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Made For Each Other?

Short story By: littlemissromance13

Jaden Franklin and Lynn Trent are best friends. They have been since birth.

At Amy Howard's party Jaden and Lynn share a drunken kiss. It was full of passion, love and lust. But are they made for each other? Or was it just the alcohol and the heat of the moment?

This is for "Katie Cruz's 'Make me Weep' contest"

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The floor vibrated with every step. The loud blasted mainstream music was blasting out of the IHome. All I could hear were the auto tuned Ke$ha music and people cheering. I took another sip of my beer and began to feel out of place.

My best friend Jaden begged me to come with him to this Amy Howard's party. He said that it was going to be 'tight' but I knew it would just be a bunch of drunk, horny people in one room. And of course I was right.

I look around the room and see Jaden running around dancing with anybody he could see. I giggled to myself because I know he's drunk. I turn around and make my way to the kitchen to get a drink. I look at all the drinks and grab the bottle of pure vodka. I've had it a couple times before. But I thought it was gross. I needed to freshen up and feel better. I just broke up with my boyfriend, Wesley and I feel awful.

I chug another shot down and feel like my world is spinning. It's only been five shots and I feel great. I know I should stop, so I take just one more.

I go out to the dance floor and dance. I hop up on to the table and begin dancing like a crazy person. I feel like Katy Perry in her 'Last Friday Night (TGIF)' music video. I reach the edge of the table and feel myself fall backwards. I also feel hands around my waist. I look up and see Jaden. He smiles and then set me back on the ground.

"S-s-somebody's drunk! Like me!"

I giggle at Jaden's words. I find them to be hilarious. "I am d-d-drunk. How did you know?" I continue to laugh.

Jaden pulls me closer to him and then tilts my chin up. I'm now looking directly into his gorgeous baby green eyes. I wrap my arms around his neck and put my lips on to his. His lips taste like fresh mint mixed with tequila. We begin kissing like hungry animals (in a good way, of course). I lick his bottom lip and feel his body tense and a groan leaves his mouth. My tongue enters his mouth and meets his for the first time. He pulls me tighter and kisses down my neck. I slow the kiss down and then we stop. We're looking directly at each other and I realize I just made out with my best friend.


I had to get drunk. I just had to get the most wasted ever. My best friend was feeling like shit because of her break-up with her boyfriend. I personally hated the guy but whatever. The only guy I want her to be with is a good one.

I drink a small cup of tequila and feel myself already getting drunk. Before I know it I am in a huge daze and a fog. I dance to the loud music and find myself dry-humping some girls.

I look up for a second and see Lynn dancing on a table. I laugh out loud and then before I know it she's in my arms. I felt like a drunken knight in shining armor.

I tilt her chin up and look into her gorgeous bright blue eyes. She wraps her arms around my neck, just how I like it. Then before I know it, we're making out. She bites my bottom lip and I let out a groan in pleasure. Out of everything any girl has ever done to me, that has to be one of the hottest. I kiss her back and before I know it the kiss is slowing down. Then I am there looking directly at my best friend.



Sunshine mixed with a fresh hangover never mix. I then hear my roommate turn on the mixer. She's probably making her morning healthy smoothie's. She's a bit of a health freak.

I get out of bed slowly and put my hands on my head. I really need to stop drinking so much after break-up's. I walk into the bathroom and notice my lips are raw, like I had been kissed in the last couple hours. It hit me like a big New York train. Jaden and I made out. Out of everything we had ever done, this one thing takes every cake in the world.

"Hey Lynn, heard the party was amazing!" my roommate Jennie said to me while sipping her smoothie.

"Yeah it was….different. Jaden and I made out."

She literally spit her smoothie all of the kitchen floor and table. I held my hands up and just stared at her. "You and Jaden made out?"

"That would be correct. We were drunk and it was the heat of the moment."

"It's about freaking time you two kissed! I have been waiting years for this to happy. And I wasn't even there. Dammit."

I began cackling out loud like mad woman. Jennie looked at me like I was crazy and I just walked to the medicine cabinet to find some aspirin. I grabbed two out of the bottle. I grabbed a square shaped glass cup in the sink. I filled it with water and put the two aspirin tablets in my mouth. I washed them down with the water and then walked over to sit across with Jennie.

I felt my cell phone ringing. I ran to my bedroom and answered it. My eyes filled with an uncontrolled amount of tears.


I swallowed the two aspirin down without water. I know that it's not a good thing to do. But I only do it when I am lazy. Right now I feel like shit and I am lazy as fuck. I sit back down on my sofa and think about the only thing I remember from last night.

