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Had another dream about a guy. Was a little shocked at myself considering I had this dream three nights in a row. XD Hope you guys like this. I left out his name because I have few friends who know me on Booksie and they don't know that I've been crushing on someone for a little now..... SURPRISE! lol, comment and like XD

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"So tell me again why A: You look amazing. B: You showed up at prom. C: You showed up with him!" She pointed back at my prom date as I looked with her at him. His black suit seemed to just make the light, solid blue tie even brighter. I looked back at Taylor and smiled.

"He asked if I wanted to go with him as friends." She scoffed and put a hand on my shoulder. Her black dress swished across the floor as we fully faced the direction of my date.

"People don't go to prom as friends, Mary. They go to homecoming as friends. They go to Sadie's Choice dances as friends." She turned her head to me and the look on her face nearly made me pee myself. "Never prom though, Mary." I sighed and looked at my date once more.

I bit my lip and looked down at my dress. The Cinderella like dress was amazing in my eyes. Some had laughed, some had discretely pointed. But me? I smiled. Every girl deserves one fairy tale night, even if it's not with their Prince Charming.

"Taylor, me and him areā€¦." I drifted off not wanted to finish my own sentence.

"Friends. Yeah, I get it. You've said it enough already." She waved me off and looked around the room. "But, Mary, you like him. You know you do." I sighed and mentally slapped myself for ever telling her anything.

"Perhaps." This time it was Taylor who scoffed. I rolled my eyes and looked at her. "But he doesn't like me. End of story. Case closed. Fin. The End." I gave her a sad smile before walking off to another friend across the room.

She raised her glass and pointed at me with the same hand. I raised an eyebrow at her as I stopped in front of her. "You realize you're just hurting yourself here, right?" I sighed frustrated now. I poked her arm and looked at her face with concentration. "What are you doing?"

"Well you don't look, sound, or talk like Taylor." She scoffed and pushed me away.

"Well you know we're both right." I stepped back and put my hands on my hips.

"Yes. You are both right. I am only hurting myself in the process, but you know what?"

"What?" She asked quickly.

"It's one night." I raised my hands in surrender to her as I continued. "One night I can feel beautiful and girly and like a girl who doesn't go around cursing and throwing around a kickball or playing video games with the guys because I'm only 'One of the Guys.' I'm a completely different person tonight and so what if the one guy I wanted to ask me to prom is my date, but only as a friend? In my mind I'm upset, but I'm an actress. I can fake it for one night." I rushed away from her as I realized what I said aloud. "One fucking night," I muttered as I bumped into someone. "Sorry." I say and look up at the person.

"My apologies." I roll my eyes at his corniness.

"Really?" I let out a bit of air out of my nose, not needing to laugh out loud. "Well how's your night?" I ask as we stand in front of each other. My hand plays with his blue tie. I look down and smile, seeing how close the color matches to my dress.

"Pretty well. Besides the fact my date-" he bumps my hip "-hasn't even danced with me yet. She's been off talking to her best friends instead of realizing she has somewhat of an obligation to this." I roll my eyes again. "One day, I hope, those eyes will forever be stuck upwards and you'll have to bend down to look at everyone." I smirk and hit his arm.

"Hell no. That'd only give you more of a reason to tell me to kiss your ass." We both laugh and smile. We calm down soon enough and he takes my hand. "What?" He nods his head towards the dance floor just as a slow song comes on. "Oh, please no." I look at him pleadingly. He smirks and tugs me over. "Jerk."

"You love me."

"More like despise." I smirk and he tugs a little harder on my arm. "I'm kidding. Jeez." He tugs again and I look at him confused. "What the hell?" He's looking across my shoulder and I see what he's staring at. "Of all fucking people." I quickly turn back towards my date and sigh. "Why the hell do my ex-boyfriends keep fucking showing up in my life?" I ask as I'm ready to explode.

"Because they like seeing your pretty face." I look up at my date and smile a little. "Or because you have the worst luck in the world." He smiled down at me and pulls me closer, putting both hands on my hips as my hands go to his shoulders. "You know, supposedly people are waiting for us to finally hook up." I bite my lip and shake my head.

"You need to stop listening to Taylor." He laughs loudly once and looks back at me. "Is he gone?" I stare at his tie waiting for an answer. He brings his fingers to my chin and lifts my face up and quickly kisses my lips once.

"Yes." I look up at him confused. "Sorry, been kind of waiting for those people to be correct for once." He smiles softly and lets go and walks away as I stay standing. I see Taylor and Cathy run up to me with grins.

"Holy crap! Mary, what was that?" Taylor asks excitedly.

"Well duh, it was a kiss!" Cathy retorts. I remain standing and staring at the spot he had let me at.

"Well I know that but-" I walk away from their meaningless rambles and make my way out of the cafeteria.

I come to the middle of the courtyard and take a few breaths. "That did not just happen." I say, slightly smiling.

"Yeah it did." I squeal and jump. My head snaps to the table only a few feet to my right. I bite my lip embarrassed and fold my hands in front of my stomach. "Didn't see me?" I shake my head as he stands and comes closer. "Sorry for scaring you." I laugh now.

"When are you ever sorry for scaring me? You love torturing me." I smile at him, but soon frown as I see his face is blank of emotions.

"I meant in the cafeteria. I shouldn't have just kissed you. I guess I might have slightly expected too much from tonight." He rushed up to me and put his hands on my upper arms. "It's just I've wanted to do that for a while now and I figured now or never." He sighs and looks down. I smile and reach over and play with his tie, yet again.

"It's okay." He looks up at me. "I might have been sort of possibly kind of-" he cuts me off and kisses me once again. I smile and look up at him.

"You ramble too much, Mary." I smile as he leans down once again.


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