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**This is for EmilieHail’s Valentine’s Day contest**

Jamie Cavory has always been unlucky in love. She feels like she was brought down onto planet Earth to die alone. Every guy she’s ever been with has broken her heart; she is the one who loves more. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and Jamie is ready for another lonely day. But for the first time she’s given two amazing guys. But what if somebody else has just been there and never truly noticed?

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February 14th is the utter most useless day of the year. Why should there be just one day to show somebody how you truly feel? If there wasn't a Valentine's Day would there even be more dating couples? I've asked myself those questions for 23 years.

Sure I have been in my fair share of relationships, but every time is worse than the last. I'm pretty sure that my heart is completely shattered from all of the break-up's I've been through. Throughout my whole life I have had five boyfriends. It could be a small number for some and a big number for others. But my number is five. There was Harrison who dumped me on our second anniversary for the girl he met on spring break. Oh, and I can't forget Luis who broke-up with me while meeting my parents, that was lovely. Then there was Taylor. I thought he was pretty damn amazing. Until I caught him in bed with a girl in my biotechnology class, damn that one hurt. During my senior year of high school I met Sean, who I thought might be it. But four is just an ugly number. Sean stopped talking to me and blocked me on practically everything. He got a new girlfriend right away. Lastly, there was Aaron. We met at Starbuck while ordering the same latte. Just like we met, he dumped me at Starbucks over the same latte. I don't drink lattes anymore by the way. I'm just stuck single.

I believe that I was born to be on this planet to be alone. There isn't a 'one' out there for silly old me. I'm 23 now. At least I know it though, right?

"Hey best friend. Ready to make people drinks and serve them, too?" my best friend Jenn asks me.

We both work at the same coffee house. It's a local place and for pretty rich people. It does make good drinks and desserts, but I would never be able to afford anything in the place. Jenn and I always talk about how much we hate our job. Gosh, I went to college for four years and here I am at a damn coffee house.

"You know it. I bet you're just as excited as I am."

She gives me the same look. Like clockwork we burst into laughter at the same moment. Jenn and I were made to be best friends. We met when we were 14 years old in English class. She sat behind me and was always just as quiet as I was. After we met during a social lesson we were inseparable.

The loud bell rings as soon as we enter the coffee house. I freaking hate that bell. It is the worst noise ever. After working here for a year and hearing it a million times, it gets old and annoying.

I get behind the counter and let the day begin. I'm praying it's not too hard or boring.


"Hello, welcome to Patty's how may I be of your assistance?" I ask a nice looking man standing before me. He has jet black hair, green eyes, tan skin, and he's quite tall. He also has a gorgeous smile. Nerves fill me and now I don't know what to say or do. Damn you attractive guy.

"I'll just have a black coffee and a cheese Danish."

Somehow I make it back to reality and I am able to push the numbers into the register. Now it's time to look this handsome gentleman in the eyes.

"That will be 11 dollars," I say with a smile.

He smiles back then hands me the money. I give him his change then turn around to pour his coffee. I hand him the cup then get the Danish out of the cooler.

"I'm Russell by the way," he says suddenly.

I give him another smile then say, "I'm Jamie."

"What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Would you like to go out for dinner tonight?"

I'm taken back by his forwardness. I simply nod. Wow, maybe this is a sign that there is somebody out in this world for me.

"Here's my number. Call or text me when you get off work."

My cheeks are bright pink from blushing. The paper he handed me is crumpled into my apron pocket. If the boss saw that I don't think I'd have a job right now.


Three o'clock finally hits and I can leave. I'm not the type of girl who wants to look desperate, so I decide to wait until I get home to contact Russell.

I unlock the front door to my apartment quickly. It's like I'm a school girl fantasizing over a stupid jock. My best guy friend Collin is sitting on the sofa holding an X-Box 360 control. God, I swear that guy is addicted to his games. All he ever plays is Portal Two.

"Good afternoon, gorgeous," he tells me over his video game.

"Shut up! I'm nowhere near gorgeous. Thank you."

Collin rolls his sea blue eyes and ends his video game. "How was work today?" I can feel the sarcasm in his lovely voice.

"Actually it wasn't that bad. I have a date tonight."

He gives me his lovely smile and says, "I hope it goes well, Jamie."

Collin and I have been friends for practically ever. My mom and his mom are best friends, so we were thrown together when we were born. As amazing as Jenn is, Collin is my go-to best guy friend. He's the complete best.

I've never really been a huge texting fan, but I decide a text looks less desperate than a call. Well, a call would probably be more outgoing, but that's not me at all. Russell sends a reply right away. He asks me what my address is so he can pick me up tonight. I send it to him and then go off to the bathroom to start my transformation into gorgeous.


Red dress and black pumps or blue dress and blue pumps? What about pink dress and black pumps? I can't choose for the life of me. I have too many dresses to count but I don't know which one looks the best. I don't want Russell to think I am trying too hard to amaze him or anything.

Well, the red dress is pretty revealing and I hate the color blue, so pink it is. I put on the dress then add on the shoes. I take out the curlers that are in my hair and suddenly I have beautiful soft ringlets. Man I love it when my hair looks this amazing.

"Jamie, your date is here!" I hear Collin yell.

I add a bit more lip gloss then I walk out to the front. Russell is wearing an expansive looking suit that probably cost more than everything I'm wearing combined. He surprisingly pulls me into a hug then lets me go without warning.

"You look lovely. Now let's go, we have a reservation at a restaurant my friend just opened."

Why do I feel like I am following him around like a puppy? All of sudden he seems bossy. I have a feeling this isn't going to turn out so well.