Lynn's lips were on mine. I can still feel the outline of them on me. I touch my lips and close my eyes. I never actually thought about Lynn in a romantic way until now. I don't think anybody is more perfect for her than me. She's the single most beautiful girl I know, I've known her for all my life and when we kissed I felt like I was high on…on….on…Lynn. I need more of her.

I felt my phone buzz and I check down to see it was my friend Daniel. He told that I need to get into work by one in the afternoon. Daniel was a good friend but we used to be closer in high school. Now that we're 25 and out of college and on the work force we're different. He's still my boss though.

I decide that I still have time to spare (two hours). I want to tell Lynn how I feel before it's too late. I don't think I can see her with another guy, unless that guy is I.

I grab a pen and a piece of scratch paper and begin writing. I start writing a letter to her. She needs to know that it all makes sense now. Why I never liked any of her ex's, why every time I see her I'm happy, why when she touches me (not in a sexual way) I get goose bumps, why when we kissed I felt an explosion of love, lust and most of all, pleasure.

I leave the letter on my living room coffee table and make my way to work. I lock my apartment door and walk downstairs to the exit. I walk down my street with a smile on my face and my head high.

I hear loud screams behind me and a loud car skid noise. I turn around and everything turns black.



"Is this Lynn Trent?" a woman asked me in a quiet tone of voice.

"Yes, this is Lynn Trent," I hesitated

"I'm calling from Downtown City Hospital. You were put on a paper for emergency contacts for a male named Jaden Franklin. He was hit head on by a car without breaks."

I froze right in place and felt the tears building in my eyes. "Is he okay? Is he going to live?"

I heard the woman take in a breath and say, "Right now he is in a coma. He lost a lot of blood and the force of the car was a lot to take in. He's in the ICU at the moment. As for living, it's a very fair chance of that."

I cried even harder and louder at this point. "I'll be right now," I was barely able to say.

I hung-up my phone and pulled my legs to my chest. I let out loud cries'. My face was completely wet and salty from all the tears. I couldn't control myself. I felt helpless. Jaden was one of the sweetest, most amazing, funniest, attractive, loyal, respectful guys' I know. He's a hell of a lot more than that. I've known him since the day I was born. He is my everything.

After that kiss we had, if I lose him don't think I will be able to love again. I got hit by another New York train. I am in love with Jaden, my best friend of 25 years, the man who might die anytime now, the best friend who is an amazing kisser, even when you're wasted out of your mind.

I ran out of the apartment leaving the front door open. I had to go see Jaden. I need him more than ever at this exact moment.

I unlocked my car and jumped into the driver seat. I sped off into the road to the City hospital. Jaden had to live.

"Jaden Franklin, please," I asked the young looking nurse at the front desk.

She typed into her computer and said, "He's just got released from the ICU. He's on the third floor in room 13. He is in a coma and may or may not wake-up."

I ran off to the elevator and once the two doors shut I let out another cry. I tried to wipe the tears from my eyes but I began to give up.

The elevator doors opened with a ding! I looked at the room numbers and then found 13. I looked inside and saw Jaden hooked up to what looked like a million and a half machines. I opened the door and just looking at him made me burst into more tears.

"Jaden, Jaden, please don't leave me. Please, I love you more than anything in the world and the kiss from last night blew my mind. Even if we were drunk and you most likely don't feel the same, I love you, with all of my heart."

I sat myself down in the dark blue fake leather chair. I held my head in my hands and began sobbing some more.


"Miss, visiting hours are over. You need to leave now. I'm very sorry."

I nodded and got up. My face felt hard and sticky. As if I was wearing Halloween makeup all day.

I walked out to the parking lot and decided to drive off to Jaden's apartment. I needed to smell him and his apartment smells just like him. If I couldn't have the actual him, this was just as good.

I park in the apartment parking spots in front of the building. I locked my car and walked up the flight of stairs to his apartment. I unlocked his door and inhaled his gorgeous scent.

I walked over to the sofa and began hugging one of his pillows. I looked up at the ceiling and then looked down at the coffee table. I saw a folded piece of paper. I picked it up and opened it slowly. I'm praying it's not a suicide note.


It all makes sense to me now! I hated all your ex's, every time we see each other I am at my happiest, whenever we touch it's like lightning.

And after that kiss we shared last night I don't think I can ever be with another girl. I honestly have never thought of you in a romantic setting until now. And boy do I want it!

You're everything I want in my girlfriend and future wife. You're beautiful, smart, trusting, caring, loyal, and so many other things. Plus, you're an amazing kisser.

