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Stella Golden hasn’t been having the best year. She’s lost her job to a company she helped build, her boyfriend of a year dumped her for a model, and her parents aren’t coming to town to see her for the holiday.

But somebody from her past is coming back to see her. Somebody she might not want to see. But maybe this somebody from her past can make her present and future brighter? Just maybe.

*This is for Regine Luvs U’s Christmas Romance Contest*

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Meeting You Again

It's funny how things can go badly so quickly. Well, it's not exactly funny. Christmas time has always been my favorite time of the year. The smell of Christmas trees in the air, the delicious hot chocolate that can warm you up in seconds, and the lovely feelings of being with people you love. As for this year, well, it's just sad.

It all started when I lost my job. When I finished college seven years ago I started a business with a guy who needed help. It was always my dream to make food for a living and opening a restaurant was a dream come true. The restaurant was doing very well until this last year. My partner Samuel decided he didn't need me. Now, I'm jobless and still pissed off about it.

After losing my job I thought that was going to be the bad thing that happened to me this year. But I was wrong. When I arrived home shortly after losing my job as a chef I got a message on my machine from my longtime boyfriend Hayden. It is a message I would love to forget, but I can't.

"Hey babe, this is Hayden. I know that Christmas is only in two days, but on my trip to New York City I met somebody else. She's incredible and a model. So, bye."

That was defiantly a break-up I won't forget.

Then right after that message my parents called. They told me that they wouldn't be able to make it to my place. Damn you snow!


I finished putting up my fake Christmas tree and then went to go find the ornaments. Once I found the box I brought them into my living room. I set the box on the floor and opened it up. I grabbed ornaments one or two at time.

Looking at my finished tree made me smile. But then a sad feeling sunk inside me. I have nobody to actually spend Christmas with this year. All of my friends are at their parents or boyfriends' houses, my parents couldn't make it, and I'm single again.

I kind of like being single, but there is always that feeling inside me of not liking it. When I graduated college I thought I was done dating completely. I was dating my childhood neighbor Brody. We were perfect for each other. He even proposed to me on Christmas Eve when I was 22. Then on the eve before our wedding (a year later) I came home from work to find Brody leaving. It was like being punched in my stomach. Brody and I had been together for five years and seeing him leave me hurt even more. I didn't know what to do.

After Brody left me I continued to work on my job. Then a year later I met Hayden. I thought maybe he could be my true one. Yet he was also a jerk. Will I ever get the guy I was meant to have? One who isn't a jerk or a cheater?

I went back to reality and looked at my Christmas tree. I always have loved colorful lights better than the boring white ones. I smile and then walk to my kitchen to make some hot chocolate. I add some water to a tea kettle and place it on the stove. It's now a waiting game.

During my wait I hear something in the hallway. I walk over to my front door and open it. I look down the hallway and see a guy my age picking up a box. I walk over to him and help him. I've always been a friendly and helpful person.

"Here you go," I say to the guy.

He takes the shirt I handed him and looks me in the eyes. I stand frozen in place. Those green eyes staring into my blue ones bring back too many memories. Out of every place I can see him it's here.

"Brody…?" I barely get out.

He nods and smiles that gorgeous smile I fell in love with years ago.

"Hello Stella," he finally says.

I feel the same butterflies in my stomach that always hit when I saw Brody. Again, he smiled at me, making the nervousness worse.

"How have you been, Brody?"

"I've been alright. What about you, Stella? Are you still working at your restaurant, Got Dessert?"

He remembered my job? That's understandable.

"I guess I'm good. I haven't been having the best start to the Christmas holiday thought."

I can see Brody looking at me with sorrow. "Want to spend it with me like old times?"

Hearing him say that instantly infuriated me. I don't know the true reason why I am mad. It just upsets me that he thinks he can just return into my life without anything being wrong with it.

"Why do you think you can just return into my life? You broke my heart."

He just stood there tongue tied. It was a simple question I have wanted an answer to for six years. Why was it so hard to just tell me?! I want to know ever so badly.

"Fine, don't answer me. But don't think you can just reenter my life like you didn't do anything wrong."

I turned on my heel and walked back to my apartment. Once inside I heard the tea kettle making its screaming noise. I run over to take it off the stove. I grab the handle and accidently touch the metal and burn my hand. I drop the kettle onto the floor and let out a scream of my own. I feel a familiar lump in my throat and then the tears pour out. I'm not crying because of the physical pain, but everything that has been happening. Losing my job, losing my jerk of a boyfriend, my parents leaving me alone, and to top it all off, seeing the only guy who made me nervous, the guy I would always love, Brody.

I turned on cold water and put my hand underneath it. It stung at first but I got used to it. The pain in my hand subsided. I was just left with my emotional pain.

I pick of the kettle from the floor. I set it on the counter and then grab a towel to clean up the water. I turn around and see Brody standing in front of me.

He comes closer to me and wipes what's left of the tears on my face. I can't help but let a few more drop from my eyes. The feeling of his skin on mine brings back all those amazing tingles.

"I'm so sorry, Stella," Brody whispered.

I let a few more tears stream out.

"I am, too. I shouldn't have snapped at you."

Brody shook his head sternly. "I shouldn't have left you six years ago. I thought maybe if I came back you would take me back. Now that I truly think about it, I'm so crazy! You could be married now and be happy. I'm sorry I'm here to muck everything up for you. I'll leave; remember though that I love you. I always will, Stella," he told me while looking directly into my eyes.

I could tell that Brody was being dead serious. Brody wiped another tear from my face and walk to the door. Before he left me I grabbed his hand. I knew right then that I still loved him. I know I shouldn't forgive him for leaving me. That's the past though.

"I love you, too," I say before bringing my lips to his. Brody kissed me back instantly. He started by laying soft, simple kisses around my mouth and neck. Then, his tongue met my mine and made its entrance. A soft moan left my mouth, making me smile against his lips. He slowed this kiss down and stared into my eyes.

"I left six years ago because I was scared and your friend told me you didn't love me."

"What friend?"


I frowned and thought for a minute. "She had a crush on you and wanted to mess up our wedding. I guess she did."

"I'm sorry for listening to her, Stella. Can we start over?" he asked.

I nod and place a kiss onto his lips once more.

"Of course."

Meeting Brody again made my year so much better. He was with the only guy I could ever truly love. This makes it the best year ever and the best time to finally start over happily.


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