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Me and The Tiger

Short story By: martver

Please note! At first i wrote this in Swedish, later i decided to upload it on internet and i used google translate to translate the text, so i'm really sorry for the extremely bad english translation but i hope you get most of it, anyway.
I'll see if i have time enough to translate it by hand but it will maybe take a while ^_^

Two years ago i got stood up by my first love, and now i'm gonna start Highschool, And as i enter my new school i meet a fated encounter.
Someone who reminds you of a tiger, aggressive and cold towards you.

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My name is Oliver and 2 years ago on July 23 in high school, I was dumped by my first love.
The feeling when you get dumped by his first love has no words, and it can cause scars for life.
After I realized that I had been dumped so on the way home I met a girl who rode, she looked out Asian with long black hair and short, she seemed stressed, a little as if she had missed something important. She rode into me at fast speed. When I opened my eyes it was food everywhere and the bike was destroyed, Of course, she was frustrated and started yelling lot of words to me. But the words were like water and I just ignored the words and proceeded to go home.
I have a sister who is a year older than me and we are not so close to each other, she is a person who likes to decide on one and love to comment on everything you do, her look is not bad, but more cute face and developed body.
Today I will start in the first year of high school, my sister goes to the same school as me and a class above me in the same track, unfortunately. On the way to school, got a bicycle whizzing by and for a second it looked like she ran to me two years ago, but it must be my imagination. At roll call, I saw my sister with her friends, she seemed like a normal innocent girl who is shy and quiet, she is truly an evil person. I also saw a childhood friend named Maia, it was six years since we last seen. But god she has grown, both mentally and physically. After roll call so Maja and I talked for a while about what happened the past few years, I found out that her father died in an accident at work, apparently had a truck overturned and her father was in it.
When I was on my way to my classroom, I heard someone shout "move on you!" Of course I did not take it seriously and just kept going on, I felt something hard against my back and I fell to the ground with something against my back. When I turned around it was someone on me, to my surprise, it was the girl who ran into me two years ago, again as she started to scream a lot of words to me and attracts attention and then ran away. When I looked at my watch, it was just two minutes until we start and I also rushed away. When I came into the class room so was everyone else in the class there and only one spot was available, I felt a cold aura from the right corner of the class room that gave me a shiver. When I looked next to my place was where "She", no wonder it was a cold aura. Disappointed, I went to my seat and sat down. When the teacher called out the names I heard her name.
Yukimura Taiga, Taiga means tiger in Japanese and it fits her perfectly, aggressive and angry himself. During the first break, my sister came to visit, again, she was a shy and quiet person, it's hard to believe that we are siblings. Her voice is dark at home but at school it is light and heavenly, she just asked how it went and if I got some friends and then walked away. After school on the way home, I saw my sister, she seemed a little depressed and lethargic. The sight of it is a bit scary, and oddly enough, I went up to ask what happened. When I arrived, it looked as if she would cry and she had tears in her eyes, I asked if she could explain what happened, apparently, she was rejected by someone she has loved for half a year when she wanted to go out with him . As I desperately tried to pull up my sister, I heard a faint sound of a bike coming towards our direction, it sounded like it went in the 20 km / h, no, 25 km / h no impossibility of a bike to ride so fast. When I turned around, I saw black long hair and a scent of perfume to go by and a strong wind went with.
When we came home, changed my sister's attitude towards me that was not a surprise, according to her, had she not caught up, but she could do it myself and went up the stairs to her room, when she turned to walk towards the stairs thought I think I heard a thank you.
Later, I decided to buy groceries for the week, after I had acted as I saw Taiga, she did not seem like a tiger now, but more like a normal girl. I went over to say hello but when I arrived was her attitude, I had a deja vu feeling and asked what she was doing here. She would apparently buy a mobile for her last went down, but she can not find a mobile shop, so I decided to help her, even if I myself did not know where it was. And so began the adventure of finding a mobile business, after five frantic minutes we found a mobile business but it had closed. Strangely enough, she was not mad at me, but began kicking a dustbin and then went home without saying goodbye or thank you for your help, I later saw the owner walking into the store who apparently had lunch break, luckily I had my wallet with me .