Every day I want to see you, kiss you and just love you. Every night I just want to be able to hold you as you sleep. I've been there for you all of my life and I am going to be there not matter how this plays out. I doubt you want to be with me, but just so you know, I am so in love with you, Lynn. I love you more than I have ever loved anybody. Hell, I've never even said those three words to anybody before.

I wrote this note for you. Don't forget that you mean a lot to me. I truly do love you. I think we're meant to be. We are made for each other, Lynn.

Xoxo Jaden

He really did feel the same. And he was even able to show me this note. I wiped more tears from my eyes and folded the note back up. I walked to Jaden's bedroom and jumped into his bed. I lay my head on his pillow and close my eyes. He'll make it…I know it.


I barely got any sleep. I feel like I just lay in Jaden's bed just smelling everything. I needed to feel his touch on my skin. I just want him to be here with me.

'Lynn, I heard about Jaden. Where are you? You left in a hurry yesterday. Talk to me! -Jennie'

I read her text messaged and replied with, 'Jen, I'm fine. I'm at Jaden's apartment.'

'Okay, I'll talk to you later.'

I got out Jaden's bed. I walked to the front door, opened it and left to the parking lot. I think it would be a good idea to go visit Jaden at the hospital once again. I know I am probably in the worst shape ever for this, but I need to see him.

I walked to the third floor and to room 13. I walked into the room and Jaden looked exactly the same as he did yesterday. I sat down on the same chair and sat my head back.

I woke-up startled. I must have dozed off from being so hyped up on Jaden. I wiped my eyes and looked over at Jaden. I walked over to his hospital bed and put my hand on his. I smiled and told myself everything was going to be okay.


I felt a hand touch mine. I opened my eyes slowly and saw Lynn standing over me. She looked upset and sad.

"Jaden are you awake?! Oh my God! Doctor! Nurse! He's awake," Lynn screamed the top of her lungs.

Doctors and nurses entered my room and took me off the ventilator and oxygen. They then began injecting me with needles and taking other needles out of me.

"Sir what is that last thing you remember?" a male doctor asked firmly.

I thought for a quick second, "I was walked down my street. Then there was screaming and yelling."

The doctor wrote this down and then had me move my hands, arms, fingers, legs, feet and toes.


I thought the tests and talks wouldn't end. There was only one talk that I wanted to have. That was with Lynn. I need to tell her how I feel before it is way, way too late.

She got up from the chair she's been sitting on since she yelled for the nurses and doctors. She grabbed my hand and smiled. I looked into her eyes and smiled at her. All I want to do is kiss her again. Have that amazing feeling when I am not drunk.

"Jaden, I was so worried about you. I don't think I have cried so much in 24 hours."

I began moving my finger's in a circular motion on her hand. "I need to tell you something."

"I read the letter in your apartment," she said bluntly.

"Wait, how did you find it?" I asked stunned.

"I slept at your apartment last night. I just needed to feel your presence even if you weren't physically there. That letter was the most beautiful thing anybody has ever said-in this case, wrote-to me. And, I love you so, so much."

"Wait, you love me, too?"

She nodded. "After that drunken kiss….I don't think I can ever kiss anybody but you ever again. You're it for me and you've been right under my nose this whole time."

I stood up and walked over to her. I pulled Lynn into my arms and pressed my lips on to hers. She kissed me back and wrapped her arms around my neck. She began playing with my hair as I licked her bottom lip. She let out a light moan. I began kissing her neck and then on her cheeks, jaw and forehead. Lynn surprised me by grabbing me by the back of the head and full on kissing me. Her tongue met mine and it was hyper as hell. The kissed died down and then I just held Lynn.

"I love you," I said.

"I love you, too."


One Week Later


It took me a week to get out of the hospital. It was pure hell, but Lynn made it better. All I wanted to do was just cuddle and kiss her….and more. Hey, I'm a guy here!

I lie in my bed shirtless just in my black boxer shorts. On my right Lynn is asleep. I begin to turn over but she surprised me again by getting on top of me. She's in white tank-top and blue short shorts. She's such a tease in that outfit. She smiles at me and then lays on top on me. I feel myself getting hard. And then she kisses me like there is no tomorrow. I place my hands on her waist and pull her closer to me. I kiss her back and just like that magic is made.

It may have taken 25 years…but Lynn and I were completely and utterly made for each other.

~Katie, I don't know if this story made you cry like the rules. But I tried my hardest to make it a sappy, happy romance. I hope you at least enjoyed it. Thank you all for reading! Xoxo LittleMissRomance13/Krissy<3


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