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The Unwilling Bride

Short story By: Mayleila

Notorious Lord Lockton was well known…throughout the ladies in London. He was the talk of the ton and women would not stop whispering of how deliciously wicked he is. Lord Lockton can have any women in his bed…except…Lady Evelyn. Lady Evelyn was a proper lady. Who never stepped out of bound nor has she tossed any men a flirty glance. She held her head defiantly revealing her independence...So, how is the Rakish Lord Lockton ever going to make a proper lady fall?

Rated R: Read at your own consent. Minor Violence and Sexual content.

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Tonight is Lord and Lady Campbell's Ball and every single bachelor and single ladies is going to be there until midnight when all mask are taken off. Lady Campbell, of course loves to hold such balls. Tonight the ballroom was designed with pure gold. The draperies were gold silk, shining against the candles chandeliers. Everybody was dressed to impress and some single ladies went beyond revealing. The bachelors moved about the room sending promising glances towards their lovers.

Evelyn moved swiftly around the dance floor, trying to avoid any kind of communication with any one. Tonight, Evelyn's mother had asked Evelyn to wear a ball gown that was emerald green. Her mother had said it enhanced her hair and eyes. She was too plain. Evelyn is now twenty-four and her mother believe she is getting too old. Rolling Evelyn's eyes she looked towards the dance floor where happy couples and lovers danced happily. With her cup of champagne in her hand she slowly sipped it and moved her gaze elsewhere. Surprisingly, it landed on a bunch of girls looking up at the entrance. What is it that caught their attention? She moved her gaze and followed their line of gaze to the entrance where there stood Lord Lockton. He wore as always black and snuggly and fittingly it fit his body. Evelyn almost smirked and turned away but then he switched his gaze from the group of girls to Evelyn. Caught in the act, she quickly diverted her gaze and walked away.

Evelyn was standing by the door when someone nudged her. She turned to look. "Oh! Lord Henderson. How nice to see you tonight." She curtsied. He bowed.

"It's a pleasure to see you as well, Lady Evelyn. May I say, you look lovely tonight?" He asked.

"Aw, how sweet of you." She said softly looking for escape route. Lord Henderson is sweet but yet he is short and stubby. To make things worst, he is a married man.

"Yes, the color…" He paused for a moment. "The color green matches you. It looks like grass and matches your brown hair because it looks…" Evelyn knew he was nervous and he is not much of a sweet talker. She wondered how did he ever married Lady Henderson and yet he is seeking women.

"Thank you, Lord Henderson for that lovely comment." She said. "Ah, I think my sister Gretchen is calling me. I shall go to her. It was nice talking to you."

"Oh, yes. I believe so too." Lord Henderson stammered quickly. Evelyn curtsied and moved to go find her younger sister Gretchen.

Moving away she found her way around looking for her mother and her sister Gretchen but found that her sister Gretchen was on the floor dancing with this Lord something. Evelyn found her mother next with Lady Chester. She was sure they were gossiping. Not feeling like going to her mother now, she moved to an empty balcony. She gazed out into the dark night. She knows she was not suppose to be out here alone, not without a chaperone but she just could not stand being in there no more.
"Lord Lockton…" Some lady purred down below Evelyn. Evelyn set her champagne glass down and leaned over to look. It was Lady Lucinda. She was with the notorious of all in England. Evelyn couldn't help but lean in more to see what was happening. "Oh I missed your touch. Feel me, I want you." Evelyn cringed at the disgust.

"Lady Lucinda…how nice to see you out here…" Lord Lockton's bold voice said with ease and with such masculine in it. A shiver ran through Evelyn. There was silence for a bit and Evelyn knew they were kissing. It soon led to a rustle of clothes being taken off. Ohhh, how divine of a moment. Evelyn felt evil.

"Ohhh, Lady Lucinda, I did not see you there. Hello!" Evelyn called out. "Oh and Lord Lockton? Oh my, nice to meet you." She said with ease and couldn't help but let out a small giggle. Oh she was evil, all right.

Lord Lockton's head popped up and Lady Lucinda covered her bosom in attempt to hide her shame. It was silly looking at two lovers in an attempt in something scandalous. "Well, I best be going." She announced before turning on heels and picking up her glass of champagne she left the balcony and was on her way back to the ballroom but found that someone had stopped her. What now? She turned and met her gaze with Lord Lockton.

Cameron looked at the woman who he saw when he was standing on top of the entrance. She was the one who caught him with Lady Lucinda and by god being this close to her he could see her beautiful dark brown eyes and the fine cheekbone as well as the soft curls…she was very seductive looking.

"Hello, Lord Lockton. I hope everything was fine and well down in the garden." Her eyes sparkled and his body reacted instantly.

"Yes, it is. Thanks to you, of course, Lady…?" He prodded. Evelyn raised her eyebrow questionably. "If I may be so bold, what is your name?" He asked.

"Ah, Lady Evelyn." She said softly and slowly bit her lips. Either she was pure innocence or she did it to entice him. She curtsied then. He bowed.

"Lady Evelyn, I hope your calling card is not full because I would like to be one of the good men on your list." What was he thinking?

"Oh I do apologize, Lord Lockton but it seems my card is full. Now if you would excuse me." She moved away from him but he held her in place with one of his hand. With swiftness he flicked in his left hand a card that was empty.

"Oh but I see plenty of spots open." He took out his pen and wrote his name on it. "I will see you on the next dance." With that he moved away from her.

Cameron never reacted to another woman like this before. He was almost not able to control himself. Lady Lucinda came scampering in. She gave Lord Lockton a look of promises and a whisper of satisfaction tonight before quickly moving away again. Damn, Lady Evelyn for interrupting. Lady Lucinda was a beautiful married lady. She was flirtatious and shameful. So, when she offered he couldn't resist but accept even when she is a married lady. Her husband can not give her what she wanted. It was not his fault, was it?

Cameron straightens out his cravat and into the crowd of women he went. One elderly lady in particular came up to Cameron. Cameron notices her right away she was Lady Rosales. She was a sweet elderly lady who as Cameron remembered has two beautiful daughters.

"Good evening, my lord." Lady Rosales started and behind her Cameron notice there were two girls who eagerly waited to be introduced.

"Yes, it is." Cameron smiled devilishly. "And may I ask, who are those two stunning beauty behind you?"

Lady Rosales slapped Cameron lightly on his arm and let out a little laugh. "Oh, forgive me, they are my two daughters." She pulled the two eager daughters in front of her.

"My, what loveliness I am sure they have their looks from you, Lady Rosales." Cameron smiled yet again wickedly before planting soft kisses on each of the girl's hand. They almost swooned if not Lady Rosales who lightly slapped them on the back.

"Oh, Lord Lockton…you just so sweet." Lady Rosales chuckled. Then she pointed to one of her daughters with raven black hair. She had gray eyes and they look stunning as well. "This is my eldest daughter, Marie." Then she pointed to her other daughter who on the other hand had brown hair and the loveliest cheeks. "This is my second daughter, Francesca."

"Both are magnificent." Cameron said to impress but his mind was thinking about Lady Evelyn.

"I hope that I can have a dance with both of you ladies before the evening is over." He said before he bowed and took his leave.

The next dance was coming on and he needed to find his partner Lady Evelyn. He found her sitting by a chair gazing not at the dance floor but out into the night. How odd. He walked over to her.

"Lady Evelyn?" He put his hand out. She moved her gaze to his face and as if he was the very devil her eyes turned icy and her face moved into a scowl. "I believe you promised me a dance?" He prodded on. He thought he saw something flash in her eyes but then her warm hand was set in his and he completely forgot about it as he led her to the dance floor.


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