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Officer of My Heart (chapter 7)

Short story By: Lady Wolf

Forbidden love is the most brutal ectasy the human body can endure.

Submitted:Oct 5, 2009    Reads: 103    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

I started to hum a gentle melody, allowing myself to become lost in song. It wasn't until I heard clapping, that I realized I was being watched. Startling slightly, I peeked over the piano at my Master Sergeant who was softly applauding, "Beautiful Hoskins. Really, I'm very impressed." I bowed dramatically, "Thank you, I didn't know you were there." He shrugged, "I gathered, you seemed pretty focused." He and I both set out of the chapel, "Sir, what brought you here anyway?"

"I heard you playing and had to investigate." He said as we rounded the corner to his car. MSgt Jenkins was a very kind person and he always had time for me. I kept his head on his shoulders and he watched over me, an even trade. We drove back to the dorms in pleasant conversation until we passed by the ware house. Inside I could see people hanging decorations and bringing in the sound system. The Air Force Ball was onlytwo nightsaway. I was happy to go with James, although, my heart belonged somewhere else.

"So, Hoskins, who are you going with? A pretty girl like you must have a date." I blushed at the compliment, "I'm going with a very good friend. What about you sir? Any young women on your arm?" He laughed his hearty laugh, "I don't think my wife would approve of that one! I'm still a young stud! I'll be going with the other officers. We are all going to head over after dinner. I was going to invite you to join, but it seems that you already have plans."

I nodded as he dropped me off at the barracks. We waved good-bye and when I opened the door to my room, Lyn was sitting on her bed with the most michivieous grin I had learned to question. I set down my bag, "Hi Lyn...."

"Hi Summer." She said still smiling. My eyes started to scan the room for some hidden booby trap or item out of place. Seeing nothing, I slowly sat down and kept eye contact with her, "What's up?" She shook her head slightly, "Nooooothing. Why would you think something's up?" It was then that I noticed her hands behind her back, "What do you have?"

"My aren't we paranoid tonight?" She said throughly enjoying the game. I stood, cracked my neck and lunged as she moved too quick sending me sprawling on the bed. Lyn leaped up laughing, "Look what I have!!" I saw a package that had my name on it. Instantly my eyes brightened, it was my dress! My mom pulled through! Lyn was about three inches taller than me so I knew a game of keep away was about to commence. "Lyn! Give it!" I whinned as she held me back, "Uh uh! You waaaaaant it? Do ya? Huh?" Icrouched on her bed before full on pouncing on her, "Give it!"

"Ok, ok, I give!" She laughed from the floor as I began to tear open the package. She sat up, "Wow, must be pretty important. You look like a kid at Christmas." I nodded and finally reached my prize as my mom's letter fell out. I picked up and could actually smell hersweet perfume. Smiling I read,

"Hey baby girl! I'm so sad I can't be there for your ball. Make sure to send lots of pictures, I know you will be beautiful." I smelled the letter one last time and unrolled the bubble wrap that held my gown. It was the same dress I wore at my senior prom. Lyn whistled as I held it against me. It was a floor length, black, spahgettii strappedgown that made me feel like Nicole Kidman whenever I wore it. Mom always loved dressing me up any chance she got so naturally she inclued elbow high black gloves, heels and a matching necklace. I needed to call and thank her first chance I got.

"Man, now you are going to get all vain aren't you?" Lyn complained as I smiled in the mirror. She came behind me and gave a little squeeze, "Just playing, you'll be beautiful honey child. Now lets go to the gym."


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