The next day, during the first break so I put a mobile in the Taiga bench, she noticed nothing until it was lunch and she was shoving his notebook. She thought at first it was for fun and someone joked with her, but I said it was me who put it there. As usual, her reaction cold and missing a thank you, but she gave me a little smile. This was the first time I saw her smile, usually she has a face that lacks emotion but when I saw her smile looked, I was hot. After school, Taiga up to me and asked if I could show her how to use a mobile phone, I began to wonder if she ever had a mobile before so I asked which model she had. Apparently, she had an old phone that had a camera even, so I had to help her. After 10 minutes of mobile fair, I managed to teach her how to put mobile number and how to call.
When I got home I sat down to watch a movie called "Love and War" as the title says, it's about love, but with "War" thing do not go together with the title, but "War" in this series is more about aggressive personalities and jealousy. Through the film, I got a little deja vu feelings, as in a scene where the male lead is on the run over by a cyclist of the accident and the rider started to blame the victim that he was in the way. At about half of the movie so I went out to eat snacks on the kitchen table, I found a note saying that mom and dad would go abroad for two weeks because of his job, and my sister would stay with a friend overnight. Further into the movie so hit the cyclist and the victim and it was shown to them go to the same school, at the end of the film it turned out that the cyclist had feelings for the victim and confessed her love for him.
Maybe not the best movie but it is so my day looks like for the most part.
After the movie so rang my mobile, it was Taiga who called me. When I answered it sounded like someone crying in the handset, I thought immediately that it was a bus ringing so I hung up. After two or three minutes the phone rang again, and the same person. This time it sounded worse than last time, I heard some faint cries in the background and I could not hear what the person said. I began to believe that this is a horror movie, but when I heard the voice of Taiga I assumed that it was serious, to hear her cry is a strange experience. Common sense is she not an aggressive person without feelings, I think. I asked what had happened and she said in a tearful voice, a little hard to hear but if you hear some words of her sentences to hang everything. It turned out that her mother was drunk and had sex with another man instead of her husband, Taiga had happened to disturb them during this process and her mother was furious with Taiga and threw her away from the house. Since Taiga did not seem to have anyone in their contact list so she called me and asked if she could stay with me tonight. It is in such situations that you have to think fast, a girl and guy in high school to be under the same roof and sleep the whole night. It felt like time stopped and I got stuck under the question "should I say okay or no?" No one's home at night either, I made a decision that I will regret it sooner or later.
After ten minutes it started to rain, almost as if the gods wept over the city. I sat in my bed and thought to myself, and I began to think about how Taiga behavior had changed since the first time we met. As I sat in my own thoughts so disturbed me by a flash that was incredibly close, while the booming sound of lightning could be heard, I thought it sounded like the doorbell to our door rang, but it must have been my imagination. I later went down to cook, when I passed the living room, I saw a dark shadow outside the window. There was a large dark shadow and looks a bit hairy out and narrow, it can be a killer or a robber. I ran into the kitchen to grab a flashlight to see what or who it was, when I came back to the living room where the shade away and I began to check every window on the first floor. When I had checked all the windows were no traces left of the thing that was outside the window, when I had finally calmed down, I heard something on the second floor. Could it be there, how did he get up there to begin with. When I slipped up with a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner hose in my hand, I heard footsteps down the hall. Unfortunately, I had turned off the light when I went downstairs to cook, I tried to lit the torch but there was no battery in it. I panicked, and when I was going down to get the battery so I heard a voice say my name, it was a little dark voice sounded almost as if a cold voice. As I walked carefully up the stairs I rushed down, I saw who it was that had gotten into my house and stood outside my window.
