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A dream that i want it to come true.

Submitted:Jun 29, 2009    Reads: 179    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

It was a cold day. No sun, no rain. The leaves were falling and the clouds were sprinkling snow. Tiny snowflakes landed on the windows as mom drove the car. I quietly sat in the back, looking out the window. I hated winter! Even if I had my birthday in the winter, I'll still hate it! The only two seasons that I actually liked were spring and summer.
The place was surrounded by trees. Not a single house in site! I looked tree from tree, until I'd see anything interesting. But no luck! I was about to look away, when all of the sudden I saw something catchy. It looked like one of those old mansions, or should I say haunted houses, that I see in movies all the time! Some of the windows were broken and the roof tiles were ripped off. The house was colored black and looked burned. It seemed to be my type of HOUSE!
As I searched the house, I saw a person in front of the house raking. He was dressed all in black, top to bottom. He had long dark hair. Wait a minute….. Is it a he? I looked away imaging what his face would look like? I really do hope it is a he. I quickly turned back to look, when I saw the person not standing there. "What?" I spoke, "Where did he go?" I walked a little closer to the house looking around, when someone tapped on my shoulder. I froze. Oh my god! He's right behind me! What should I do, I should probably just act like I'm blind. Like I was looking for the bus stop and ended up here! Yeah…that's a good idea.
But when I turned around I forgot what I was going to do. My brain went completely blank! The only thing I could see was him. Yep! That's right. It was a he! A beautiful, sexy looking he! His soft dark hair on his beautiful face, along with his 4 am shadow. Wow he was dreamy!
"I…uh…I….um..." I struggled to talk.
"You know, this is private property!"
I nodded….and you're my private property, I thought.
"…did you need something?"
"Are you alright?"
"HUH? What? Yeah! I got to go!" I said as I started walking.
But my heart still didn't allow me to leave. It made my body turn around and look at my prince charming one more time! He's…. he's not here! Where did he go? I walked towards the house, searching for my prince. I didn't see him until I was halfway towards the house. My body started shaking when he looked at me. I don't know why, but I ran up to him and hugged him tightly, not letting him go! Surprisingly, he hugged me back! It all seemed so awkward, me hugging him for no apparent reason, him hugging me back! I had no clue what was going on, but the next thing just surprised me even more! We were kissing! I didn't even know the guy and we were already kissing each other! Wow! And apparently I just woke up, before I got to find out what happened next! I just hope I get to finish this dream the next time it comes!


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