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When paths cross again

Short story By: Macy Posey

Tags: Fiction

When they meet once again after two years. Will their eight year friendship mend. Or will the feelings they harbor inside for eachother brake them apart for good. Will his love be enough to mend her broken heart. The one he broke so many times. Will she beable to yet again forgive him. Or will she hide her love for him because she has lost the trust she once held for the man she once called her bestfriend. The man she cannot seem to get out of her head. With so much hate and love will she beable to see that he is her soul mate?

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The clock on the wall began to chime as it hit the twelve am hour mark. The shadows played in the darkened living room of the two story house. They danced up the stairs and on the closed bedroom door. Behind the white wooden door the dark of the night lingered. His pale face illuminated by the moon light; made him look like an eternal creature. Then he suddenly opened his hazel eyes to stare up into the empty area of the darkness. Two years, today is her birth day. He thought as the wiriness shown plainly on his face. A soft sigh left his dry lips. I wonder where she is right now and how she is doing. He rolled over to his left side on the king size mattress. The thick grey covers slid to his waist leaving his well toned chest bare. Looking to the glowing red numbers he watched as the minute changed to fifteen. Twelve fifteen am and still no sleep came to him. Outside was as cold as he felt inside. December in Connecticut she would love it here this time of year. Rolling to his right side he continued to think about the girl he walked away from in California. To many times he told her he loved her. To many times he left her when she returned his feelings. Two years without a word from her even when he reached out to her. Declined phone calls, discarded emails, ignored text messages. He really messed up the last time they spoke. To top it all off, he ran miles away just because he was scared of commitment. He was moving back and he was unsure of how she would react when his roommate and her friend she sees as a brother tells her we are back. They keep in touch but when it comes to her, he says not a word. I know he to despises how I treated her. I can see it in his eyes when I mention her to him. Knowing sleep would only avoid him tonight he stood and left his room. When he reached the top of the stairs he could see a light coming from the kitchen. He made his way down to the kitchen and stopped at the door less door way. Your still up to Justin? He asked as he leaned on the door frame. Hey Luke, couldn't sleep to much on my mind. Justin whispered as he lifted his glass of orange juice to his lips. Well that makes two of us. Anymore juice left? Luke said back as he pushed off the frame and moved toward the fridge. Yea but you don't like orange juice. He whispered with a raised eye brow. I miss her, his soft voice carried through the large kitchen and Justin looked down at his cup. Yea I miss my sis to, we have any cheese cake? Luke laughed and answered Justin's question. Yea we do I will get us both a piece. After pouring a cup of juice and cutting two slices of cheese cake Luka joined Justin at the island in the middle of the room. They ate in comfortable silence as they both thought of the girl that brightened their lives.

(In progress: sorry this chap is short I will try to make next one longer)


The two boys stepped off the plane and walked into the airport. They finally made it back to California. After locking up their house in Connecticut. They raced to the airport and left for their destination. After about thirty minutes the taxi pulled up and they put their luggage into the truck and hopped in. Another forty minute drive they were at the other house that Luke owned. He did not know how much he missed this place until he walked in the front door. His attention was drawn to Justin when he heard him laugh. Luke watched as Justin sat on the grey couch with a phone to his ear. Justin words echoed in his mind. " I promise Eli I will come see you tomorrow". His heart jumped in his chest at the mention of her name. Elizabeth to think you still go by the nick name I gave you. He thought as he walked into the kitchen. After going through the cabinets and fridge. He smiled, his house keeper was a nice women to shop for our return. He took a cup and filled it with water and sat at the island in the middle of the large clean kitchen. She said that shes okay and she is happy we got here safe. Justin said as he walked in to the kitchen and sat on the other side to face luke. He looked away from him and said nuthing in return. Luke I am not happy with how you treated her. She is like a sister to me. I know that you did not intend to hurt her like you did and I understand that now you know how much you really do love her. It takes losing something you love to realize you love it. Lets just hope she can forgive you because I really can not stand this pathetic side of you. It makes me want to stab you in the face. Justin said as he stood and walked to the doorway. Then he stopped, I will talk her in to spending the night tomorrow. This your only chance to get her to forgive you. I am risking her wrath by doing this so be grateful and don't make me look like a fool. He said then walked away to go into his room to sleep. It is one in the morning and he had a two hour drive to make when he woke.

One pm, Justin pulled up to the apartment complex. Pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed a number he had memorized. After a couple of rings a female voice said "hello". Hey its me I'm outside. He said into the MIC as a smile graced his pale face. Oh hi, okay well come up; you can park in my spot number three. My car is in the shop so it's free. Eli said as she walked to her front door and opened it. Okay cool I'll be up in a minute. He answered back as he pulled into the spot. He opened his car door and his black short messy hair swayed as the wind blew past him. As he stepped out his blue jeans stretched with his legs. After fixing his white shirt he slammed the car door shut and walked into the apartment complex. Then he looked up at the five foot one girl in black sweats and a red sweater. Her light brown eyes turning yellow in the sun as they shinned with happy ness. His brown eyes met hers and they shared a smile. He watched as her long wavy black hair blew behind her. Then he made his way up the stone stairs to her and pulled his lovely sister into his arms and hugged with everything he had. God I have missed you so much Eli. He whispered and she laughed when he lifted her to his height. Six foot and skinny he was in all his glory. I missed you to brother. She whispered as he set her back on the ground. Is it me or are you lighter? He asked with a smirk on his pale lips. Oh it's not you, I lost twenty five pounds. She answered back with a smirk of her own. Nice, I got to say I love the new look. The messy hair, sweats, and stuff. He laughed at the look on her face when he said that. If looks could kill he would have dropped dead right this moment. Shut up I didn't feel like changing! It's not like I have anyone to impress. She yelled as she slapped his arm. Yeah, yeah if you say so lazy. Justin whispered in a mocking tone. She laughed and turned and walked inside her one bedroom one bathroom apartment. He followed still laughing and closed the wooden door behind him. Two hours passed as they sat, drank tea, and talked about random topics. Hey everyone is coming over tonight they want to see you. You should come over and stay a couple of nights. Justin said as he set his cup on the coffee table. Will he be there? She asked as she looked down at her hands that were in her lap. Yeah, it's his house but that shouldn't stop you from seeing everyone else that loves you. He whispered as he put his hand on her knee. I don't know Justin, it's been two years and I am still not ready to see him. She looked at him as she said this and then placed her hand on his. Eli I know how you lost the wight. Your a writer, your book is popular now. Your job enables you to work from home. Meaning, your always here. You barley eat and barely see anyone outside of these walls. I think it's time you give yourself another chance. I miss you, the you that is always smiling, joking around, and acting like a complete idiot. Even though your a complete genius, very calm, and can be very evil. I miss you, my sister. Not this... what you have become. Please come with me and have a little fun. He pleaded with her and watched as she looked away from him. Your right, everything you said is true. I suppose I should go; I miss everyone. She whispered as she stood. I'll get ready and grab some stuff, but I'm bringing my laptop and you can't stop me. With that he laughed and watched as she walked down the hall and into a room.

( K... So it is not as long as I wanted it to be. Here it is the second chap. It's okay that the chaps are short cuz this was supposed to be a short story so yea lol. Hope it's going good let me know what you think so far. Thanx for reading!)


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