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How far would you go to get the man who killed the love of your life? Sloan went quite far she tracked down the killer who shot her boyfriend in cold blood leaving her alive to feel the guilt and to suffer. I did at the end add a line form one of my favorite songs ‘Me and Bobby McGee’. This is for lkky2000’s contest.

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"You took more than just a life his life had a meaning in mine. You took the life of an innocent bystander and ruined my whole world. Now, I'm stuck living with the guilt of knowing I fought with him before he died." I say this looking into the eyes of the killer who took the life of Ethan. He had a scar running across his cheek and it looked like it had been painful.

"You're not going to kill me you're still innocent your-self aren't you?" He replies smirking happy to see me suffer in my anger. I'm still holding his gun watching him tied to the chair in the big empty room where I kept him. I had waited a long time for this moment; the moment when I could look into his eyes and tell him about Sloan Beaudine and Ethan Hahn. I look down for a second as the worst memory comes first.

"YOU THOUGHT THAT I WANTED MY BEST FRIEND TO PAY HER EX TO DATE ME! YOU THOUGHT I WAS SUCH A LONELY PATHETIC LOSER THAT YOU HAD TO ASK SOMEONE TO DO YOU A FAVOR AND GO OUT WITH ME?!" I try to stop fueling my anger hurting that they thought it was ok to pretend like I mattered. My so called best friend paid the guy I had fallen for to date me because she was worried I was going to die bitter and unknowing of love. Now, it was too late to take back what I had said it was my fault he was gone now.

I look back into the brownish black pits of the killer who took away my world. "I loved Ethan and I didn't realize how much he loved me. Now, that he's dead there's no one to stop me from killing you." I say just as cold hearted as he was. His actions had made my life miserable I had to live with his consequences for the rest of my pathetic little life. But, now I would make him suffer slowly as he watched his pathetic little life drain until he was dead. I thought about just shooting him like he did with my Ethan but, that would be to easy he wouldn't suffer enough he deserved to be tortured slowly.

I had met Ethan back when he first moved to town. I had a crush on him but, I hid my feelings deep down inside when he first started dating my best friend. They were happy and I was happy for them it just killed me inside to know that he loved her when I had never known what that was. A few months after they broke up he came up to me and at first I thought he was just being a creep but, what I hadn't realized was that both he and my best friend had planned this. I had looked into his greyish greenish eyes when he asked me out. I of course thought it would be better to say no since he was my friends ex.

I was finally talked into it by both my friend and Ethan who I really liked. We spent two years together and I knew I had fallen in love with him completely. I had lived by myself in a tiny apartment it was a bit crummy but, I called it home. There we would spend nights in each other's arms talking about everything and nothing. It was the best time of my life until the night I found out that he was paid to be with me.

"Sloan I love you I really do. It was a favor at first but, I fell for you fast." He was pleading but, I was angry and hurt. I yelled and screamed and when he left that night I followed him only to watch him be slaughtered by a stranger. As I held his head in my lap before he died he whispered "I love you Sloan." I felt guilty for a long time after. I knew when he died that I would never forget his killers face and now I have him to kill.

I look into the dark almost black eyes of the killer I wanted dead. I had no problem killing a dirty rat like him since he would never be missed. I smile an evil smile before laughing a hysterical laugh while I swung that gun around. I'd never learned about guns. I was a quick study I could learn and put an end to the face that wears my misery. It was all for Ethan. I became this sick twisted monster with sick thoughts after my mental break down. I get up from my chair across from him and walk to the small table in the corner of my dark room.

"You took Ethan's life without another thought. You took the life of someone I loved but, you left me alive why?" I ask because it's the one question that's been killing me. I stand in front of him looking into his eyes waiting.

"I left you alive because believe it or not I had to watch my wife die slowly and in pain just like you had to watch your boyfriend. She was hit by a car and she suffered terribly I held her in my arms for two hours before she finally died. I died a little inside that night and I like you hunted down the person responsible hoping they could at least say they were sorry instead they just laughed and blamed her. I went a little crazy and became a killer." He smirks at me again. Then I go back to the table pick the gun up and walk back to face him. I point the gun at his head and shoot I watch as the life leaves his body.

After I had killed that monster I decided to go to Ethan's grave with the plastic rose he'd gotten for me the night of the fair. It had been long before I had even found out he was paid to be with me before he fell for me. "Ethan I miss you. I wish I could back in time and stop myself from letting you go out that night because I loved you. *I wish I could trade all my tomorrows for a single yesterday just to be with you again." I say this just as I have done so for the last few months and just like always I cry sitting on his grave.

I look at the plain white envelope that had been in my pocket for three months he gave it to me after our first date and told me if anything should happen to him that I should read it but, I haven't so far because it's been a way for me to keep him here with me. As long as I didn't know what he'd written down on that paper in his sloppy childish hand writing I would forever have him with me. If I opened that letter I knew I would be left with only broken dreams of the past.


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