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Seeds Beneath The Storm

Short story By: MissCosti

Well, this is my very early entry for OnfireforGod's challenge. First kiss challenge. I have never written a first kiss before in my life, and I'm not that great at romance so forgive me if it's not good.

This is the story of Jasmine and James, who at first glance would seem like they have the perfect relationship, but Jasmine's defence mechanisms and memories could be the thing to rip it all apart. Will James find her and mend her broken heart? Will he put it back together with the healing kiss?

Find out.

Submitted:Jan 13, 2010    Reads: 152    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

A light mist rolled along the never ceasing green pastures of Roselington, the leaves on the trees surrounding Jasmine seemed to lovingly whisper words of comfort to her when the wind rustled them. She comes here when her heart feels lonely, and when her soul aches for some peace and serenity. There seemed to be no end to this wood, and in all the years she'd been coming here still she thinks that it's impossible to reach every part of it.
As the wind howled around her she let out a stifled cry, as a tear escaped her stubborn eyes and fell down her face. How on earth could this have happened?
They were so in love. Jasmine and James. Never before in the few relationships that Jasmine had actually been in, she had never said I love you to a man and truly meant it. Anger boiled up when you heard these people devote themselves to one another within a couple of days. Love was meant to a pure and sacred thing, not an everyday, I'm in love for now thing. And yet James, she wasn't sure what love was supposed to feel like, if there was a set way of how you were meant to feel, but she was sure this was it. Jasmine liked plans, control, but with James they had spontaneity. They could stay together for 10 hours and not have to stimulate conversation, but simply lie in each other's arms and relax, feel, just be. Maybe that was love.
When everything else in Jasmine's life had came tumbling, crashing down James was the one thing that had remained with her; but no longer. Things were running along so smoothly today, Jasmine thought, they had planned a romantic day out at the lake nearby; it was where they had first met, when they both saw in each other's eyes the love they knew was soon to come. To be quite honest, she doesn't even know why she ended up storming off today leaving James to call on helplessly behind her. It was always a hard day every year, the year her mother passed away. This year would be the 10th year. James didn't deserve to be burdened with her problems; there were wasn't anything he could do anyway however much he wanted to. No, this was to protect him, or maybe it was just her putting up her well built defence mechanisms that ruined most of her relationships. She really ought to tell him, to trust him.
As she looked up at the sky her teardrops seemed to be falling and soaking her, as the grey clouds merged over the blue sky she could have sworn the sky reflected her thoughts. Mud encased her legs as she fell to the ground; she raised her head to feel the rain fall on her face and she couldn't help but throw back her head and laugh to the heavens. The irony of everything in life was unbelievable, and Jasmine had no idea why she was laughing when she felt like balling her eyes out, but here she was!
Jumping out of her skin she turned her head around to find a dripping wet James kneeling next to her, not really sure if they were actual tears running down his face or the rain. He was gripping Jasmine by the upper arms that it was starting to hurt her, and staring down into her eyes just like the first time they met, it was as though it was starting all over again. 'I'm so sorry. I love you' he saw him say to her, but she couldn't hear him due to the clasps of thunder above them, but she could see in his sorrowful eyes she would never find someone who had so much love in his heart, willingly sacrificing it to Jasmine. He reached out his hands to gently stroke away her wet hair from her face, grasping her chin he jilted it upwards so she could see how much he truly longed to love her, and lifted her tender lips to meet his in an act of passion. Their tongues danced together as their lips latched on to each others, looking like they were unlikely to ever break apart.


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