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Tags: Love, Romance

This is a story about a man who has the good reputation that he must not lose, the job that everyone has worked so hard for him to get, and the wife that seems perfect but in reality, he hates her. A man who is in love with another woman that he knows he can't have. A man who is pretending to be perfect when he is actually miserable.

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By: Lindsey Groce

They are both surrounded. She is planning and organizing his work with the other employees as he stands observing her every move. He looks around and sees all the people who have worked so hard for him but yet he considers throwing everything away for her. All of the smiling, pleasing, faking all the time, every moment of every day.

He then looks over at his wife. The woman he no longer loves but is forced to be with. He finds it exhausting to fool everyone in to thinking that they're actually happy together when in reality they couldn't stand each other. The truth was that he had fallen in love with another woman. A woman of whom works with him to make him look perfect for the world. His eyes fall back upon his lover. It was sometimes hard for him to stare at her because he knew he couldn't have her.

He sat there for a moment, letting his eyes linger on her. She was so beautiful. After staring at her for awhile, he started to look around the room at all the people who were working so hard. This was what his life was made of. Always trying to look perfect, always smiling, and most of all, always pretending. At that moment, he started to feel overwhelmed. Before he knew what he was doing, he went up to her, whispered in her ear for her to come with him and they both made their way to an empty office. They made it look like it was strictly business although it was secretly a scandal.

They walked out of the hectic room into the quiet office, shutting the door behind them. She stood there with her back against the wall looking at his face. She was concerned about him. He didn't look well. His eyes told her that he was miserable.

They both stood there for a moment facing each other until he said, "I just needed to get away with you. I just needed to be with you." He placed his hand on her cheek, stroking her cheek bone with his thumb. He loved the way she felt. She closed her eyes as she felt his touch but then pulled back. "I have to go. Please, we can't do this." He didn't want her to go. She started to walk to the door but he softly grabbed her arm, "Then just stand here with me. For one minute, just stand here with me, away from everything that is inside of that room. Please." She hesitated but then said, "One minute." She placed her back against the wall again facing him. They both stood there, staring into each others eyes. It was good that they were together at the moment but yet a certain sadness lingered among them. They both knew that they couldn't be together. They had fallen for one another and they both knew it was wrong but it had happened anyway. At this moment, they tried to forget everything and focus on each other. She wanted to cry but she managed to compose herself. She knew she couldn't leave the room crying because then her co-workers would ask questions and they couldn't risk having rumors started. It was already suspicious with them being in a room together alone.

He started to move closer to her. He placed his hand upon her cheek again, and while he started to lean in to kiss her, they heard a knock on the door. While the door opened, he moved back. His wife walked into the room and stared at both of them. To try not to seem suspicious, he said "Can I have those reports on my desk tomorrow morning?" His lover looked at him, quiet for a moment but then slowly saying, "Of course." She smiled at his wife who had a confused look on her face. She walked passed the man and his wife and left the room. As she was walking away from the room, she felt tears starting to form in her eyes but she quickly stopped herself.

His wife looked at him as if she knew what had been going on the entire time. All he could do was look at her with hatred in his eyes. They both said nothing and after a brief amount of time, his wife placed the folder that was in her hand on the desk and then left the room.

He stood there in the quiet room, feeling broken. His vision became blurred but he stopped himself from losing it. He closed his eyes and sighed deeply. After standing in silence for awhile, he cleared his throat, opened the door, took a deep breath and left the room.

He knew he would never stop loving her and she knew he would never stop loving him. They both hoped that one day, they could be together but in the meantime, they had to pretend which was something that they were both very good at.


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