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The girl I met

By: Mely

Page 1, A boy finds his true love on the first day of school. He enjoys his life with her but then something happened that changed his life.


Janette was one of the most prettiest girl in school . I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her when it was the first day of school . I felt something inside me , like if someone had filled the rest of me up . I knew It was her , but I wasn’t sure that she was the right one . My friends think it’s a stupid idea to go up to and ask her out . And I knew that too , all I felt inside of me was blood gushing everywhere . I had told my friends everything that is happening to me , the only thing I don’t get is why she looks at me also . When she does , I look away . I don’t want her to see me starring , but all I want from her is her love . 
One day after school , I sat down on a bench waiting for my bus , then I saw her. I saw that beautiful person coming towards me . She smiled when she sat next to me , I didn’t look at her . Then , I felt a warm hand touch me . It was her , this time she was starring straight through my eyes . I couldn’t believe it , I thought it was a dream . Then I saw her coming closer to my face , I couldn’t resist but do the same thing back . I knew I was kissing the girl I loved , but I felt like it was a bad idea . I was only thirteen . 
Nine years past and I was with the girl I loved . Every day was a special day for me , our wedding was coming up too . I couldn’t wait for that to come and see her with a white beautiful dress . Two weeks past and I found her on the bed laying down . I asked her what was wrong , she didn’t answer back . She reached out her hand so I can hold it . I felt that it was very cold . She looked at me and smiled , then said “ I loved being with you for all these years , but now it’s time to separate our lives . “ I didn’t know what she was trying to say , I looked at her and saw her cry . I began to cry also , then sat next to her . I asked her again “ What’s wrong ? “. She smiled and held my hand tight . “ I love you , but now I have to go . Thank you for making these past years a miracle , I appreciate the way you loved me for the way I was , not just for my looks . I hope the next day you’ll figure out why I left you . Good bye “ ,I teared up when I heard her last words . Then she was gone , she had became an angel that will love her life in heaven .
The next day they had taken her to the doctors , they had told me that she had lung cancer and couldn’t live long . I teared up and memories had flown through my head as if all of them was just yesterday . I also thought that I was lucky to have a magnificent woman next to me when I needed her help . But I will never forget the first day of school , when she kissed me . But now she’s singing with the angels while smiling down at me . Her funeral was in five days , and I was ready to say goodbye . As her casket came I bursted into tears . Then , I put flowers on top of it . I said good bye as they buried her . I will never forget her smile either . 

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