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The Day After My Birthday!

Short story By: MaLuV4U

A girl who loses the love of her life. atleast she thinks she does! will she find out the truth? will she be able to live without knowing the truth? read to find out!

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The Day After My Birthday


"What? N…no!" I sobbed into the phone. "I'll…I'll be right there!" I quickly raced to my mom and said, "Mom! Mom…I…I need to get to the hospital!"
My mom looked into my red eyes. "Que? What for hon'?" she asked as she put one of her hands on my shoulder. She was a beautiful Costa Rican lady, with a very attractive smile. Her calm voice caught everyone's attention.
My makeup was washing off, but I didn't care. Suddenly my dad came up from behind and said, "Yeah! Why?" my dad didn't understand a single Spanish word my mom would say but he was used to listening to "Que" all the time that he actually knew what it meant. "It's your birthday today and you want to leave your party?" his eyes got blood red.
I looked down at my cell phone. "Um…it's…it's Troy! He's…he's been in an accident. He needs me, mom. I need to get to him as soon as possible. Mom please!!!"
"But….," my mom seemed worried but confused at the same time, "I thought you broke up with him before he left…"
I knew what she was about to say, but didn't let her finish, "Yeah, I did mom…." I looked down at the floor, " but…but I still love him!"
My dad bent down and looked deep into my eyes. "There is no way," he took a deep breath, "You're going near that boy. I don't care how bad of an accident it is. We paid a lot of money for this party of yours. You got that!"
I tried again, "But…but…"
"Don't make me slap you…" my dad shouted, raising his hand. He was loud enough for half the room to hear.
My mom turned to my dad and put her hands on each side of his shoulder. "Now, hon' calm down," then she looked at me and said, "And you!" she pointed her finger at me, "You better stay here and wipe those tears. I don't want your dad starting anything! Conseguido! (got it!)"
Before I got a chance to say anything, they turned around and headed towards the bar. I didn't know what to do. What should I do? I thought. How do I get to Troy? He needs me! Wait the keys! I have the car keys…in my purse. I hurried to my purse and reached into the side pocket. Found it!
I had to get out quietly, making sure no one had noticed me. Tears ran out of my eyes, uncontrollably as I ran towards the car. I couldn't stop crying. I loved him. How could this happen? How? I started the car and backed it up. I was used to driving, even though I don't really have a license, or a permit for all I knew. But then why was I sweating? Who knows how much trouble I could get in. But to get to Troy, I could break all the rules there are. But picturing Troy in the hospital, laying down on that hard hospital bed and waiting for me, made me increase the speed above the speed limit.
I got to the hospital without any cop tagging along. As soon as I got there, I put the car in parking and raced to the entrance. "Wh…which room's Troy Lening in?" I asked the nurse, all out of breath.
She sat at behind the registration counter all suspiciously, looking me over. "Is there a parent or gaurdian with you?"
Holy shit! I forgot all about that! "Oh…Oh yeah! Sure! There coming right behind me."
She took another look at me and then said, "First door on the right." As soon as I got there I saw a bunch of people I barely knew. Jack was there leaning against the wall. I went up to him and asked, "What's wrong? Where's Troy at?" but instead of replying he just nodded towards the ICU room. I slowly walked towards the window and was surprised at what I saw. Troy was laying on the bed there; COVERED IN BLOOD! All of the sudden I had no control over my body. The next thing I knew was that I was standing next to Troy, holding his hand. His eyes were closed. I walked over and sat on the chair beside his bed.
