." And THAT was the last straw. You practicaly exploded in his face. "WHAT!?!" You screeched. "He's not a freak, YOU'RE the freak. Gaara is nice, talented and unlike YOU, Mr. Jerk-of-a-Showoff, he's actually very sweet. Of course, you're such a MORON, you would'nt even CARE!!!!!" You slugged him in the shoulder, shoved him aside and walked outside, sitting down on a bench just outside of the building. A few seconds passed, and someone emerged from the doors. If that's Sasuke; you thought, I'll.... "I... I heard what you said earlier." You jerked around to see Gaara, who was walking towards you. "You... you heard that?" You blushed a million shades of red, and coughed. "Did you really mean that?" He asked putting his hand on your shoulder, with you staring at your feet. " O-of course I did, I... I really like you." Great now I sound as shy as Hinata; you thought. You both were silent, then he sat beside you, put his hand under your chin, lifted your face up to face him, and said "I like you too." He smiled, something he did very rarely (usually only when he was killing someone). You were REALLY suprised, then he suprised you more by leaning forward and kissing you. "Do you really love me?" He asked quietly, while stroking your hair. "Yes, Gaara....." you answered softly as you hugged him gently...... To be continued.........


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