I felt like an idiot, it was Taiga who was the person who was standing outside my window. When I think back, it was she who rang the doorbell when lightning struck, too, poor Taiga was omitted and wet because of my stupidity. The worst part was that I forgot that she would come to my house to stay here for her mom was drunk and unfaithful. After I had warmed Taiga with a cup of hot tea and a blanket so I asked for forgiveness, oddly enough, Taiga forgave me, normally she could hit me or yelled at me but she sounded calm. I placed Taiga front Televisions so she could rest while I fixed dinner for two, I heard a bang. I left the food and ran to see what it was that was heard, Taiga had fainted. I saw that her face was all red and I felt on her forehead, she had a high fever and I carried her to the sofa, quickly brought me cold water, towel and blanket. I did not care about the food to take care of Taiga and cherish her until she got better because this is my fault, if I had just opened the door on time, so this would not have happened. When I took care of Taiga she started saying lots of words unconsciously, I did not care what she said because I guess that's bullshit again. Taiga keeps talking unconsciously and I ignore it but in the end it seems as if I hear her say that she did not mean it, she yells at me and she says actually the opposite. After I had taken care of Taiga in 5 straight hours without rest, so I fell asleep on the floor beside the couch.
When I woke up I known a good scent, something soft and smooth against my head, almost like a soft pillow. I was not fully awake, but I thought I heard someone say good morning, when I woke up properly I saw Taiga above me. Frightened and confused, I jumped up and asked what she was doing, it also seemed as if she did not have fever anymore. She explained that she had been awake for half an hour and when she woke up, she saw me lying on the floor, she is the brand that I had cared for her and she decided to cook breakfast for me. When she tried to wake me up so it was not so she gave up, instead it seemed as if she put my head on her thighs, that explains the soft. After I had calmed down so we went to eat breakfast, when I saw the breakfast, I saw a horrible scene, no nightmare-provoking scene. Burnt toast, burnt bacon and over boiled eggs, strangely cut cucumbers and peppers. When I just wanted to ask her what she had done, I saw the knife wounds on the fingers and patches on some fingers, I also saw a sad face who expected an answer. I gave her a big smile and said "well done". the taste of burnt breakfast is perhaps not the best but the emotions and the job she has done on this took away the taste, after breakfast, I decided to take a shower.
As I stood and took a shower, I heard Taiga ask if I was there, I said, ironically with a "no, I have jumped out of the window." Strangely took Taiga my answer too seriously and opened the bathroom, I mark that I forgot to lock the door behind me. Taiga came rushing to the shower where I stood, naked and in the shower soap, strangely, she did not notice that I was naked but just ran right into me. When I opened my eyes it was a Taiga in wrapped in towel and I'm next, I rushed out and yelled at the same time "what are you doing." When I had a towel around his waist and went back, I looked carefully into the bathroom, it looked like Taiga was a little disappointed. I decided not to go forward than but assumed that she also wants to take a shower, when I had just turned around to walk away, I heard her say "why can you not notice my feelings?", I stopped astonished, heard I really enjoyed it. I thought she was joking or something and continued to walk away, after Taiga had showered so we decided to go and buy food in the city. When we went through the city's commercial streets, I saw lots of couples walking hand in hand with each other, I assumed that this was a coincidence, but when I looked at Taiga, she saw red in the face, a little embarrassed, it looked like.
We continued walking until we found a nice little cafe by the canal, when we were ordering our little dinner so the cashier said that the cafe had special offer on par. I said we did not have such a relationship, but Taiga became even redder in the face than before, I looked at her and she looked back. Strangely, when I saw her embarrassed face, I was a little embarrassed I am, when I checked the cashier again to order as she smiled with a big smile. After we had ordered our dinner and would look for a table so that I saw Taiga turned quickly towards the cashier and smiled with a thumbs up. As we sat and had our little dinner so I took the opportunity to ask why Taiga was so aggressive when we first met, Taiga was a little surprised and replied with a nervous voice "aggressive? I have not been aggressive towards you. " I gave up when it came to the topic of conversation and continued eating, after we had eaten so asked Taiga if I wanted to do something in the city when we were there, I suggested that we could go to an amusement park and Taiga nodded embarrassed and we went to the nearest carnival.
