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Bridget has always loved her teacher, and she finally plucks up the courage to tell him. Are his feelings the same?

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Teacher's Pet

There was something about the way he signed my yearbook, his penmanship towards the paper. I guessed, he was being carefully because he didn't want any more of the school funds to be wasted. I looked up from his comment to see his face. I've never admitted it, but I've always loved him. Even though he was my first period Social teacher, and I was his student, I was madly in love with him. When he handed me back the book, a twinkle in his blue eyes, I smiled gratefully. "Thanks, Mr Reynolds. This means a lot." I said, quietly, making my way out the door. I noticed him coming, dashing through the crowd of seniors. I stopped at my locker. "I heard you got in to San Beach University?" he raised a perfect dark eyebrow, mockingly. I nodded. "That's a good school, you know. I hope everything works out." I smiled at him again. "Never forget this school, okay Bridget?" He said. I looked at him, raising both eyebrows "I won't forget, Mr Reynolds." And then, much to my pleasure, I felt his grip around my waist. He pulled me closer, the smooth velvet of his tie brushing against my skin. "Never forget me." He said, tearfully. "I won't." And then, we were perfectly in line with each other. His soft lips pressed against mine-

Beep, Beep, Beep!

I hit my alarm clock, angrily. How dare it disturb such a beautiful dream? Yes, I was dreaming that my teacher was in love with me. It was a ridiculous fantasy, I knew, but it was my fantasy. Much like I was reminded in my dream, it was the last week of my life as a student at E Lowell High. I looked at the empty year book in my hand, and found the spot where he signed it in the dream. Hopefully, I thought with a smile, he'd sign it for real. The morning passed quickly, I ate breakfast, got dressed and made my way out of the house. The bus to E Lowell was crowded, as usual, as I made my way to the back. I sighed heavily, hoping the day would unfold like in my dream. My new High Shine lip gloss was a must have today, I guessed. If I was going to get a kiss from him, anyways. Once I arrived at E Lowell High, the whole corridor seemed to be buzzing today. It was the day, the day I had dreamed about, we were signing yearbooks. "Good morning, Bridget." I hear his sweet voice calling from behind. As I turn around, far too quickly, I watch his white jumper suddenly become an unsightly brown coffee colour. He winced slightly, the hot coffee burning him, and I rushed to his side. "Let me-"I said, carefully dabbing a tissue against his jumper. I didn't want it to be risqué, but I knew it was. I felt tension run through my body as we touched, and I smiled. "Thank you for helping me, Bridget. Your tutor will be wondering why you're late." He resisted the touch, parted from my grasp, and walked away. I could see the longing in his blue eyes, I knew he felt something, too. Before I knew it, I was buzzing again. This was the moment, yearbook pressed to my chest, that I could finally see how my dream would finish. "I'm leaving E Lowell High." He said sadness in his voice. Those words, those words I hadn't wanted to hear, slowly made my heart shatter. I understood, we were all leaving, but I at least thought if I visited I could see him. "What are you going to do with your life, Mr Reynolds?" Francesca Simons asked a smitten grin on her horrid face. Mr Reynolds stood up, looking straight into Francesca's brown eyes and said "My futures uncertain, but I don't want to forget my past here." There was certain elegance in his voice, an elegance that made every part of my body tingle. "Now," he said, as he retreated to his desk. "I'll sign your yearbooks."

E Lowell High always had the tradition of a teacher page in their year books, I never really understood why. I guess it was so the troublemakers learned what their most hated teachers thought of them, or maybe it was so the E Lowell students could feel inspired. My hands were trembling and shaking as I made my way up to his desk. It was like he was a singer, my favourite singer, and I was waiting for him to sign my CD. It was a special moment, because I would finally see what he thought of me. People came and went, and before I knew it, I was in front of him. His black hair fell carelessly around his face, and I just wanted to run my fingers through every strand. He picked up a pen, and began writing on that page. "Thank you, this means a lot." I knew exactly what to say, the dream was more real each second. I pushed past everyone, and made my way out. He followed me quickly. Before I knew it, his lips were already on mine. His kiss was intense, passionate, and perfect. He slammed my body against lockers, kissing my body all over. "I love you Bridget." He slowly buttoned my blouse, tossing it over. Tears were flying from my eyes, and I rushed out. I ignored his protests.

The next day came quickly, and I didn't want to get out of bed. I knew it was stupid, not getting up because I was foolish, but it worked. I didn't see the point of going to school, of seeing Mr Reynolds return to pack up his stuff. To leave. I didn't see the point of going to school to see his replacement; it would only make me miserable. I wasn't going to give in, despite the fact my Mother urged and begged me to get up. "Are you sick? Do you want me to pick something up on my way out?" I hated worrying my Mom, but it was the only way she was going to give in. So I stuck my tongue out, listened to her speech "My numbers on the fridge, dinners in the fridge. I'll only be gone until 3 'o' clock, and then we can talk about whatever you're so miserable about." She kissed my forehead, and made her way out of my bedroom. I buried my head under the pillow, refusing to come back up for air. And then, just as my eyes finally rested, my phone buzzed loudly. I leant over to my side to turn it off, but I was intrigued by the caller ID. "Hello?" I asked. "Bridget? Is that you?" His voice sounded beautiful, fresh from morning. "Yes, Mr Reynolds. It is. How did you- How did you get my number?" Suddenly, I found the energy to get out of bed. I was walking around the room, my fingers in my hair. "I found it on the school system. Teachers are supposed to use it to give students the work they missed, but I think we need to talk." I gasped under my breath, amazed at how at ease I was (in my mind I was freaking out!) "I think we need to discuss something, something I've wanted to discuss for a long time. Meet me somewhere, somewhere quiet." "Mel View Park?" He laughed, in agreement, and cut the call off. I felt happier all of a sudden, like a weight had been lifted. I dressed quickly, and carefully, and made my way out of the house.

