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A short story about a guys night out on the town.

Submitted:Aug 6, 2011    Reads: 83    Comments: 16    Likes: 8   

It was Friday. He loved Friday. After a stressful week at work he could finally have some fun. He got home to his apartment, had a bath and then dinner with a few beers.Then he arranged to meet his friends in town. As he walked to the bar where he would meet them, he thought about the night to come.

Walking in he embraced his friends, ordered drinks for them all and sat down. His group consisted of three guys and one girl. They were all good people and a real laugh.The man sitting opposite him said "How was your week John?""Not too bad" he lied. The lie came naturally and comfortably. He was a short but handsome man with golden hair.

"How was yours Dave?" he asked in return.

"Yes, not too bad. Glad its over though, until Monday anyway".

They all sat around the table, happy to be in each other's company and talked about trivial things as they drank their cold beer.The bar engulfed and warmly intoxicated them all as it started to become busier. By the time the town was dark outside they were all quite tipsy. Dave and his girlfriend got up and went outside to smoke some roll ups. John sat back in his wooden chair and listened to the many different voices merging and resonating in conversation. He let it all wash over him in a warm wave of happy sound.

There was a group of girls drinking wine at the bar and the one who was closest to him kept trying to catch his eye. He looked at her. She was attractive in a conventional way. He always went for personality over looks. He thought "She's pretty and she looks like a nice person" . She smiled at him. He walked over to the bar and stood next to her while he ordered himself another beer. Then he turned to her and said, "Can I buy you a drink?"

"Yes please. What's your name?" she replied.

"John and yours?"

"I'm Isabel. Pleased to meet you John"

As he passed her a drink he caught her scent. She smelt sweet and lovely like a flower. She looked up at him from under her long thick eyelashes as she sipped daintily from her glass. Then she put her drink on the polished marble bar and said

"What are your plans for tonight?"

"I don't know yet. We'll probably head for a club later though"

"I know I've only just met you but would you mind if my friends and I joined your party?" she asked

"Not at all. That would be great. Come over to our table" he replied. Soon everyone was getting on wonderfully. John felt a magnetic attraction to Isabel. There was something about her he found irresistible. He had not met a girl he felt that way about in a long time. Everyone in the bar was quite merry apart from the barmen and barmaids.

John and his companions all got up to dance. Then she was in his arms and they were moving to the beat together. After a while everyone on the dance floor put their hands on one another's shoulders from behind and danced around like a giant snake. Then they made their way to the club. When they were all inside they had shots of vodka. John liked the music they were playing. It was the kind of music that made him want to dance. So they all danced for hours, losing themselves in the hard rhythms and beats. The smoke machines pumped out their mist and Isabel pushed her lips against John's mouth, they stood there just kissing, lost in space and time as everyone else continued to shake and groove around them.

She thought, "Oh god! I am falling for him".

He knew he had found her.


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