We spent three hours at the amusement park for us it felt like an hour and we had really fun, in the end, we decided to take the photo in a. After we had been to the carnival, we would just go to my house and pick Taiga things she had when she stayed with me last night when we got home, we had forgotten to take care of the dishes. It called on the phone, it was my sister who said she was on her way home now and will in ten minutes. Taiga and I panicked and began to wash the dishes and clean up everything so that it looked like it was from the beginning, because if anyone finds out about this, it will create confusion. We were finished at nine minutes and I wrote a note that I had gone out, so we took Taiga things and rushed out through the door, when we had come off two streets so we stopped and watched this. Strangely enough, we started laughing and we went off to Taiga home, after a while it stopped Taiga. She looked a little down out, she said quietly, "I do not want this to stop," I did not quite but I assumed that I knew what she said. I asked what it was and she forced a smile and said "nothing came so we continue," we continued walking until we came to a park. We sat in a little park and I asked how far she lived, but she did not answer the question, I saw a snack bar across the street and asked Taiga waiting on the bench. When I came back with the drink as Taiga sat and talked on the phone with someone, she looked angry but held back, after she had finished talking, I asked who it was. It was her mother who asked where she was, Taiga replied that she had gone out with a friend, I asked her why she was angry, but she did not answer that question, either.
When we had left the park so Taiga said that she could walk out of here myself, I asked if it was far away from here, it turned out that it was just around the corner from here. I was just about to walk away when someone grabbed my arm, I turned around I saw Taiga hand holding my arm.
She held my arm hard, like as if she wanted me to go and she looked down to the ground. She lifts her head and look me straight in the eye, I thought she would start attacking me, but she did not, instead she threw herself forward and hugged me hard and said "do not go, do not leave me, how can you not feel anything or notice me? '. it was then I realized that her feelings toward me, her reactions before today, how her attitude had changed towards me. How can you not notice such, I must be completely stupid or blind, I did not know what I would do or say. I began to think back to how much fun I had with Taiga during the day and what things we have done together, and suddenly she said, "we can go out with each other?" it was then, my heart was warm and I was happy. This feeling, I've felt it before, two years ago. Then I realized I had the same feelings for Taiga as she had for me, I decided to hug her back and whispered in her ear, "Yes, I love you." Taiga got tears in my eyes for some reason and hugged me tighter, the people around us seemed to look at us in a strange way.
I decided to go with Taiga home for a while, when we came to Taiga house, I was a bit surprised, it was an old apartment, looking a little down out and everything is so ruined. Taiga seemed a bit sad and I realized that her family had problems with the economy. When we got to the Taiga house so there was hardly furniture, there was only cooking equipment and a bed, a small television and a table. I wondered where Taiga was asleep but it would be nice to ask it, Taiga took me to a door that said "do not open". When we opened, there was a closet with a mattress on the floor, I realized that it was here that Taiga slept. Taiga seemed a little embarrassed to show me his room, so I asked if she wanted to be out there with me the rest of the day, she nodded her head and off we went. On the way out of the Taiga apartment so we found a rolled up blanket with legs, Taiga said I did not have to worry about it but just move on. I asked Taiga who or what it was, it was apparently Taiga mother slept, as strange way to sleep on, but guess Taiga is like funny as her mother. After we came out from her apartment so we decided to go for a walk in the city streets, when we took our little walk we passed a small shop though. Taiga was immediately spotted a doll, it was pretty scary looking but was also a bit cute at the same time, but it cost two thousand and Taiga had no money for it. I checked if I had money with me but I had not, it's probably not a lot that goes around two thousand in your pocket, it made me question Taiga when she celebrated her birthday. She's birthday in two weeks, I memorized the street, the shop's name and price of the dock and we walked on. A little later we walked past a jewelry store and she saw a small bracelet with a cat on, this did not cost as much as the doll and I had the money for it. I asked if we could sit on a bench and some coffee, I asked her to wait for me to go and buy drinks and snacks. I ran and bought the bracelet to Taiga and some refreshments and snacks, when I came back panting and tired so Taiga wondered what I had done, I had to quickly come up with something because I can not reveal that I had bought the bracelet for her. I'm not good at lying so I said I had bought her a thing, Taiga dissolve and began to ask what it was and started looking in my pockets, luckily I did not put it in my pockets, but hid it in a bag that I got when I bought your drinks and tugget. After a while Taiga finally gave up and we sat down to drink and chew a bit.