The air was so clear this morning, and I felt as though I wanted to sing along with the chirping birds. Mel View Park was only a short walk away, but I rushed there. I couldn't wait to be in his arms. He was standing at the gates, a basket in his hands. "I thought we'd share a picnic. And talk." I smiled at him, he looked so carefree today. It was strange, seeing him in casual clothes. The white shirt hung loosely on him, unveiling a little bit of his chest, and the creamy jeans made him look like a male model. We sat down on the rug, just staring at each other in the silence. He took my hands, as if they were two fragile feathers, and kissed them. "I've always been attracted to you, Bridget. I couldn't deny it. You're a funny, sweet, kind girl, unlike my other students. Not to mention the fact that you're pretty, too." He twirled a piece of my hair in his fingers, and I bit my lip. He was like a star of a movie; he did everything as though it was planned. "I didn't say anything to you before," he continued. "Because I didn't want the class to notice that I was being so friendly to a student." He looked straight at me. I bit my lip again, and I watched his nostrils flare with laughter. We were like children, except one was mature. He took my hands again and placed his gaze towards me "I love you, Bridget." He said. And then he kissed me. So sweet, so tender, much better than the dream. When we reluctantly parted, I was breathless. We both fell to the floor, our chests rising and falling. This was how I wanted my life to be. When I opened my eyes, I gasped. I looked at Mr Reynolds, wondering if he saw him too. It was the big, stern head of the board of education. My Father. I looked at him, taken aback. "I see, Mr Reynolds, you've taken quite a shine to my daughter. Your student." He looked unhappy, really unhappy. I couldn't form words in my mouth, my eyes sparked with tears. "I don't teach at E Lowell anymore, Liam. You don't need to worry, I wouldn't hurt her." My Father's arms were folded, his expression blank. "Hurting my daughter is the least of my worries, I don't want her coming to me pregnant with your child! Daniel, you are going to court. I'm calling the police." I stood up, trying to protest. He looked at me like I was dirt, not his daughter. He laid a finger on my chest, I gasped. "You, young lady, should be ashamed." He said. Daniel looked at him, a scowl on his face. "Leave her alone!" he pushed him over, and I gasped. "Run." He gasped.

I bit my lip, I had never broken the law for anyone. My Dad would kill me. "Where are we?-" I demanded. Daniel put a finger to my lips and I sighed with pleasure. "I love you." I said, kissing his lips. He was taller than I was, so I had to crane my neck to kiss him. "Where shall we go?" I asked. Daniel looked at me and he smiled. "I say we rent a hotel. You know, we could pass as Father and daughter." He winked at me. I shuddered at that statement. He was right, I was sixteen and he was thirty-one. We located a low key hotel and rented a room, Daniel offering to pay. Even for a two star hotel, it looked grand. "My Dad's going to be looking for us, and school and-"his lips pressed against mine, his body laid out on the bed. "Come on," he said, taking a breath. "Relax." He massaged my shoulders, and I grumbled with pleasure. And then he stripped me off my clothes, our bodies bare and touching. I couldn't believe it. He spread warm kisses all over my body, and I was transported to heaven. "I remember," I said. "How I used to fantasise about this in class, I never imagined it would happen." I laughed, running both hands through his hair. He chuckled, a deep chuckle, and he kissed me again. "I don't want this to end." He sighed. "When you go to San Beach, I'll miss you." I froze. I had completely forgotten about it. My Father would never let me attend if he knew. I lifted my head up, quickly dressing. "Why don't we just stay together? I don't need to go to college; I'll get a part time job." I insisted. He smiled, but we both knew it would never work.

"Why don't we just forget?" He said, pacing around the room. Tears began flowing from my eyes, dripping from my cheeks. "I can't forget you." I demanded. He gripped my hands, sighing heavily. "We both know your Dad will find us, and I'll be in prison. And we won't be able to see each other. Ever again. We may as well just forget it ever happened-" I stopped him from speaking, my lips on his. He pulled away. "I'm a mature adult," he began, grabbing his things. "And I have a career I need to maintain, and you're a student you have a future to begin. I don't want our love to get in the way. I think we need some space." I sobbed, dropping down onto the carpeted floor. He didn't bother to give me a last kiss, or hug me, as he made his way out of the room. I didn't want this, any of this. My Dad would kill me, I couldn't go back home. And San Beach University won't want a student who sleeps with teachers. They wouldn't want a Teacher's Pet.


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