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Amazing what saffron sauce can do isn't it?

Short story By: MissCosti

Will is ready to show Kate who's kitchen this is tonight, despite the fact they were in Kate's living room.

To try and rip off Kate's protective layer Will had planned a romantic, seductive and memorable evening. And he sure that this was a flawless plan, all inspired by his amazing saffron sauce.

Seduction, slight mystery, and arousing kisses all intertwined into one.

I hope you all like it, was a very spur of the moment piece.

Submitted:Nov 19, 2009    Reads: 177    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

All prepared and ready for Kate to taste. Maybe this would be the night I can finally slip her up on her overpowering, impeccable knowledge of taste. But maybe wasn't a definite.
It was rather amazing how quickly I can weave my way around her flat having not known her for too long. But I guess working with her in the kitchen every night helped me understand her more than most people do, or how much she would allow them too. Such a hard faced woman at a first glance there would appear to be nothing underneath that hard exterior of hers. Oh, but there was. Such a sweet, tender and fragile heart and all she wanted was to protect it from more harm.
Once I reached her room I knocked 3 times softly and entered her domain. Just seeing her sitting so alert on the edge of her bed made me want to see the soft Kate I only ever once saw, to help rip off her protective layer she was clinging so tightly to herself. She looked at me and her perfectly pink lips arranged themselves into a slight smirk, her mysterious brown eyes twinkling at me, almost as though she was daring me to challenge her. And I dared too.
'So...' she started to speak, but kneeling in front of her I put one of fingers softly on top of her lips, silencing her and letting the night commence.
'You're not in charge tonight. This is my kitchen, my rules, and I'm afraid your under scrutiny tonight Kate. A lesson.'
She continued to smile up at me, intrigued to see where he would go next, and as much as she hated to admit it, quite enjoyed being the submissive one for once. I gently pulled out a silk strip of black material out of my pocket and placed it over her eyes, tying it up at the back, making sure none of brown eyes were able to see any part of his seductive plan.
'Will... What lesson am I going to be learning today?' Kate asked slowly.
Without answering he brushed her hand slightly and then took hold of it, leading her to her own living room. When I saw my work of art that I created a smile unfurled upon my slightly tanned face, my blue eyes felt like they were sparkling and a warm spark ignited in my chest. The roaring fire gave a cosy and relaxed atmosphere to the room, and the saffron sauce was situated in a pot in the middle of the wooden table. Cushions were carefully arranged on either side of the table to create luxury and the fire was like constant warm breath on both of our bodies, which was exactly what I wanted as I led her slowly and purposely towards the right side of the table and helped her to lower herself comfortably onto the cushions.
Not a word was said as I sat down on the other side, but the emotions that were flying through the air made up for our lack of speech. I ladled some of my freshly made saffron sauce into the spoon, the smells circling up from the pot were intense, drawing in her senses and making your taste buds tingle slightly. This was exactly why I blindfolded her, I wanted her other senses to be heightened and for the clamouring suspense to mount. Bringing the spoon closer to her lips her mouth was open slightly expectant for the first taste as her lips closed over the spoon, lingering there for a second or two and I saw her brown frown slightly as she swallowed.
But this time, even though I was in control, I was still waiting and wanting her answer, like a child seeking reassurance, and sure as hell she wasn't going to give in so easily. Slightly shifting herself onto her knees she waited, and waited, as I clicked my tongue impatiently.
Hearing this she smiled her devilish smile once more. 'Shallots obviously, slightly too many for my liking.' She said boldly. I laughed, obviously there had to be something wrong with this, for none can compete with Kate. 'White wine, cream, butter... and my taste buds have informed me some lemon was involved.' Smacking her lips slightly in confidence she placed her hands on her lap, with her head slightly to one said waiting for a response.
'One thing missing chef.' I whispered in her ear. And once I ladled the sauce into the spoon leaning over to bring it near to her lips, but was unwillingly to give that secret to my success, unwillingly to let her win. I suspended my arm there for a while, teasing her as her lips kept coming forward slightly to taste. However, the only thing she tasted was my lips being placed on hers, engorging her in arousing warmth, her long brown hair draping my shoulders as I grabbed her waist and lifted her to her to the table. She made to take the blindfold off but I pulled her arm away and held it to the table firmly, taking charge and making sure she knew with no doubt, this was his kitchen, and no compromises.
Amazing what saffron sauce can do isn't it? `


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