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That One Simple Word

Short story By: littlemissromance13

“Never date a coworker, no matter what circumstances.”

Those are the words that Dexter lives by, but he kind of broke that rule. I did say kind of.

~This is for simplybarlarlar's Romantical picture, song, and outfit challenge.~

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I'm a very neutral, anemic type of guy. I don't have very many rules. I have one big one though; never date a coworker, no matter what. It seems simple enough and silly even.

But it began back when I was just 13 years old, the age where you are starting to like, like girls and find out who your 'real' friends are. That was also the time that my parents' split up for good. All because my father thought it would be right to have some fun with his coworker lady friend. She ruined his everything when she found out he was married, let alone the fact that he was not in fact leaving his wife for her. My mother wanted a divorce once she found out. She was always such an honest lady, I miss her dearly.

My father on the other hand went haywire. I haven't seen him since he got fired from his job. I don't miss him very much either. But I do know that I don't want to date a coworker anytime soon. Even though I'm not married, it seems like it would super awkward to have to see you ex every day.

I walk into my office proudly. My job is something I love more than anything in the word. Yeah, I'm that guy.

"Good morning Dexter. Are you ready for the huge Goebbelmen party tonight?" Annette, my coworker asks.

I simply just smile, nod, and say "I am so ready. Are you bringing a hot date?"

Annette is a very sweet and shy type of girl. Sure, she is very attractive with her tall, curvy frame, beach blonde hair, bright green eyes, and perfectly suntanned skin. But she's my coworker and most of all, not somebody I would go after. She needs a more romantic type of guy. Not me. All of my ex's dislike me, but it's not my fault. They were stupid enough to fall for my lovely charm and handsomely good looks.

"Actually I am. We've been out on a few dates so far."

"That's great Annette. I'm happy for you."

She leaves my office. I take a seat in my office chair and let out a sigh of relief. That girl is a lot to take in. Especially in the morning.


The day went by quite quickly. Now it is show time. I am all fixed up in my new black on black suit. I feel very elegant on a night like tonight.

Who knows, maybe I'll find a girl I can take home for the night?

I spot my boss out the crowd. He has such unique features that it is not hard to just stop and stare. That's probably why I can point him out so damn well.

"Aw, the man of the party, it's about time you got here," my boss Frank tells me.

"Better late than never Frank," I smile when I say this. I've always wanted to. My eyes are now looking straight into the girls' standing by Frank. She has light brown, almost blonde hair, the most beautiful, sparkling blue eyes that I have ever seen. She is at least five feet five inches tall and has flawless porcelain looking skin. She nervously laughs. God she has a beautiful smile.

Her name is Emily. And we were "together" for a few months. She wanted more and I, of course, didn't. But every time I see her it is like she's the only girl in the world.

Tonight she's not dressed as fancy as most of the people here. But damn, she looks beyond sexy in her baby blue dress with red and pink flowers on it, light brown boots with a belt in the same color around her waist, a leather jacket also in the same shade of light brown, a feather necklace around her neck, and a coin bracelet on her wrist. Her hair is up on the side and looks perfect on her.

"It's nice to see you Dexter," her voice isn't the same. It isn't the sweet, bubbly, and giddy voice I was used to hearing. It sounded more monotone and insipid.

"It's always nice to see you Emily."

Emily smiles weakly. But it is still the smile that makes me weak in the knees. That's when she turns on her heel and walks away from me.

I quickly follow right after her. People are all over this place. At this point I am pushing through people rudely. I finally make it to the entrance. Emily is nowhere to be seen. Where the hell did she go?

I continue to leave the theater. All that's on my mind is Emily, but that's been normal lately. You see, I broke my golden rule. Emily and I met on her first day. She was making copies for Frank and I so happened to be at the fax machine right next to the copier. We began talking about anything and everything. Before we knew it we were at her place shagging. We repeated that for two months. Two whole months of just sex, sounds like a guy's dream right? After a while I wanted to get to know Emily. I wanted to just have fun. The sex was great, don't get me wrong, but I wanted more. But my fears of commitment were too much for me to handle. On a cold December night she asked me if we could become more than shag buddies. I remember thinking yes immediately. But I said no before I could control myself. I was too much of a pussy to properly say yes. I sound like a pussy just thinking about this right now.

Then it hits me, I know where Emily is.


It was a random daytime friend date thing. She invited me to hang out with her and a few of her friends. At first I didn't want to go due to my stupid fears. But I said yes because I couldn't say no to Emily. We ended up going to this field. It was so beautiful and Emily loved it a lot. That's where she told this was where she liked to go to escape from the sadness and hatred of the world. She came there to think.

This field wasn't too far away from my apartment. The best part about this place is that not very many people know about it.

I take off my black jacket and pinstriped dress shirt. I'm in a plain white T-shirt with my black slacks and dress shoes. It feels so nice to just breathe and not be the boring Dexter.

"Emily, why did you leave?" I ask her. She's sitting in front of me, her back to me. Her hair is a little messier than when we were at the theater, but everything is normal.

She turns stands-up and turns to face me. There are tears running down her face, her makeup is running as well.

"Please don't cry Emily. I want you to be happy."

"I can't be happy, I'll never be happy."

"Of course you can be happy Emily."

She shuts her eyes closed, hard, and tight. I can tell that she is fighting more tears from falling.

"No, no I can't. It's all your fault. I told myself not to sleep with you, but I did. God we did so, so much. Each time you left I was so depressed. I felt like you just saw me as a sex object. Of course I told myself that I was crazy. And guess what happens, I am a fucking sex object to you Dexter!" She's crying harder now.

"I didn't mean to hurt you Emily. Honestly, I never wanted to hurt you. Sure, when we first got together I thought it would be a onetime thing, but it grew into something more. I'm sorry I said no. I regret it every day, even if I try to not think about it. It's always in the air to make me feel like an even bigger dick. Emily you're the only girl that I want to hold, the only girl I want to go to sleep with and wake-up next to each morning, you're the only girl that I could ever dream of, the only girl I want to come home to, the only girl I want to anything and everything with, Emily you're the only girl that I love. I love you."

Even more tears are falling down her face now.

"Please stop crying Emily. You're making me fe-"she cut me off with her lips. They're just as soft and perfect as I remember. My arms find their way around her waist perfectly. I lightly lick her bottom lip, asking for my entrance, and I happily get it. Emily smiles against my lips. She puts her forehead against mine and we just look into each other's eyes.

With that, she takes my hands and lets me spin her around. Her dress flows with her. She smiles and I'm weak in the knees again.

"I love you too. Now say that one simple word," She wants me to make it official.

"Yes," I say without even having to think it over. "I want to be with you more than anything."

Her smile makes me even happier.


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