After we were finished, it was evening and we decided to go home, Taiga would soon present to be home and asked if she could stay another night with me. I tried to explain to her that my evil sister was at home and that it was not but Taiga was stubborn and pulled me to my home. When Taiga had dragged me outside of my gate, I got a feeling that someone looked at me, when I looked around me around, I saw my sister at a window from the second floor. She sees Taiga and look surprised, but then gives me a big smile and goes down. When we walked up to the front door, then my sister out and says she's going out with a friend, I look directly at her that she's lying and reply with a thank you. When we got to my house, everything was clean and tidy, my picture of my sister had changed. But when we got to the kitchen, so there was a cake where there was a heart on, "she is really a funny sister."
We found that when my sister came back that we would explain to her what happened and that Taiga would sleep over tonight, hopefully she will accept but if I know my sister right, she will accept it, but have a plan at once. We found something to cook for dinner and we cooked together, while we spent time together as Taiga learned to cook unfired food. The result of our cooking together was pretty good and a bit of salted but good, after we had eaten so we did the dishes together it makes us look like man and wife. When I mentioned it to Taiga as she fainted almost, and her face turned tomato red, after ten minutes so my sister came back with a big grin. My sister grabbed my arm and asked how it went and if I made progress, I said that I am not such a person, but rather looking for serious relationships and long-lasting. My sister looked at me disappointed and went up to his room.
Clock started to get a lot and just come to bed, I started thinking was Taiga would sleep for the last time as Taiga sleeping on the couch on the first floor. But where would Taiga sleep now, suddenly Taiga and asked if we could sleep in the same bed. I was surprised and started to think about what could happen if we were to sleep in the same bed, in the end, it was as Taiga wanted and we went to bed to bed. I could not sleep because this is the first time I shared a bed with a girl, even worse, we were just in underwear. Taiga and I was back to back, I decided to see if Taiga was awake so I turned around, when I had turned me on so low Taiga and looked me right in the eyes. This is the first time I'm so close to a girl, I could feel her body against mine and I could hear her breathing. We stared into each other's eyes and suddenly turn Taiga his eyes and gave a signal that showed that I could kiss her, I lift my head and slowly back toward her, and we shared our first kiss, I was almost going to forget the bracelet I bought to Taiga so I took the opportunity to give the bracelet Taiga, Taiga became the happy and she started to hug me after she had hugged ready as we fell asleep.
When we woke up so low Taiga on my stomach, her short grown body was cute and I could not stop to check on her sleeping face. I looked at the clock and saw that it was a half hour until school started, I tried to wake Taiga but she refused to wake up. I tried to threaten her with a kiss if she woke up but no response, I bent forward to kiss her but just when I'd touch henens lips as she took hold of me and started kissing me. After fifteen minutes of fun spirit so we rushed to school, Taiga is unusually fast for being so small, but not fast enough, I decided to carry her on my back and we rushed to the school. We came to school on time with three minutes before we could go in, everyone had already gathered, but the class room and when we entered, it felt as if all eyes were on us, apparently it turned out that my sister had spread a rumor that me and Taiga were together and spent a night together. We knew that it is not a rumor but people misunderstand safe, sure, we spent two nights together but had no intimate, kind, as usual when people mention me and Taiga and lots of such things becomes Taiga embarrassed, quiet and hide behind Me. This made things worse to try to correct the rumor about us, but finally we managed to fix things.