"Troy…" I whispered. Drops of tears fell on top of his hand. "Troy, look at me. Say something, pleasssee!" I closed my eyes and laid my head on top his chest. The only thing I heard was him breathing and the beeping of the machines. It was like a nightmare in there. I hate it when I have to hear the beepings. It was like it was all up to the machines to control whether you live or die. After a few seconds I felt a hand on my back. Startled I got up and saw Troy looking at me. "Troy…," I whispered again. I ran my hand across his cheek.
He took off his oxygen inhaler and said, "Geeta…," his voice faded.
I quickly took the inhaler and tried to put it back on. "You shouldn't be taking this off."
I was about to put it back on when he gripped my wrist and said, "No! Let me talk, I don't have much time."
Instead of saying anything I just looked deep into his eyes as a drop of tear fell. He slowly brought his hand to my face and wiped my tear.
"What's this? I didn't know…" he took a deep breath, "…you had emotions!" he finished with a laugh that lead him to a cough.
"You, you really shouldn't be talking!" I said taking his hand. "Plus this would've never happened if I hadn't told you to come to my party. You would've never been hurt!"
"Shhh! It wasn't your fault at all!" he squeezed my hand. "Do your parents know you're here?" he asked changing the subject.
"Yes…" I lied. "They…they couldn't come….they were busy with the party."
"You aren't a good liar!" he always caught me. I couldn't look into his eyes, but I still couldn't tell him the truth, it would've hurt him!
"What are you going to do when I leave?" he asked.
"Kill myself!"
"No! no you're not! You're gona live and …" he coughed, "and accomplish what we had dreamed of…"
"…and you're gonna be there with me!"
"Always…in your heart." he nodded towards me.
"And…and you're gona find love… a person you'll love the most!"
"…Which is you!"
"…and who'll love you back. Who'll never hurt you, who'll love you more than me!"
I shook my head, tears streaming down my cheeks, "N…no! I can't…"
"Geeta… you're gona have to move on…," he took a long breath, "…without me. You'll need to find someone else besides me. Someone who'll love you…..more than me."
"Wh…what? Troy why are you saying this? You're not going anywhere you got that? 'Not goin' anywhere!" I tightened my grip on his hand, "You' gona stay here, with me."
"Shhhhhhhh…don't say anything! I know, I know. I'm always gona be with you, but," he pointed his finger towards his chest, "…in here."
"No! No! Don't do this to me, please, Troy don't leave me!" I couldn't handle myself. All at once anger, fright, and sadness took over me. My grip got harder and my voice got deeper. "Troy, if you leave me, I'll do something all of you will regret! I'll…I'll slit my wrist. Yeah…I'll kill myself!"
He put his hand to my lips. "You will do nothing…like that! You got that! YOU WILL NOT RUIN YOUR LIFE! Look, I'll always love you, more than anything! But you're gona have to promise me not to miss me! In fact you're gona have to forget me! FOREVER!"
"Geeta, I loved you. I've always loved you. And the last thing I want you to do is give up your life for me. I want you to live a long life. I want you to meet more people rather than me. I want you to love someone who could actually love you back! Not leave you like I am!"
"NEVER! If you're gonna go, then I'm gonna go!" I couldn't control myself anymore.
"You're going to forget me. Find someone new, someone…. Someone you can trust, you could love!"
"That's exactly it! I love you, I trust you! There can never be anyone else in my life besides you! Troy you're gona be alright!"
It took him a few seconds before he could talk again. He took a long, sharp breath and said, "Geeta….do….do you love me?"
I nodded my head, "Yes, I do love you. I've always loved you!"
"Then you'll do me this favor! You'll forget me, you'll find someone else! Someone much better than me! Someone…someone special!"
I didn't reply.
"Geeta I don't have much time," he brought one of his hands up and put something in my hand. "Take this, I got it for you. Something you'd always wanted!" he took a deep breath.
Before I got a chance to see what it was, the monitor started beeping even faster than before. "No! No troy, please don't go! Don't leave me! Please!!!"


