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The Secret Life of Derek

Short story By: LunarEclipse

What is it like after hours in the Gray house hold? You would think Derek would be with Jason always.. wouldn't you? Find out where he really spends his time at night ;)

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The Secret Life of Derek

Derek's P.O.V
I crept into his room ever so quietly. I knew Seth had to be asleep by now; it was one o'clock in the morning for crying out loud! I made my way to the usual spot next to his bed. His sheets were pulled up over his head, his fingers the only visible part of him.
I gently pulled the covers away from his face and looked at his beautiful face. He looked so innocent in sleep, at least until it happened. He always had these weird dreams which would disrupt that innocent face, nightmares of his past.
I seemed to have gotten there at the exact time because not moments after pulling the sheet from his face he began to move. At first it was only slight movements, a little turn to this side and then the other. Then his head began to shake. Of course this was all just movement. The nightmare was far from over at this point.
"No, don't." He would mumble first. His hand would reach out and usually ended up grabbing my hand, squeezing it tight. Then the words would turn into moans. He would begin to twitch and his face turned red, as if he were being touched, which I knew had to be what happened in his terrible dreams.
My hand would find its way to his face and I would wipe the sweat away that should not have appeared. Soon after his pleading became more urgent, tears almost always fell from his eyes.
This time I did something I normally didn't I wiped away all his tears and then grabbed both his wrists. I climbed on top of him, my knees resting on either side of him. I held his arms above his head and bent over. His tears continued to fall but I ignored it.
Slowly I allowed my lips to descend on his and was only about an inch from his face when Jason happened to open the door. I guess I hadn't been quiet enough because his jaw had dropped.
"Get away from him now Derek." He hissed and I obeyed. What more could I do? My perfect moment to kiss those sweet lips was gone. I probably would never get a wonderful taste or even get that close ever again. I walked out of that room as quietly as I had entered, wishing that the moment hadn't been ruined.

Seth's P.O.V

I listened as Derek's steps faded. What had that been? I wondered as I turned my head to the closing door. I had woken up and I always did, I knew Derek was there but today, it was so close. His breath had swept across my face and had sent shivers down my spine. It wasn't that I was uncomfortable; in fact I was more comfortable than I normally was.
As I look back on it now I really wish that Derek had kissed me that time. Had his sweet lips with my own, his tongue caressing me, if I had been so lucky, just his entire being so close to me. I sigh at the thought and I always think, way to kill the mood dad.

A/N:Ok so this is a short story for a contest called "Way To Kill The Mood" by solosinger
I figured, what better characters to use for this than Derek and Seth :D
Also just for those who have read Seth and Derek's story so far, don't worry there is more to come.. I'm just slow at writing it xD I'm working on chapter 5 now so it should be up in a couple of days xP Also thought I would mention the time that this would be taking place. It would be within those first few days of Seth being at Jason's(his dad's home), so basically the beginning of Chapter three.


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