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Teacher's Pet- Part Two

Short story By: littlerose33

Bridget is heartbroken, and decides to get out of town. When she meets an old friend by chance, they instantly click. And they begin reminiscing about old times.
But, will Daniel return to try and rekindle their relationship? And what happens when Bridget finds out something that may destroy both relationships forever?

Submitted:May 24, 2012    Reads: 40    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

The bus stop was empty, strangely, so I stayed there until the bus appeared. I didn't really know where it was going, but I wanted to get away. The harsh wind shocked my body, and brought a tear to my eye. I looked down at my phone, 5 messages from Daniel. I'm sorry. I want you back. I didn't mean to hurt you. I felt like throwing my phone into the street, letting a car run it over. The bus finally arrived and I navigated a seat. I didn't want to look at the strangers comforting faces, because a piece of my heart breaks every time. "Hey, Bridget. Do you remember me?" I looked up to see a kind, happy face who I didn't remember. I shook my head, as polite as possible. He looked at me again, and I remembered. I was friends with him since childhood, his name was Cole Clarkson, and I thought he moved away a long time ago. I blinked at him, again. He laughed, his nostrils flaring. "Are you alright?" he asked, taking my hands. Despite how good his touch felt, I squirmed away. "Actually, no. I was dumped today, and I'm leaving town." I admitted. I could see sadness in his eyes, and I knew he felt for me. "Do you-Do you have a place to stay?" Cole asked, his blonde eyebrow rose. I shook my head.

The bus stopped at the new town, Grove Wiltshire, and I stepped out. "I'll call a cab." Cole said. When the cab came, I felt a shower of apprehension come over me. I was staying at Cole's house, when Daniel could be looking for me. The rain ran down the tinted windows, and I was shielded safely inside the cab. I groaned, suddenly feeling sick to my stomach. "P-Pull over, please." I spluttered. The cab pulled over and I threw up outside. Oh no. Oh no. Ms Clarkson's face read my expression, suddenly turning ghostly pale. "Bridget," she said. "You can stay for as long as you like." She looked at me, worriedly, and hurried into the bathroom. "It's not what I tolerate, but I think you'd better see a doctor." She quickly ushered us into the car. I looked up from the bed, at their faces. Ms Clarkson looked disappointed, and Cole looked distraught. I looked at the doctor, who was looking at the scanning machine. "Yes, Bridget, I'm afraid you're pregnant. Only into the first week, though" I buried my head straight into my hands, and sobbed uncontrollably.

"Are you sure?" Daniel's voice was shaky with worry. "Yes, the doctor said I am in the first week of pregnancy." I tried to compose myself, reaching cautiously for the tissues. "I'm at a friend's house, since I'm unsure of whether I want to accept your apology. If you want to know anything more, call me." "I love y-" He began, but I cut off the call. I looked up to see Cole's face, and I told him everything. He took both of my hands, and hugged me tightly. I felt safe in his arms, and I felt as though I belonged in his arms. My tears fell straight down, dropping onto the bed. "You know," Cole sighed, looking straight at me. "I always loved you. And I don't understand why I never told you. I still feel it." I looked at him through teary eyes, and I smiled. "I felt something too, but I don't think I want any relationships." I watched him head to the door, and I looked back. "I'll be there for you," he said, sincerely. "Unlike the douche who dumped you." I smiled.


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