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Romance de Ziarah: The Joke

Short story By: madoka

A girl who had her heart broken for the first time.

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She was sitting in her office, writing, signing and everything that a businesswoman should do. Ziarah, 20 years old, she is the owner of her own snack house and a merchandise store. She is a workaholic person and she doesn't always go out and have fun. She lives with her relatives since she was young.

(Flash back ...)

She was sixteen years old when she was studying in a university at their town. Ziarah and some of her friends agreed that they would take a specific course in a university and they did. They were so happy that they are all together in just one school. After their class, they meet at the parking lot and go to mall, watch movies, fast-foods and so on.

After the first semester of the school year, some of her friends didn't like the course that they have agreed to take. Others went to another school and pursue another course and so with the others. She was left in the university.
She still continued her studies at the university and understands her friends' decisions. When the second semester started, she met knew friends but one girl was her close friend.
One time, they were walking in the mall and saw a fast-food stall. They decided to have a break and eat something. After they have ordered their food, they went to look for a seat. Suddenly someone seated next to her and then was looking at her. She noticed the he is always looking but she didn't mind and continued eating. Then the guy spoke to her and introduced himself and his friend. Ziarah just nodded and replied hi to him then continued eating. But the guy keeps on asking questions about some basic stuff to her. Then it came to a point where in the guy asked the mobile number of Ziarah and so she gave her number because he knows something about her and he was a little bit good looking. After that Ziarah and her friend went home.

The guy and Ziarah exchange messages through their mobile phone. His name was Jap, but his true name is Jason Alvin Peron that is why he told her JAP. He is 20 years old and was a third year college student of the other school which is actually nearer to Ziarahs' school. After 2 weeks of being friend, Jason started to court her. After few days, Ziarah had her decision and that was a yes. Ziarah fell in love with him and she trusted him so much. After their school, they would see each other at the mall then after that her boyfriend will wait for a taxi for her. They keep on exchanging messages until they sleep at night.

One night before they will say goodnight to each other, they teased each other about something connecting to sex.

"Jason, I saw a snake near the door at the second floor of our house," said Ziarah. "Really, is it big? How long is it?" he asked. "It was just small but it was long," she answered. Then it came to a point that made them heat up. "Well mine is maybe longer and bigger," Jason said to Ziarah. "Ha ha, really, be careful it will bite you," she said. "Ha ha ha, no it won't. It's sleeping," he replied back. Ziarah was laughing while sleeping on her bed. Then suddenly another message from her lover "It would wake up if it would be beside you." Ziarah dared him and asked," why would that snake wake up if it would be beside me?" she asked. "You want to know the answer? Hmmm… I know you already know it," said Jason. "No, I don't" said Ziarah. "Well I can't explain it but I could show it. Should we try to wake him up?" he asked. "I'll go there at your room and let's try to wake him," he continued. She answered, "You can't enter my room unless you'll pass at the living room where my relatives are having fun." Jason was thinking and said," Okay, I'll sneak in." But they both know they were just having fun exchanging messages like that. "Okay, I'm waiting… I'll prepare myself," she said. "Okay, what are you wearing right now?" he asked. "Well, I'm just wearing my under garments?" replied Ziarah. "So hot… I can see you're big breast and butt right now. Can I touch them?" "Sure, play with them as long as you like." " So good..." said Jason. "Okay let's cut this out," said Ziarah. "Why? Let's try it, would you like?" asked Jason. "If you can come here at my room," she dared. "Ha Ha, Then prepare yourself tomorrow then," he said. They greeted each other goodnight.

Ziarah and Jason went to school but after that they didn't met at the mall because of their class schedule.

Ziarah went home ahead of Jason. She texted him after his class, "Hello, Honey... How's class?" Then after a couple of minutes, "Good evening, It's fine... How bout' you?" "Well, It was fine too. Whose the girl your with at the mall?" she asked. Ziarah knows she didn't see anything since she's home early and she was just testing him. "I thought you're home? Where are you anyway?" he asked. "Tell me who is she?" she asked. Ziarah was curious about his message. "Well, she's just a friend, I just waited a taxi for her," he said. Ziarah was shocked, "Really?" "Yeah..." Ziarah knows his lying. After a couple of days, Jason told her the truth about the girl, she was her girlfriend. Ziarah was so disappointed and he was his first boyfriend. Ziarah felt stupid that time, she was angry with him.

And so, she didn't have any boyfriend after that.


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