And I was right. He is sweet, caring, and honest, but nothing amazing. He never asked me any questions about myself. It was all about him the whole dinner. Then he had me meet his friend who owns the restaurant we are at. She is pretty cool and I could tell that he likes her, but she doesn't seem his type. But who knows these days?

Collin is in the same place as he always is when I get home. But this time he isn't play video games, he's just sitting there, almost like he's been waiting for me or something.

"So how was it?" Collin simply asks.

"Not so good. Russell is amazing, but not for me."

Collin just nods and then tells me to come sit next to him. I take the seat. Collin has always been so inviting. I feel like we could do this forever, just sitting and talking.

"I better go to bed now. See you tomorrow, Collin."

"Goodnight, gorgeous."

This time I let it go. Collin has always called me gorgeous. Well, it started when we were freshman in high school and I always hated it. Now we're both 23 and he still won't let it go. As much as I hate it, it still feels good to get a compliment, even if you don't believe it half of the time.


Valentine's Day is tomorrow. I'm still single, lonely, and wondering why I am so alone. It's like nothing has changed at all.

Work has been slower than usual and I'm getting tired of it. At least I have Jenn here with me who has been cracking jokes about all the rich customers.

"Jamie you can leave early," the owner Patty tells me.

Thank God! Patty has always liked me, so I get to leave early occasionally. I make my way back to the apartment but suddenly somebody runs straight into me. I look up and see a pair of milk chocolate brown eyes. The guy simply smiles at me and says sorry very quietly.

"Hello, my name is Channing."

My first thought is very unique name. You don't hear it very often these days. And these days' names are getting more and more creative day in and day out.

"Hi, I'm Jamie. It's nice to meet you."

"Of course it is. Well Jamie, would you like to go out for dinner tonight?"

Maybe Channing is the one for me?

"I'd love to. Here's my cell phone number. Call me," I hand over my number then continue walking.

For the first time ever Collin isn't on the sofa when I get home. Actually, he is nowhere to be found. Collin is lucky and doesn't have to work very often. He's wealthy, but doesn't like to show it off. He'd rather live normally then just being snooty and showing it off to everybody. I love that about him.


As much as I hate the color blue, I wear the damn dress. Collin never showed up and I'm a bit worried. He normally doesn't do this kind of thing without letting me know. I hope he's not upset with me or something. What could I have done to upset Collin? Nothing can come into my mind at the moment.

Channing finally arrives at my apartment 25 minutes late. I ignore the fact that he's so late and he didn't let me know. It's not attractive to sound so high maintenance.

"How much money do you make?" Channing bluntly asks me.

I'm very taken back by his question. I've never been asked this on a first date before. I guess honesty is the best policy, so why not hold anything back.

"I don't make that much money. I work at a coffee house. Normally I make about 200 dollars a week or so."

Channing begins to laugh. "That's nothing at all. How the hell do you live?"

"I live just fine actually," This comes out quite rudely. But right now I don't give a rat's ass. This guy is a complete jerk. Russell is better than this guy. Why would you say that to a girl? People have truly lost their manners.

"See, you live fine. I could give you money whenever you'd like. Oh and you could live in my beautiful pent house downtown."

"What if I don't want a lot of money? What if I don't want to live downtown in a pent house? What in your right mind has you thinking we're going anywhere after this date, Channing?" I bluntly ask.

"You obviously love me already."

I practically spit my water all over the place. "This isn't working out," I say then I get up and leave the restaurant. Yup, I was put on this planet to be alone. The air outside is chilly. I rub my arms for warmth but it does nothing. I've never felt so alone in my life. That feeling of swallowing something whole comes to me and before I know it tears are coming out of my eyes. Screw all the hours I spent on making myself looking perfect, I need a good cry.


The smell of vanilla wakes me up instantly. Out of every scent vanilla is my very favorite. I get out of bed, walk out to the living room, then I see Collin in the kitchen. He looks up at me with that gorgeous smile on his face.

"Happy Valentine's Day, gorgeous," he says while handing me a box of candy with a card attached at the top.

"Thank you, even though it's not happy at all."

"I hope that I can change that."

I sit down on the sofa and open the card.

Dear Gorgeous Jamie,

Happy Valentine's Day! I know how much you hate this day and I completely understand why you do. But I'm hiding a secret from you. I know that you think you were put on this planet to be alone, but I truly hope that's not true at all. You're everything I have ever wanted. Jamie I am completely, fully, utterly in love with you. I've always there for you and ignored that you don't like me like that. But I really hope that changes someday. I truly do love you, Jamie.

Love, Collin

I look up to see Collin looking nervous. Has he really felt this for me all of this time? What if he is the guy for me? I've never really noticed how he makes me feel until just now. I love that I can be myself around him and I love that he's always honest with me, no matter what. I love that he is supportive and that he lets me play his video games. I love that we're like two peas in a pod. I love Collin. I love my best guy friend.

"I think I love you, too," I say.

I don't think I've ever seen Collin look so happy in my whole life. Suddenly, he wraps his arms around my waist and puts his lips onto mine. My arms magically find their way around his neck. I play with his hair as he kisses me. I've never felt anything like this before. I lightly moan when he licks my bottom lip, asking for his entrance. I gladly give it to him. Slowly the kiss comes to close and now we're just looking into each other's eyes.

"I love you so, so much, Jamie."

Butterflies fill my stomach. But good butterflies. The kind that I always hoped I would feel when I met the guy who was perfect for me. Who would have known that it was the guy that I have known for 23 years?

Collin and I lie down onto to sofa and simply just hold hands. I don't think I have ever been happier.



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