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Personal Love story (Matthew Brazwell

Short story By: Matthew Brazwell

The Years I Was In Love
It's a personal narrative about my old love life. It's about me and Sarah. It's just the first half of it though. I hope you enjoy it.
If I get at least 25 likes or 20 comments (from different people) then I'll make the other half of the story.

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The Years I Was In Love

It was still dark when school started. I went to Pryor Middle School in the years 2007-2008. I never liked school and didn't think I would ever, neither did I think I would ever fall in love. Until I met a beautiful girl named Sarah Marie Behrens. This is the story of my time of being with her.

As I said before, it all started in the year 2007. I was in the front office getting my class room numbers when I seen a gorgeous girl slip and fall in front of the office. I stood up to see if she was ok. "One minute Mr. William, I'll be right back sir," I said to the assistant principle as I walked out of his room. When I got outside I turned left and seen the girl on the other side of the 7-foot black metal fence trying desperately to pick up all of her stuff quickly. I remembered watching her for a second seeing her drop her folders, spreading her papers all over the ground and her pencils fell out of her pencil bag. When she looked up and seen me her face began to turn a bright red.

I walked toward the fence and kindly asked her "Hey… um miss do you want me to help you with that?"

She softly shook her head and replied, "No, its okay, anyway you're on the other side of the fence and would have to walk around and by the time you get here I might already be done. "

I looked at her then hopped the fence without thinking. "I don't have to walk around, that fence isn't that hard to climb you know," I told her with a slight smirk on my face. She started laughing and nodded her thanks.

She looked up at me when we finished and asked me with a small yet noticeable smile "So what's your name?"

I smiled and replied "My name is Matthew Brazwell. "

"Well thank you Matthew, my name is Sarah Behrens by the way," She said walking off.

I hopped the fence again hoping I won't get into any trouble as I looked back at her to see that she walked in to the side office. "Goes to this school to huh," I said smiling. I turned to walk back to the office when I seen a familiar face in the window of the building. "Well I am damned, of course Mariah is here," I said with a huge smirk on my face.

I walked into the office to see Mariah Farrar sitting in one of the waiting chairs. When she saw me a huge smile formed on her face. She jumped up and have me a hugged hollering "MATTHEW! How have you been?"

I rubbed my ear from the loud scream then replied quietly "I'm doing great, ears hurt now though. What about you?"

She laughed and answered "Ha-ha I'm doing ok, just…" whatever she was going to say was replaced with wide eyes on her face. "Oh hey Sarah it's been a while. " I turned to see that Sarah Behrens, the same one I helped, walk in.

"Ya it has hasn't it what have you been up to Mariah?" Sarah replied to Mariah, but looking at me.

Mariah looked at Sarah then me and then back at Sarah and replied "I've been doing well, what about you? How have you been lately?"

"I've been doing great, dropped my bag of stuff and all but Matthew helped me with that," She said to Mariah while giving me a smirk. I looked around like I didn't do anything making her laugh some.

As they sat down Mr. William stepped out of his office and said "hey Matthew, get in here, I got your classes here. " I looked up and seen Mr. William holding a sheet of paper.

"Yes sir," I replied waving bye to the girls. When I got in there he handed me the sheet and told me about my classes.

"So right now is second period, so you have to go to Ms. Godfrey's class room thirty-five isle three. After that it will be Ms. Wilson. She is room forty-seven isle four," he said handing me the sheet. "Be sure to at least get to Ms. Wilson's class if you miss Ms. Godfrey's," He said pointing to the door. As I left he called for Mariah Farrar, I told both her and Sarah bye and walked out to find my class. (I made it on time but it doesn't really have any importance to the story)

When the when the bell rang meaning the end of second period, I was about to leave when Sarah walked in. "Oh, hey again Sarah, you have this class third period?" I asked wondering even more why I keep running into her. She shook her head no and told me that she had Ms. Godfrey second period just like me, and that she just left the office. "Oh well okay then, see you later," I said as I walked off. She said bye and went her way as well.

I made it to third period just before the bell rang. Class was about to start when I saw a shadow below the door and a knock a second later. "One second kids. " Ms. Wilson said while going to answer the door. She opened the door and started talking to who must be a student. "Hello, yes I am Ms. Wilson, and you? . . . well come on in Sarah, you can sit in desk four. " When she walked in my mouth dropped. It was the same Sarah from all the other times today. When she seen me she smiled and waved. She sat by me and had another little smirk. "Do we have every class together or something," she asked chuckling a little. She grabbed my sheet and examined it thoroughly. When she looked up with that beautiful smile I knew we had more classes together. "We have four classes together, first, second, third, and fifth," she said still smiling. I smiled back when the teacher got us to work.

When the third period bell rang we were more or less already friends. My fourth period was PE but nothing really happened in this class that was important to the story. When the bell rang, I went to fifth period which was music class.

I was the fourth student to get into the class. The classroom was huge and had many instruments ranging from the triangle all the way up to full size pianos. I saw Sarah walk in, followed by Mariah. "Well hey you two," I said glad to have both of my great friends in one class.

