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Imagine being with the best guy you could ever dream of. The only thing he doesn't have is a lot of money. Enter Tallie's world. She's dating the wonderful Hayden. He's attractive, sweet, nice, and he is madly in love with Tallie. Hayden and Tallie would be perfect if her parents approved. They think Tallie is too good for poor hold Hayden. So they find her a mate. Weeks of searching, they find Kade. He's rich, nice-ish, and a doctor. The only thing Tallie likes about him is his money. And it gets worse when Tallie's parents insist they get married right away. Who will Tallie choose? They guy she loves who is poor and her parents dislike? Or the one she hates with tons of money and her parents number one choice? Only Time Can Tell.

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"Forever...I never thought in a million years that I would love somebody as much as you," My boyfriend Hayden of a year said.

I smiled big and got butterflies in my stomach. "Aww! I love you, too. Hayden, you're the best thing I could ever dream of."

Hayden grabbed me in his arms and wrapped them around me. I put my head on his shoulder and closed me eyes. I was in pure ecstasy. I never thought this would ever happen to little old me.



"Where the hell were you young lady?" My mother asked in a mean tone.

"I was with Hayden."

"You're spending too much time with him."

"It's time we meet him," My father said.

"Okay! I'll let him know. You'll love him. Almost as much as I do."

My parents rolled their eyes. I hated them. It was always their choice. Never mine on any fucking thing. I ran upstairs to my bedroom and got my phone out.

The date was set. Hayden was coming over for dinner tomorrow night. My mother ordered food in advance (she never cooks anyways) so we wouldn't go hungry.

When I woke-up the next morning at seven o'clock I walked straight to the bathroom. After brushing my hair, teeth, changing clothes/shoes I went downstairs and waited for my mother to drive me to school.

The whole drive to school was just about how bad I looked and how she wasn't looking forward to meeting Hayden. Along with how he better be worth our time and money. The two most important things in her little dream world.


"Hey hun," I said walking into Hayden's arms.

"Hey babe," He said back kissing my cheek.

We walked to our lockers hand and hand. Then we were off to our morning classes. We kissed each other goodbye and told where to meet after fourth period--lunch was after it-- so we wouldn't lose each other. We hated walking through the hallways alone. Unless I was with one of my two friends. Alissa and Farriah were great girls.

"I learned one thing this morning...I hate calcus and spanish!"

Hayden laughed. "I agree with you. Those classes suck."

"Ugh. I hate school."

"Agreed. Hey, umm, Tallie...I'm kinda nervous for tonight. I mean, I love you and all, but I also want your parents to like me."

I walked over to Hayden and wrapped my arms around him and said, "Hayden, no matter what they think, you will always be mine. Even if we're not together. Forever are you written in my heart."

Hayden gave me a big smile and then kissed my lips. I kissed back and then we broke the kiss. As we ate our lunch we watched the people walk passed us. Either preps, whores/sluts, or dorks. Nothing in-between.


"Hayden this my mother Lauren and my father Christian. Mom, dad this is Hayden...the love of my life!" I said overjoyed.

"Nice to meet you," My father Christian said putting his hand out.

"You too, sir."

My mother didn't say anything. I could already tell she didn't like Hayden. He didn't wear a suit that cost him at least cost a hundred dollars. He wore a dark gray T-shirt and light blue jeans with worn out Nike's that he got from Goodwill. I loved his style. I loved everything about him.

"So, what college are you thinking of going to, Hayden?" My mother asked.

"I'm not sure yet. My parents don't have a lot of money so I am trying for a scholarship."

"Ohhh. Great. Our little girl is going to the school I went to...Vanderbilt."

I swallowed hard. I hated it when she did this. I knew they both hated him. So they were going to put the "we have money" thing in his face to make him feel bad.


"Thanks for coming babe. No matter what," I said giving him a quick peck.

"Love you."

I winked and then walked back into my house. I walked to the sofa knowing what was going to happen next. My parents walked in and sat across from me.

"You are not going to see that boy anymore."

"Yes I am. I love him."

"No you don't. It's lust."

"NO! I'm not going to listen to you two. You're full of shit."

"Watch your mouth young lady."

"I'm not young! I'm 18."

"I don't care if you're 25 or 50. You don't talk to your parents like that."

"Fuck you!" I screamed.

I ran right passed them and up the stairs to my bedroom. When I made it there I locked my door and jumped onto my bed. I cried into my pillow and just let everything go. They weren't going to tell me what I can do.

"They...hate...you!" I screamed into the phone to Hayden.

"Please don't cry."

"I can't help it. They told me that I don't love you. I DO! MORE THAN FUCKING ANYTHING! And, now, they want me dating somebody else."

"Babe, what happened to whatever happens?"

"It still goes. Please don't leave me," I said to Hayden desperately.



"Hun, we want you to meet somebody," My parents said a week later as I walked in the door from school.

"This is Kade. Your fiance'," They said smoothly.

I frowned. "I'm 18...I haven't even graduated high school yet and you want me to get married?"

"Not now of course. Anyways, Kade is 23 and is a doctor."

"Are you retarded?"

"Excuse me, Tallie?"

I rolled my eyes. "Nice to meet you, Kade."

"You too. You're very beautiful."

"Thank you."

Kade was nice and handsome. But I knew he was just a rich asshole. He was a horny fucker who was just looking to get into a younger girls pants. And the lucky girl was me. Too bad I won't let him. No sex before marriage. And, for one, Hayden is going to be my first. He is the one in my book.

"Tallie, I would love to marry you this summer. I have money and a house just for us. We'd make beautiful children."

"Thats sweet. I'll think of it," I said in a fake voice.


As he left I turned to my parents. I hated that man. He was just looking for a "right-now" that he could cheat on by going on some cheap dating site and asking horny girls to meet him at bar and then going to the hotel down the street.

"What the heck? Marriage?"

"It's perfect for you, deary."

I frowned. "You're crazy! Never."

"But he has money."

I closed my eyes. They were right. He did. And, Hayden doesn't. I'd like to be living somewhere. And if I stay with Hayden I know that I won't be getting that far. But I love him. I don't like Kade. Eww.

I walked into my bedroom and shut my door. I needed to think. A year and no money against no even an hour and tons of money. Which one is the one that is for me?

I called him. Right after I made my choice. And he walked through my room. I had him sit on my bed and I stood in front of him and I told him.

"You're the one. The one that I will always love. The one I will always want to be with. No matter what."

"Tallie, I love you!"

"Hayden, I will forever love, want, and desire you."

I sat in his lap and we fell into a deep sleep that night. Falling asleep to each others breathing. Forever would I know that Time Can Tell. It's told me this was right. Forever.


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