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If I could play the Piano

Short story By: LadyArgwen

Well this was in a private party based in the 1800s(image your own century as you read the story), the party was high society and I was the daughter of one of the servants and the owner of the piano was my mother's boss. He was the one that allowed me to play the piano...My name is Marguerite...this would be my story if I could play the piano.

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If I Could Play The Piano

As I walked into the room and saw the piano, my heart raced in my chest like a wild horse that'd just been freed from captivity. My hands began to shake uncontrollably. My heart began to compose the sound and the notes, my brain set off like a horse and carriage riding out of control. As I got closer I could not contain the excitement.

"How can I sit before it?

Will they let me even touch it?"

The crowd in the room looked on as Igot closer. Someone in the room was going to stop me, butjust than I heard someone else say,

"Let her be", "I want to see what happens".

It did not even dawn on me that it was Sir William Carrington. I had watched him play the piano over and over again. Because of the passionate way he played the piano, I fell deeply and madly in love with him. I never told my mother, for I am sure she would of objected since we are from different societies. So I watched quietly, he never knew I was there, I was always out of eye's view. So I though! The drops of sweat were sliding off my forehead and with each slide there was a note. Isat in the bench and Iplaced my hands on the keys and Iclosed my eyes and Ibegan to play at the beat of the sounds in my heart. I began to play to the beat of scenes playing in my mind of happy moments and sad moments as a child. The crowd went silent with every stroke of the keys they were taken and enraptured by the sound coming from the piano. They've never heard of such melody played before.

My hand took me further and further in to the realm of music, every note inviting, intense and mesmerizing. Even though Iknew Iwas sitting in the midst of a room full of people, It was me and the piano. Isaw myself playing outside under a starry night with only the moon shinning its light at me. The soothing sounds of the night the wind blowing softly in my hair and my face. It was warm and inviting. I was lost in the music and the nature surrounding me, the nature was my audience. My body swayed gently from side to side as I stroked each key. As I brought the playing to a close, I felt a sense of piece I've never felt before. Iopened my eyes to find the people staring at me with tears in their eyes, as if I had brought them into my head.It was as if I had touched them as lovingly as I had touched the piano's keys, and the instruments still reverberated in their hearts.

Sir Carrington was so taken in by my playing; he had tears in his eyes as well. Forgetting the surroundings, he takes me by the hand and kisses it, he looks into my eyes and he tells me,

"Marguerite, I have never heard anyone play the piano with the kind of love and passion that flows from your heart". You have touched my very soul and have awakened emotions I thought I had lost long ago".

From that day he took me under his wing and became my mentor. He taught me his techniques on how to play the piano. Under his mentorship I became a famous pianist of that era.

Eventually we profess our love for each other and he asks me to be his wife. We go on to have four beautiful children and we toured all over Europe. Our children grow up to be famous Opera and theater actors loved by everyone.

Every night before she goes to bed she reminisces on that glorious day when she was allowed to play the piano. She was so grateful she was given the opportunity and more over, how Sir Carrington loved her and cherished her and their four children....he never looked back even though she was not part of his same society. Because of his love for her and the kind of man he was, well respected and loved by his friends, Marguerite was soon excepted as if she had always been part of his life. Though this was not an issue for him, he loved her no matter what. And all he knew was that he had fallen for her the moment she had played the first note on his piano and somehow he knew that he could never be apart from her. They go on to live a long and happy life, enjoying their grandchildren and thanking God for all the wonderful things that he had given them.

The End.

Copyright (c) 2009 by Naida Alvarado


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