"Hey Matthew," They both replied when they sat down by me. When I seen the teacher (Don't remember her name) I seen that she was skinny and short. She was maybe in her mid 30s. During this class we talked a lot and played an instrument game together. By the end of fifth period, I liked Sarah.

When school ended I started to head home when someone yelled my name. I turned around and seen Mariah walking toward me. "Hey Matt wait up," she commanded with a smirk you could see a mile away.

I nodded then said with a slight of humor "I'm waiting, five, four, three, two…," I started counting down.

"Don't count down on me!" She yelled jogging a bit quicker. I laughed aloud when she finally reached me. She smiled and we started to walk down Racetrack Road.

"So do you like her?" Mariah suddenly asked with a slight bit of curiosity slipping out.

"Who are you talking about Mariah?" I asked knowing who she was most likely talking about. She gave me a smirk I remembered from last year.

"I am your ex-girlfriend Matt, I can tell you like Sarah some," she said, more or less reading my mind. Mariah Farrar was my ex from last year. We dated for about seven months when we broke up over a stupid argument.

"Okay you got me, ya I do like her some, but I'm still not sure since we just met and all," I replied to her knowing it was the truth.

She smiled then grabbed a sheet of paper from her jacket pocket, "well during sixth period she gave me her number and told me to give it to you, so here you go. " She handed me a sheet of paper with what was Sarah's number. (Which I am not going to say) I smiled and told Mariah that I'll call her later and maybe text Sarah. We then went home. Nothing really happened at the house except that Sarah, Mariah, and I texted and talked all day and night.. I couldn't wait for the next day.

Six months later, Sarah and I were great friends now and was real close to each other. The school bell rang and Sarah and I started heading out. "Hey Matt lets hang out today," Sarah sort of asked me.

I smiled and replied, "Sure, your house, Rachel's, or mine?" She put three fingers meaning my house. "Ha-ha okay my house it is, when you want to come over?" I asked her with a bright smile. Even now I'll say she is so beautiful.

"I'll be over around 4:30 pm or 5:00 pm," she said smiling back at me. I nodded and gave her a hug.

"Okay, bye Sarah, see you when you get to my house," I told her patting her on the head, knowing it feels weird to her. She shook her head laughing then told me bye and headed home, I also headed home.

She came over a few minutes before 5 pm and she looked so gorgeous. She dyed her hair the other day and had a dark blonde hair color with slight bits of red highlights in it, her eyes was a mix between bright blue and a light brownish color, and the dress she was wearing was a a purplish color with like a red swirl going around it from top to bottom. "Hey Sarah, you look beautiful today," I said with a smile. I seen she was blushing and I moved for her to come in. We hanged out for over five hours that day before I walked her home.

On our way to her house it was awfully cold. I seen Sarah shaking from the chill and felt bad. I chose to take my sweatshirt off (The only shirt I was wearing) and handed it to her to wear. She tried to say she was ok but gave in when I started to put it on her. She said thanks and cuddled up with me the rest of the way there.

When we got to her house she loosened her grip on me. "Okay, well see you tomorrow Sarah," I told her shaking a little from the chilly air. She gave me my sweatshirt back saying thanks. She then gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Bye Matthew," She said kindly walking off.

I was happy on my way home. I knew she had feelings for me because she told me in Ms. Godfrey's class on a note that she liked me. It was actually a funny note to me. She wrote that she was interested in someone then wrote the word 'you' so small that she had to circle the area it was in for me to find it. It was then that I understood my feelings for her.

Five months later, school was finally over and Sarah and I are planning on going to the next level. We both know how we feel for each other and thought we was ready to move to the next level. We was planning to go out tomorrow when I go to her house.

I was glad to find a girl I loved and who loved me back. I never told my family about it since I wanted it to be a surprise. Which is why what happened next made my heart nearly stop in mid-beat? "We are moving? I asked holding back tears that was forming.

"Ya, we have a huge four bedroom, two bathroom house in Pensacola that I rented the other day. I was go…", I left the room, heart beating as fast as a high powered jet.

It was the next day and I left the house around 5:30 am not wanting to deal with my mom. I wasn't supposed to go to Sarah's until after 12 pm, but I headed to her house anyway. I quickly headed down Hospital Road wanting to get to her house quickly. When I reached it I just stood there.

It was cold but I just couldn't move. 'Is she going to be all right? Is she going to cry?' I didn't want to see her cry but she had to know what was happening. So after a minute of thinking of any ways around it, I walked to her window, giving up.

I could she was trying to hold back a lot of tears and that made me feel much worse. I never wanted to see Sarah hurt, but I just caused her to want to cry. I hugged her and we cuddled, letting ourselves cry.

I stayed the night at her house without my mom's permission. We talked and tried to find some sort of way for me to stay. Once we couldn't think of nothing we went to bed in her room. The next day I stayed till night time then finally chosen to go home.

Two weeks later we left. A day before that I promised Sarah that I would be back. A year afterwards we did come back to Fort Walton, leading to my next story.


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