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This is my entry for StoryHeart's contest.

Ileana George, who had always felt for her bestfriend was extremely happy that her love finally proposed to her on her birthday. However, her happiness was shortlived. Destiny snatched away her happiness and did such a thing that left her shocked and grieved for her whole life.

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I woke up on hearing my phone ringing. I rubbed my eyes, and looking at the mobile phone's screen realised that it was my birthday. The screen flashed the name 'Love'. It was Nick, my crush. He had always been the one who wished me first on my birthday. I swiped my screen and received his call.

"Happy womb emigration day, buddy" a sexy voice from the other end spoke.

"Thank you, Nick" I said with a grin on my face.

"Am I the first one to wish you?"

"Umm..yeah. You wish me first every year."

"Haha...I guess no one can beat me in wishing you first. Anyway, I'll talk to you later. I've gotta go and sleep. See you at 5 p.m."

"At 5 p.m? What's there at 5 p.m?"

"Oops... I'm so sorry. I mean...I err..."

"Hey, are you all right?"

"Umm...will you go out with me?"

I was dumbfounded at his question. I mean, I never ever imagined that he would ask me out on my birthday. We had been bestfriends since 5 years and I never confessed my feelings for him. I was afraid that I'd lose his friendship. But, he astonished me by asking me out, and I really didn't know how to respond to his question.

"Hey, are you there?" his voice broke my dumbfoundness.

"Go out with you?" I asked curiously.

"Yeah, we need to finish our assignment by the next week. Let's go out for coffee and discuss the topics together."

"Oh...I thought it's a...umm..okay." the words stammered out of my mouth. I was feeling so embarassed as well as disappointed. I expected him to ask me for a date, but it seemed like he was more interested in his studies.

"Wait a minute. What were you talking about? What did you think?"

"Nothing, my cheeky monkey. I am feeling so sleepy. Can we please talk tomorrow?"

"Stop calling me by that name, egghead. Good night."

I hang up the phone and kissed on the screen. I was delighted about the plan of going out with him. He wanted to discuss on the topics of the assignment, yet the tone of his voice revealed that he actually wanted to go on a date with me. I rested my head on the pillow and closed my eyes. I saw his charming face as soon as my eyes shut.

The alarm tone of my phone woke me up the next morning. It was 7 o'clock. After taking a peaceful shower, I went downstairs for breakfast. My mom had cooked my favourite dishes. She kissed me on my forehead and wished me. She apologized to me for not being able to throw a party for me. Dad was out of town, and she didn't like partying in dad's absence.

The phone in my pocket beeped a message. I swiped the screen and opened the message:

Love: Illy, I was just kidding. I actually wanna go out on a date with you. I wanna make your birthday special. So here's asking you genuinely..Ileana, will you go out on a date with me this evening? :)

Dafuq! I can't tell you how happy I was. I felt as if my heart stopped beating for a moment. A wide grin appeared on my face. I hurriedly typed a message in reply to him:

Me: Jeez! Why do you always have a mission of making a fool out of me?

Love: I love kidding with you ;) Will you really go out with me?

Me: Okay. I'll be waiting for you. :)

It was 6 o'clock in the evening. I grabbed a loose comfortable T-shirt and a pair of skinny skater pants from my wardrobe, and picked up one of my favourite pairs of sneakers. As I stood near the mirror dressed up completely like a tomboy, I felt something off about my clothes.

"Is it nice to get dressed up like a tomboy on my first date?" I asked myself.

"You need to wear this one, honey" said my mom who was just standing behind me. I turned around and saw her holding a shopping bag. I opened it up and found a beautiful dress, a pair of high heels, a makeup kit and accessories. I glanced at her with surprise. I wasn't used to such girly things.

"Baby, you need to impress your date today. Don't you?" she said in a lovely tone.

"How do you know that I'm getting ready for a date?" I asked.

"Moms know everything, darling" she grinned and walked away. I got dressed up and looked at myself into the mirror after I finished wearing my makeup. I grabbed my curling iron and curled my hair into loose voluminous curls. Oh my gosh, I was so excited to meet Nick. He reached my place after a few minutes, and then we drove off. He stopped the car near a classy restaurant. We enjoyed our date. We clicked a lot of selfies together, cracked a joke on each other, laughed and danced and did every amusing things that two bestfriends would do. He even complimented me and said that I was looking beautiful.

"Shall we move now?" he asked.

What the hell did he mean by that? I was like 'Hey, wait a minute. Where is the special part of this date? Why isn't anything romantic happening?'

"So you wanna go home? But where's my gift?" I asked sadly.

"Did I say that I wanna go home? Let's go. I've got a surprise for you."

"A surprise? Where?" I asked desperately.

"Patience, girl. Patience" he grinned.

The car stopped at his place, and we walked inside his house. I couldn't believe my eyes. His room was decorated with my photographs, heart shaped balloons, colourful candles and a big heart shaped poster on which was written 'Love you, Ileana'. I was overexcited.
Finally, he got down on his knees, took out a lovely ring and said, "Ileana, will you marry me?"

OMFG! My heart started beating like a drum, and I stood there numb. I felt as if my feet were glued to the ground. Before I could utter anything, he placed the ring on my finger. I was overjoyed and hugged him tight.

"I've been waiting for this day for so long. I knew you'll propose to me one day. I had faith in my love for you." I cried. Tears of joy rolled down my cheek smudging some part of my eyeliner.

"Did you really know I'm gonna propose to you?" He said as he came closer to me "Did you?"
His lips were only an inch away from mine. I could smell his minty breath. It was a weird yet wonderful feeling. Our lips locked passionately in no time. This intense kiss lasted for four long minutes and I could hardly feel the presence of the whole world in those four minutes.

"It's getting late. Can you please drop me home?" I said pushing him away.

"It's just 11 p.m. Can't you just stay with me for some more time?"

"I want to. But I've promised my mom to return home before midnight."

"Holy shit! Does your mom know that I'm with you?"

"She knows everything. Don't worry, honey. She likes you. In fact, she trusts you."

"I know that. Ah, I wish I could spend more time with you."

"I'll see you tomorrow."

"What if I die today?"

"Shut your mouth. Don't speak nonsense." I said angrily covering his lips with my hand.

He stopped the car near my home. I got off the car and waved him bye.
As I opened the gate and was stepping forward, I heard a loud crash. I turned back in panic and saw a frightful sight. Nick's car had collided with a truck. I screamed in fear. People came running to see what had happened. I fainted and fell down on the ground. When I opened my eyes, I realised that I was in my bedroom.

"Are you okay?" asked my mom.

"Nick! Where is he? Mom, tell me..w..where's Nick?"

"He's no more, honey. He has left us forever", my mom bursted out into tears. I was utterly shocked and stood still. I could neither speak, nor weep. I had never imagined that he'd leave me alone. My face turned pale and I began to shiver. But I had no other options than accepting the twist of fate and keeping his memories alive in my breath forever and ever.


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