Days went by, and I was still the same, miserable! I wasn't able to sleep. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw Troy, lying on the hospital bed having hoped to live. Crying out to me, telling me how much he loved me. Then he'd close is eyes and say, "I'll miss you."
I'd always wake up, shivering, sweating all over. The nightmares kept me from sleeping, which made me moody and even more tired the next day. My parents would nag me, saying how much money they had wasted on my stupid 16th birthday party.

"I told you! I told you not to go meet that…that little son of a *****!" my dad yelled at me while he drove home from the hospital. He was full of so much anger that I was too scared to say anything.
So instead of saying anything I just sat back and closed my eyes. I thought about what had happened in the hospital. Troy just lay there, holding my hand. "I…I love you." I sobbed through my tears. But instead of replying, I saw he was having a tough time breathing. I looked at the pulse machine and was surprised at what I saw. The pulse started to drop. "N…n...no! Hold on Troy! Hold on! I'll get help." but it was hard to even get up, for the fact that he was holding my wrist, begging me not to leave him, so instead I just yelled for help. Seconds later I saw doctors and nurses, running in carrying medical supplies. Then I saw my dad, coming in behind them. I had thought he'd come to comfort me, but no, I was wrong. He had grabbed me by my wrist, so tight that I could feel my blood circulation stop.
"Get up!" he said through his teeth.
"W...what?" I looked into his eyes, all confused.
"I said…," I could tell he was angry, "…get up!"
I'd never seen him this angry before. His face was blood-red, eyes were watery.
"Nurse! Get me the defibrillator! Hurry!" one of the doctors spoke.
I know I should've gotten up, but Troy's hand was wrapped around my wrist. Seeing this my dad got even more angry. He reached over and tried to free my wrist from Troy's fingers. I looked at Troy. He's eyes were set on me. I think he got my message, since after a few seconds he let go.
I looked deep into Troy's eyes. I can't do this! Troy needs me; he needs me to be here. "I'm sorry! But I can't do this!" I looked at my dad, "Dad I love him! He's my world, and…and if I loose him, then…then you'll loose me! I can't live without him." I said to dad, but instead of replying he took my hand and dragged me out the door. I tried with all my might to stop him, but it didn't work. I took one last look at Troy. "TROY...!"
"Are you listening to what I'm saying?" my dad shouted, startling me.
I looked up at him. Suddenly tears started streaming out of my eyes. How could you do this to me, dad? You didn't even let me see him! I thought, I was too scared to say it out loud. I tried to wipe my tears before my dad could see them.

After I took a shower and changed, I went downstairs and looked into the frigde. "What you lookin' for?" my bratty sister came up and asked, startling me. I hated her so much! She was my parents' favorite. She always got better grades, always did everything they told her to and always snitched on the smallest things.
Instead of replying to her question, I just said, "Go f*** yourself!" and left. I could hear her yell, Ohh! Ima tell ma now! I was planning on going to my room, but instead I stopped by the phone. No one exactly told me what had happened to Troy. I was too scared to ask my parents, and couldn't go out since I was grounded on behalf of taking the car without permission. No was the right time. No one was there and I could call up and ask. I quickly picked up the phone and dialed the digits. It rung three times before anyone picked up.
"Hello, Ciandle residents, who's this?" a woman spoke. It was Troy's mother.
"Um…um," I hesitated, "Is Troy there?"
I guess she recognized my voice, since the next thing I knew her voice tightened up and she said, "You, you again! Haven't you've had enough of my boy already? Are you still not happy that you've killed my boy!"
This caught me. I backed up against the wall in order to keep myself still. "Wh…what? Troy, Troy's dead?" I felt tears run down my cheeks.
"What do you think? You killed my boy and now you could…." but before she got a chance to finish I heard footsteps getting closer. I quickly put down the phone and wiped my tears.
"Qué hace usted aquí? Aren't you supposed to be grounded?" my brother walked in.
"Yeah, I was goin'…" and I walked out of the room. How could've this happened. He needed me there! And…and because of my dad, I wasn't able to see him! I'll never forgive him! Never!I hurried to my room and shut the door. My parents lied to me! Troy had died! He wasn't alive at all!


Life is miserable! It was my mistake! And now I am being punished. The love of my life has died, and I regret it. He was the only person who kept me happy, and I know I cannot live without him! All I know is I'll always love him. All I'm saying is be happy with who you're with. You don't know what could happen when.



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