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Trusted Love

Short story By: marcus28

It's a very good story.

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Just out of college, Michael was heading to the NFL to play professional football. Since he is the number one draft pick he was attending a fundraiser. While at the fundraiser he meets Sarah. Michael was a very respectful gentleman. He grew up in a small town and was the youngest of three children. Michael's mother was a single mother working two jobs so Michael could finish college. Michael's father died when he was fifteen. Michael promised his mother that he was going to make something out of himself in life and make her proud. On the other hand Sarah came from a middle class family. her parents always wanted the best for her. Sarah was in all types of pageant shows. Sarah really didn't have a childhood life because she was always on the road moving from place to place. Sarah didn't know that Michael was a football player but Michael knew who she was. Sarah was Miss California. Michael had a crush on Sarah from the first time he saw her on tv. Michael was speechless when Sarah introduced herself to him. Michael was so nervous that he couldn't respond back. Michael hadn't been this nervous since game day. Michael finally said hello and introduced himself to her. Michael asked "would you like to dance?" and Sarah smiled and replied, "Yes." As the night went on, Sarah and Michael started to open up to each other; they danced and laughed most of the night. As Sarah was about to leave, Michael reached out and grabbed her hand and asked if he can see her again. Smiling she relplied, "give me your number and we will see." Two days go by before she decides to call him and they talked and talked. So Sarah asked, "so what do you do for a living?" He told her that he just graduated from college, and he has a job interview next month in New York. Michael told her that he doesn't know what city or state that he is going to end up in. Confused, Sarah asked, "What do you mean?" Michael told her that he will tell her more about it when the time is right. As time passed, Sarah and Michael started dating. Things seemed great in their relationship. It was one week away from the draft, and Michael asked Sarah to come to his interview with him in New York. She told him that she would love to come to his interview. Sarah and Michael have only been dating for three weeks, but Michael knew he was in love. They arrived in New York and cameras were everywhere taking pictures of them. Sarah told Michael to get used to it because the cameras are always on her. Michael just looked at her smiled. As they arrived to the NFL draft, Sarah asked Michael where they were and he told her that they were at his job interview. Sarah looking confused don't know what to think. As the draft begins, Michael was picked first. Sarah was in shock because she never knew that Michael was an athlete. A few days later Michael returned to his mother in tears telling her that she doesn't have to work anymore. Since she was not able to make it to the draft because she had to work, Michael told his mother that he loves her, and the first thing he wants to do is buy her a house. Michael's mother broke down in tears telling him how proud she was of him. Meanwhile, Sarah was not able to take the trip to meet Michael's mother because she was doing a fashion show. Michael told his mother that he was in love with Sarah. Michael's mother, Ms. Taylor, asked Michael how long have they have been dating. Michael replied saying only a few weeks. Ms. Taylor asked, "Do you think she's the one for you?" Confidently he says, "Yes mother, she is the one." A month goes by, and Michael was packing to head to training camp. He kissed Sarah goodbye and told her that he will see her soon. With each day, their relationship became deeper. Sarah came to Michael's first professional football game. Michael scored the last second winning touchdown. Excited, he ran to the sidelines, grabbed Sarah by her hands, and got on one knee asking her to marry him. Sarah immediately said yes and a month later they were married. Things were going great until Michael asked Sarah about two hundred thousand dollars that was missing out of their account. Sarah told Michael that she started a foundation for an after school program for children who are in need of help. Michael told Sarah that it was fine, but next time to please let him know before she does anything like that. Sarah told Michael that she was sorry, and she will let him know next time. Michael told Sarah that he loves her, and she means the world to him. Sarah told him she loves him too. Michael had to fly out that morning with the team to go and play a game. As soon as he made it to the hotel, he called Sarah, and they were on the phone for hours. Michael told her that he was planning a trip to see his mom when he returned. Sarah only met Ms. Taylor once, and that was on there wedding day. Sarah tells Michael that she has to go out of town to do a fashion show and is sorry, but she cant make the trip. Later that night, Michael was sent back home on a private jet because he and a teammate got into a fight. As Michael was driving home, he gets a call from his agent who tells him that he is out of money. Michael told his agent that it must be a mistake because he hasn't spent it all. Very upset, Michael hung the phone up and called Sarah. After many unsuccessful call attempts, he makes it home. He rushes up the stairs to find his beauty queen in the arms of another man.


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