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The Beginning of the End - An Asking Alexandria Short Story

Short story By: Livi Bear

How did James react the night Alexandria was taken away from him?? Here is a short story with the answer to that question. Enjoy! If you haven't read my novel and like what you read here, feel free to check it out! :)

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How did James react the night Alexandria was taken away from him?? Here is a short story with the answer to that question. Enjoy! If you haven't read my novel and like what you read here, feel free to check it out! :)

The Beginning of the End

- Asking Alexandria -

A short story

As I watched my love vanish into thin air, every muscle in my body tightened. I could taste the blood in my mouth. I had tried to fight off the guards who were taking Alexandria away from me. I could hear the chaos spurring behind me, but the sound was distant. I stared at the platform where she had stood just moments ago. The platform had taken her to a strange planet in an unknowngalaxy. Pain shot through me like lightning. The reality of tonight was unbearable. I screamed until my throat stung and my vocal cords felt damaged. I could sense the tears building up, ready to escape at any instant. I stood up, tumbling backward as I did so. I wiped away the blood on my chin and limped through the crowd. I heard voices, but no words. Only muffled sounds I was unable to comprehend. An arm linked around mine, urging me to lean against it. The touch of soft skin made me jump. It was Annabel; her black eyes filled with sympathy and understanding. She had lost her best friend whilst I lost my reason for living.

Alexandria and her family were banished for eternity. She had told me her parents were involved in an illegal matter regarding government money. Our planet, Ixora, was unforgiving and the Leaders - the ones who make the rules - were cruel and dishonest. They had no emotions or compassion. They wanted to see the Brighten family suffer. Now everyone who loved themwas suffering too. Neither of us would ever see her again. Annabel's presence made it all the more excruciating. I shook her arm off and stumbled my way home.

I didn't turn on any lights. My nostrils flared with anger and my fists were clenched. I walked over to the night table and picked up a picture frame. Alexandria had given it to me on my birthday. It was a moving picture of the two of us the day we almost ran away. We were tickling each other, laughing. It was her and I till the end of time. With a loud grunt, I threw the frame across the small room. I dismissed the broken glass scattered on the floor. I leaned against the wall, smacking my head doing so. Ignoring the pain, I brought my knees to my chest and buried my face. I blinked, allowing the tears to fall. My shoulders shook uncontrollably and my nose began to run. I breathed her name between sobs. Without her, I had nothing. I was incapable of living without her by my side. I ran a hand through my thick black hair and inhaled deeply. I knew I would pass out of exhaustion soon enough. My heart pounded inside chest. My temples throbbed vigorously. Sweat dripped down my forehead as well as the back of my neck. I tried standing up, but failed. The room began to spin. I had never experience something so terrifying. Then I saw her. Alexandria was standing right in front of me. I tried to keep my eyes open, but my eyelids felt strangely heavy. She moved closer to me, a worried expression on her face. Of course she would be worried about me at a time like this. But right now, She was the one who needed comforting, not me.

"Alexandria…" I whispered. I attempted to stand again, only to fall back on my ass. "Alexandria, you're here."

"James, no. It's Annabel, sweetie. Alexandria is gone. You saw as well as I did." Annabel? I focused on the girl kneeling forward. It couldn't be Annabel. This girl had shoulder length golden blond hair, and blue eyes. She had full bright pink lips and adorably red cheeks. She was short and tiny, but still sexy and curvy. It was my girlfriend. I grabbed onto her neck and pressed my lips on hers. She pushed me back, gasping. "James! Sweetie, you're hallucinating. You're suffering from this sudden trauma. Remember? We learned about it last year. Let's get you to bed. I'm not Alexandria." She was speaking nonsense. Did anyone else hear the ringing too, I wondered. I breathed in her scent. She smelled like strawberry shampoo. I was on a bed now. The girl - Annabel - was taking off my shoes and begging me to get some sleep. I couldn't sleep at a time like this! I felt her hands on my cheek. She was so cold.

"I love you. So much." I said to the girl. Her response was sarcastic. A second later, I couldn't remember what she even said. I rubbed my temples, trying to remember her Alexandria had gone. "Don't go!" I yelled suddenly; not completely understanding why.

"Shh, I'm not going anywhere, sweetie. Alexandria is here to help you calm down." The girl helped me out of my clothes so I was lying in boxers. My heart felt like it was nearly going to burst and my skin burned. "Just relax. Forget this night ever happened." A female voice said, running her hands down my bare chest. My eyes finally gave in.

* * *

I awoke abruptly, drenched in cold sweat. I swallowed hard. I was in my bedroom, daylight breaking through the window. I smelled a woman's perfume. I inhaled, identifying the scent. My heart sank. Alexandria's annoying, sarcastic and malicious best friend, Annabel. I was trying to remember the night before and how I had ended up in bed with this bitch. I was making love to Alexandria at the party. Everyone from the North East side of the planet was there. The Leaders arrived and took her. They took her away. I half expected myself to cry, but nothing happened. I felt nothing. I heard a sinister laugh from the behind the couch. Annabel appeared, smiling. She was wearing a frilly pink bra and matching panties. Her bleached blond hair was in a long side braid. Any other man would find her incredibly beautiful, but she was nothing compared to Alexandria.

"You're awake! Perfect timing, I was getting famished." She said in her normal perky tone.

"Annabel, what the hell did we do last night?" I asked urgently.

"Relax, lover boy, we didn't do the dirty deed. Actually, you didn't do anything. I was doing all the work." She winked at me. "Sorry you don't remember though. It would probably put you in a better mood."

"How could you do that? You're supposed to be Alexandria's best friend! I am her boyfriend." I was yelling now, searching for my pants. This was all so fucked up!

"Last night, you needed comfort, so I gave it to you. My girl would have understood. She wants you to be happy."

"Alexandria is the only person who can make me happy!"

"Tough luck, sweetie, she ain't ever coming back. Banished, remember?" Her last words stung my heart.

"You're a heartless cunt." I said through clenched teeth. "It hasn't even been 24 hours!"

"She told me her parents were in trouble, I wasn't surprised when the Leaders showed up last night. It's not like she's dead. She's a tough girl she will be okay wherever they brought her. Yeah, life would have been easier if this hadn't happened, but it did."

"Get out." I hissed. "Get out and never show your pathetic face here again."

Annabel laughed and waved goodbye. I heard her yell something over her shoulder, but I didn't bother to listen. I was disgusted with myself. I was disgusted with anyone who thought banishing Alexandria was okay. I was disgusted with anyone who said there was no hope. I wasn't sure what time it was, but I knew I should be getting ready for work. It felt funny to think I was just supposed to move on. Go to work, contribute to a society that stole the only thing that mattered. I pulled down the shades on the window and fell back on the bed. I needed to find a way to rescue her. There had to be something I could do. No matter what it took, I would bring her back to me.

There was a beep from kitchen. Someone was trying to contact me, but I didn't move. Nothing anyone could say would make this better.

No matter what it took, I would bring her back to me or I would die trying.


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