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He liked me too

Short story By: maystar

Louise likes ted

Submitted:Sep 10, 2011    Reads: 11    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

I stared at him from across the room and sighed. He smiled when he realised I was looking at him. I gave him a shy smile and blushed. I hid my face in my arms. "Louise what is the answer then?" it was Mrs Hundley. I looked up even more embarrased. I shrugged my sholders. I had no idea what she was going on about. Everyone began to laugh. Then she looked straight at me. She quietened the class. "If that's quite enough, unless you want to discuss it after school?" He then smiled and raised his hand. "Mrs it's hydrogen.""Correct." then she contined her rambling on. I liked Ted. He was nice. He wasn't like a friend but he... I don't know how to explain.. An aquaitence. He lived near me and our mothers are friends. We have so much in common like we are only childs so when he comes over it is the both of us. We don't do much talking because we know most about eachother, and the silences is never upward. After lessons instead of Ted going off to his many mates he came to me."You were sleeping." he said. I was startled. If I was sleeping then I never noticed my self. He noticed my weird look. "Only joking but Mrs Hundley's lecture are boring."I laughed. "Thanks yeah." "For what??" he asked. I was beginning to think that he did not answer the question for my benifit. "Joking." he then gave me a weird look and smiled. Then he laughed. I did to. "You look cute when you smile." I then blushed. He laughed. "You're so cute." we had walked to the end of the corridor. He stood infront of me. "I like you. You're a great friend." he then squeezed my arm. "Ted. Come." it was Janice flirting with him. He did not seem so intrested. He stared over at her and indicated after. She hurried on to class. He then moved towards me. I thought he was going to kiss me. I leaned in. He whispered in my ear. "After." I wondered what he meant. When I went into class people were staring at me especially Janice. Ted too. I didn't look at any of them. After at lunch break I saw Janice run over to Ted. I watched them kiss publically. They were walking around toghether. I was confused. Why had Ted acted all flirty and what did he mean by after? I didn't want to go to him now. He with all of his friends. They all hated me enough. After school he came to my house. I tried to avoid him but he saw me. He immediently went into my room. "So your smart." he said. "I know you are and well me and you are friends. And friends do eachother favours. And if you needed one, you will ask me and I will say yes. So the maths homework. Can you do it for me?" I thought he liked me but I got it. I remembered Nancy. He got all flirty that she would do anything. Ted was only using me. "No." I said. He seemed suprised.I then rubbed my eyes. He sat beside me on my bed. "You okay?" he asked. "What does it look like? You were only pretending so you could use me. I know your type. You take advantage of others because they like you. You tell them what they want to hear. Just go!!" "I am sorry Louise." "You know I actually thought you liked me. I thought when you whispered in my ear you were going to kiss me. I feel so foolish." "You like me?" he then actually kissed me. He held the back of my head. When he stopped I muttered " but Janice." "Let us have this moment." he said. Then he kissed me.


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