After school I decided Taiga and that we should go and buy some things on the way to the mall so we met Maya, she would also act as she went along. When we was at the mall so did Taiga new underwear, so she wanted to go into a business lady and act, but I could not join because it would look odd. But as usual, it was Taiga stubborn and pulled me, strangely enough, so when Maia saw this, she wanted to also have new underwear. So Taiga and Maja dragged me into a shop for apparel for women, I am totally embarrassed and silent, waiting to Maja and Taiga would be finished. When Maja and Taiga were ready so we went to pay, as usual, so no Taiga some small money but I have a little bit, so when we had purchased finished their underwear so we said goodbye to Maia and I and Taiga continued walking around the mall. We came to the food store and bought what we needed to tonight, after I had two thousand left, we stopped by the store with the doll as Taiga wanted and it was soon being unsold. We continued on and when we got home, we started to cook, tonight would be hamburger steak with potatoes, Taiga favorite dish.
After we had eaten so I followed Taiga home, when we got to the park so Taiga wanted to talk to me. She would move to a town further north and stay alone, I was silent for a few minutes but eventually I woke up to. When I asked for the reason, she replied no, I guess it's serious but Taiga said it was her own choice to move and live alone. I asked when and she replied a week, this is too fast, but if it's Taiga like I can not argue with that, sure I would like that she stayed but I would not be too selfish. After that went Taiga home, when I got home, I was a little depressed that Taiga would move, and I got stuck in my own thoughts. Suddenly, I was perhaps the dumbest and most idiotic thing you can do, but it's not time to ask it yet.
It's been six days and Taiga thing moving tomorrow, I'm on the verge of breaking up and Taiga feels the same, for the past six days, Taiga and I spent so much time together as much as possible. Taiga has already packed her things and going in the morning, all that is missing is a goodbye and she's gone. Tomorrow I'll ask her about it that I figured out six days ago, I just hope that everything goes well. That night I could not sleep, the thought of Taiga thing moving is horrible but if all does not go well it only gets worse. It is morning and Taiga to go in about an hour, we would just say goodbye and Taiga would go to the train station. I myself had prepared a thing and my family had approved it after attempt after attempt to reach my parents on the phone and hours of pressing to allow me to do my thing, it's time for Taiga to start walking towards the station and I have taken my things and hid them behind the corner, all that's missing now is that everything goes well. I went up to Taiga and grabbed her hands, Taiga was a little surprised and I looked her straight in the eye and said, "Taiga, I know it has only been a little while since we got together, but during that time I have never been so happy in my entire life, I have realized how much I love you and I want to go with you, stay with you, start a family with you and live my life with you "Taiga broke out in tears and hugged me hard and accepted it with a big smile and said,
"I knew you'd ask, I just waited for you, it's only you I want and no one else." So I took my pack and my girlfriend in her hand and stepped on the train, on the train, I asked Taiga how she knew I was going to ask, but she said it was a secret with his tongue out. When I looked out through the window, I saw my sister who waved at me, then I realized it was my sister who told Taiga. On the train, I started thinking about all the moments I had with Taiga, from beginning to end, all the good and all the bad moments, and now a new beginning in a new city with my girlfriend.
Eight years later, we return to the city with a child and a pregnant Taiga, wonder what reaction our parents will get when they see us. We also meet Maja with her boyfriend, she got together with him a year ago, apparently.
we have whole life ahead of us with lots of adventure and opportunity, this is mine and the tigers new beginning.


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