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It’s Christmas Eve and Clarity is all ready for her best friend and roommate, Ashlei’s Christmas party. Christmas is in the air and Clarity wants something she can’t have, Ashlei’s boyfriend Noah.

*This is for Ryderstokes’ Christmas contest. The song I picked is ‘All I Want for Christmas is you’

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Noah (Minus the cigerette)

The cold air hits me straight in the face like a blow from a hit. I can tell that my nose and cheeks are probably a light pink color. I tighten my black winter coat around my body, no matter how tight I make it I am still cold. I don't think I have ever had a coat that has made me truly warm.

I step on to the subway and take a seat. The air is grossly warm and the gross the mixture of urine and Christmas trees fill the air. I try to ignore it and just think about all the fun tonight will be.

I walk a block down from the subway station to my apartment. I shouldn't call it my apartment since I share it with my best friend Ashlei. It is so much fun sharing a place with my best friend. It's like a sleepover every day.

I put my key into the lock and turn it to the left. The door pops open and I take the key out. I place it into my purse and walk into the apartment. The gorgeous smell of vanilla fills my nose and I know I am home. Ashlei and I have a thing for vanilla flavored anything. I think all of our perfumes are vanilla along with candles, deodorants, lotions, and any other thing we have found in that flavor.

I set my thing down and then notice Noah. How the heck could I miss him? He is sitting on the sofa with Ashlei and they seem to be watching a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie involving Santa Claus and some girl in New York City. Noah has his arm tight around Ashlei's waist. I can't help but a little jealous.

"Hello Ashlei, hello Noah!" I say trying to suck all of my jealousy out.

Ashlei smiles at me and Noah quickly removes his arm from around Ashlei's waist. I can't help but frown when he does this. What they hell is going on with those two lovebirds?

"Clarity, you need to get ready for the party. People will be here in less than an hour. Come on woman," Ashlei says in her anxious voice.

I know that this party means a whole lot to Ashlei, so I understand why she is nervous. She has invited almost everybody she knows: friends, family, people from work, even her boss. She wants to make a good impression by not leaving anybody out.

I take off my coat and place it on my bed. I walk over to my closet and take out my red, strapless dress. I bought it just for this party, and well, to get Noah's attention. I know it's a bitch move to go after my best friends boyfriend, but he is just so perfect that it is so hard not to.

Ashlei and Noah began going out about three months ago. Ashlei invited me to go on a double date with her. I, of course, said sure and there it started. She was with Noah and I got set up with this awful guy named Scott. All he talked about was either his job or his love for bugs. I was so disgusted yet bored that I practically just ate the whole time. I did talk with Noah that night. It was so magical. His gorgeous bright sky blue eyes would light up every time he talked and he would talk about such interesting things. He wouldn't talk just about boring things that I didn't care about; he would say things that actually mattered. But he was going after Ashlei, which means he wasn't interested in little old me.

I guess I could see it coming since Ashlei is beyond gorgeous. She has the natural dark black hair, dark green eyes, pale skin, and a perfect thin body. She was just a beautiful girl. She is the girl you can't help but do a double take.

As for me, maybe I could get a double take from a couple guys. I was just average Clarity, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, leggy, and lightly tan. I guess I could be beautiful if I tried. But I don't have the best self-esteem.

When Noah and Ashlei began going out it was October. I was hoping that they wouldn't last that long (I know, I am being a selfish bitch). Then when it was November, Noah joined us for Thanksgiving. And now, it's Christmas and I need him. He's all I want for Christmas. But I know that I won't steal him from my best friend. I would never do that to her.

I put on my red strapless dress and then tie my light blonde hair into a low pony tail. The dress is a dark red and it sparkles in the light. It goes a little above my knee. I take my low pony tail and begin to take it out and straighten my hair. I have always loved straightening my hair since my hair is naturally curly.

Once I finish my hair I begin makeup. I know I shouldn't put on a lot of makeup, but I know I do it a lot. So I decide to just add some eyeliner on the top and bottom, mascara to my lashes, and red lipstick to my lips.

I put on my red, peep-toe heels with bows on the side and I am ready to go. I do a final look in my full length mirror and I actually feel pretty. I smile at myself and then get ready to leave my cave of a room.

I turn the doorknob but somebody pushes the door open before I do. I stumble in my heels and almost fall. I find balance and face Ashlei who is standing before me. She's in a black version of my dress except it is a once shoulder.

"What the hell, Ash?" I say kind of angrily.

She looks me in the eyes and I can tell she's sorry. "I am so sorry, Clarity," she inhales. "I have to tell you something."

I let out a giggle. Ashlei has never been one to just get out what she has to say. She basically just says she has to say something when we already know. It's always been something she's done.

"I can kind of tell."

She lets out a laugh and then takes a seat on my bed. "Noah and I broke-up."

I feel a bit of happiness inside of me. I put on my sad face for her though. "Oh my God, what happened?"

"Oh stop pretending to be sad, Clair. I know you love him. And he loves you, too."

I roll my eyes. "I don't love him and I know for a fact that Noah doesn't love me. You two are like perfect for each other."

"Shut up for like five minutes, Clarity! We broke-up because we know we're not right for each other. He likes somebody else and so do I."

"Fine, maybe I like Noah. But he doesn't like me. Wait, who do you like then?"


I can't help but let my face light up into a smile. Felix is Ashlei's best guy friend in the world. I always had a feeling they had the hot's for each other. They're perfect for each other actually.

"Aw, that's sweet!"

