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People thought that...

Short story By: Lunetta

Tags: Romance

Dystopian love

Submitted:Mar 16, 2013    Reads: 25    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

People thought that the new government would bring about change, but we were wrong. People thought that the new government would solve all our problems, but increased the problems even more. The Management appeared as if they would do everything once they had the power too. They would make more jobs, pay off the enormous debt and even make living life more fun, so the people chose them and it ended up being a horrible mistake. Somehow, all the people who check for the balance of powers disappeared and replaced by people who support the ruler. After 2 months of the rule, it seemed like the country had no more sunny days and cloudy days always seemed to linger. After the social scare of the "end of the world", many books had interesting scenarios of the world in turmoil and chaos, so one would think that the people would be mentally prepared at the least, but The Management decided to incorporate every horror of the dystopia world into the real world with their own twists. Yet, I find myself sitting with in a van with no seats, hand bound together with a bunch of other teenagers I don't know. We are all quiet because none of us recognize each other and there just seems to be nothing good to talk about. Every time the van lurches to a stop, a new teenager is thrown in. Sometimes they struggle for minutes with the police and they have to be knocked out to be put into the van and some come in silent because they accept the fact that it is all fate. Even though my friends usually call me calm and reserved, I came in kicking and screaming, so much that when I woke up, I immediately found that I could not talk because they had bound and gagged me. I, Amelia, am left to sit in my thoughts and think about anything else besides what would become of me. When the van lurches for the 5th time, I find myself with tears in my eyes. Right before the van's back door stands my good friend Emmit. He stands quietly with slits on his maroon shirt. His head is ducked, but when I stomp my feet as if I appear to be stretching, he glances up and his eyes grow wide and his mouth opens and closes as if he were to say everything's going to be okay. The police throw him into the van and he lands hard next to a teenage girl that looks up, shrugs and says before slumping down again, "Welcome to the party dude." He wiggles to the middle of the van towards me and sits as close as he can to me. Before all the troubles, me and him were good friends, but that was all. I liked him and I was sure that he did too, but we never had the courage to confess to each other. Now that we were in a situation like this did we only express such feeling. He looks at me with extreme sorrow and says "Amelia." He unbinds his hand restrictions and unties my gag. I gasp and say "Emmit. I-I'm sorry." He shakes his head and puts his arm around me, untying my hands. He discards the ropes and keeps his arms around me. We sit like this for a while until he breaks the silence and says in a quiet voice "I don't know where we're going, but as long as you're here with me, I'll feel stronger." I try to appear strong to him to also encourage him, but tears start flowing down my face. He grabs my hand and uses his other to clean my face and he says "I should've said this when things were better, but…" He pauses and lifts his glasses to wipe the tears starting the fall from his face away. "But, I… I love you." We sit together with my head nestled in his shoulder and we watch as the van picks up more unlucky souls. As the van becomes more and more crowded and when we are forced to stand, my friend Emmit kept his hand in my hand and always stayed by my side. The two of us also had another friend named Masius, but the two of us helplessly watched as he was beaten by the police officer because he was deemed as an extravagant smarty. I remember hating Emmit for holding me back from saving my other good friend and it was now that I realized that he did not want to lose me too. As the van pulls up and the police open the doors without another teenager to throw in, I had an ominous feeling that this was the last time of temporary happiness I would get. I look up at my friend and he looks down on me. He smiles and pulls me closer to him. I painfully smile back and say "I love you too and I would do anything to protect you." His smile grows wider and he said "Same here Amelia." The police start pulling the weak teenagers off the van one by one and shoving them towards a cliff. The silence of the teens falling off the cliff followed by the audible thunk on the bottom was like a deathly countdown. When the van emptied out and we were left clinging together like there was no end, one of the police scoffed and said "Lovers hold on the anything… but not for long." The police roughly grabbed me and Emmit cried out and reached of my hand and grabbed it. He shouted as he dragged me with him, "I will never let you go!" And I defiantly responded "No one can make me let go!" The police drag us towards the cliff's ledge and we stand and look at the bodies sprawled out on the bottom and look up at the sunset with the oranges and reds melding together. Emmit looks at me and kisses my hand. That was the last time I saw of him and the last time he saw of me because when we jumped and when the police opened fire, our eyes locked on each other and we fell to meet the sun.


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