Ashlei lets out a laugh and then hugs me. "Please don't just ignore Noah because you're too much of a chicken. I know you two will be perfect for each other."


"Go have fun, Clarity!"

I watch Ashlei leave my room. I can feel myself getting excited. What if Noah actually does like me? But what if he doesn't? What if he just told Ashlei that as a joke? Oh God, I hate this game.

I finally leave my room and walk to the kitchen. I see that drinks are out, so thankfully I can calm my nerves. I'm not much of an alcohol drinker so I just get a hot chocolate. It is my favorite drink during Christmas time.

I take a sip of the delicious hot chocolate and then I notice Noah. He is sitting around on the sofa talking with some of Ashlei's friends. I wish I was the one he actually wanted to talk to. And then we make eye contact. I quickly look away knowing this will get awkward.

"How are you doing, Clarity?" I hear a voice ask.

I turn around and see the only guy I want. "I'm doing good, thank you for asking, Noah. How are you doing?"

"I am good. Did you hear about Ashlei and me breaking up?"

I freeze. Oh God, what am I going to say? "I'm glad you're good. Yes, I did hear. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, Clarity. I mean, we're just friends now so, it's all good."

I smile and then feel my palms getting sweaty. This boy makes me so nervous it's not even fair. All I want to do is kiss him. But I know he would never want to kiss me.

"I'll be right back."

I walk away and decide to go upstairs. I go to Ashlei and my little nook where we sit and chill whenever we want. I sit in the window seal and look outside. I see the lovely snowflakes falling down from the sky, blanketing the streets in a gorgeous white. It is so beautiful. My favorite part is looking at the naked, leave-less trees with the nice white snow on them.

I open the window and step outside into the snow. I am crazy for going outside in this weather, but it's too beautiful to just look out through glass. I put my arms out and catch a few snowflakes. I wish they wouldn't melt on my hand.

The snow is just so gorgeous. I begin to shiver. It's time to go back inside the warm, toasty apartment. But I suddenly can't move. I have two arms wrapped around my waist. I turn around quickly. Noah is standing right in front of me, looking into my eyes so honestly that I can't help but gulp. He is just so beautiful.

He brings me closer to him and then puts his hand on my chin. He brings his lips closer to mine and before long, our lips are moving together in sync. I pull him even closer to me and continue to kiss him. His hair is so amazingly gorgeous, so soft through my fingers. I then begin to lightly pull on it, making him groan. He licks my bottom lip, I part my lips and our tongues meet for the first time. It's a mind-blowing feeling. It's everything I dreamed of and more. I let out a moan and then slowly release from the kiss for air.

I just stare into his beautiful blue eyes. A smile is spread out across my lips. I don't know what to say or do anymore.

"Clarity, come down here for a second" Ashlei yells from downstairs.

My smile disappears and I go back into the apartment. When I make it downstairs I see that Ashlei is with Felix and they're in the middle of talking (and a bit of flirting). I stand in front of Ashlei and wait patiently.

"What do you need, Ash?" I ask sweetly.

She grabs Felix's hand, telling me that they're together. "We're together!"

Giggles begin to come out of Ashlei and my mouth. I pull her into a hug and then congratulate both of them on dating.

The song 'All I Want for Christmas is You' begins to play. I smile to myself and then think about Noah and our kiss. Did it really mean everything to him as it did me? What if he was drunk or just horny? What if he was sad over Ashlei and him breaking up? I need to stop with this awful game.

I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need, and I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know, make my wish come true, All I Want for Christmas is you.

I go into the kitchen for something to calm me down. I get a glass of ginger ale and tap a sip. I close my eyes and try to relax. Once I open my eyes Mariah Carrey is singing 'All I Want for Christmas is you!' I smile yet again to myself and then set my cup on the counter. I decide to go back upstairs to see if Noah is still there.

I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need, and I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. I don't need to hang my stocking there upon the fireplace; Santa Claus won't make me happy with a toy on Christmas Day. I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know, make my wish come true. All I Want for Christmas is you. You baby.

My nerve level goes up a bit as I make it upstairs. When I make it to the window seal I see Noah sitting on it, looking outside at the Winter Wonderland. I just watch him looking outside and then he noticed me and smiled. I smiled too.

Oh I won't ask for much this Christmas, I won't even ask for snow. And I'm gonna keep on waiting underneath the mistletoe. I won't make a list and send it to the North Pole for Saint Nick; I won't even stay awake to hear those magic reindeer click. Because I just want you here tonight, holding on to me tight. What more could I do? Baby I want for Christmas is you.

"What did Ashlei want?" he asked.

"She wanted to tell me that she was dating Felix now. I hope you're not jealous or anything because I know you-"he cut me off with his lips again. Gosh, I could get used to this.

Oh all the lights are shining so brightly everywhere, and the sound of children's laughter fills the air. And everybody is singing, I hear those sleigh bells ringing, Santa won't you bring me the one I really need? Won't you please bring my baby to me? Oh I don't want a lot for Christmas, this is all I'm asking for, I just want to see my baby standing right outside my door.

"I want you. It was always you and it always will be you, Clarity."

I smile big and hug Noah tighter. "So, Noah, did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?"

"All I want for Christmas is You, Clarity," he says.

I smile and kiss his lips. This was the best Christmas ever.

Oh I just want you for my own more than you could ever know, make my wish come true, baby all I Want for Christmas is you baby. All I want for Christmas is you. All I want for Christmas is you. All I want for Christmas is you.


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