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'Till death do us part (One Shot Story)

Short story By: missmapagmahal

She's my everything.

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It was a Saturday morning. I was lying in the bed next to my girlfriend, Joanna. Last night was the best night I ever had. We made love, I made love with the one I truly love.

It was my first time to make love to someone, I know it may sound weird but, yeah, I was a virgin until Joanna came. But I didn't regret that something happened to us last night because I really love her and I found out that I was the first.

I was so exteremely happy when I found out that I was the first. I love her so much and I'm willing to give up everything just to be with her.

And tonight, I'm going to propose to her. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I want her to be the mother of my children. She's my everything.

Before I left her in my bedroom to prepare everything (buy a ring, reservation, etc.) I kissed her in the forehead and told her I love her, she said I love you too. And then ran out of the room.

I went to the jewelry store to buy an engagement ring. I bought the ring that caught my eye. There's a heart shape (diamond) in the middle of the ring that represents my love. I also went to the restaurant nearby for reservation (whole resto). And I also hired a violinist so it will be romantic. I wanted everything to be perfect, just like her.

After so many hours of preparation, I checked my cellphone. I saw 3 missed calls from Joanna so I called her back. But shes not answering it, maybe she's just busy or something, I thought. When I finished finalizing everything I decided to go home. I missed her already.

When I parked my car in the garage, I felt somthing's wrong. I saw the backdoor open and I felt cold. I went inside the house. And I was shocked and cried at the same time.

I saw my girlfriend lying down the carpet, blood all over and a knife in her chest! I ran towards her, crying. Sh*t! This can't be happening! This might be a nightmare! Yeah. Maybe I'm just asleep and all of this was just a nightmare! I thought. So I pinched myself, but it hurt. Omygosh! I cant stop my tears from falling.

I took out my phone quickly and called for an ambulance. They went to my house as soon as possible. While inside the ambulance I cried and cried. I don't want to lose her, I dont want to lose my Joanna.

When we got to the hospital, she was rushed in the E.R. While waiting for the doctor, I felt so nervous and I can't stop crying. I felt like I'm going to lose her. I hope not.

I saw a doctor came out of the E.R and I rushed towards him. I asked him about the condition of Joanna, but he sadly shooked his head. I almost collapsed when I found out that Joanna's dead. I felt that I lost everything!

*3 weeks later*

After Joanna's funeral, I hired a private investigator. I wanted to know how and who killed my Joanna and I want the suspect to suffer inside the jail.

During Joanna's funeral, her parents talked to me and told me they wanted to know what happened. They cried infront of me and I can't stand it so I comforted them. After the funeral they went back to America (home country).

I know that Joanna's guiding me, I can feel her. Everytime I felt sad, I feel like someone's hugging me or someone kissed me in the cheek. I know that she still love me. And I still love her too.

*After 1 month*

Jeremy (private investigator) told me that he already found out who killed my Joanna. And I was surprised when he told me who killed my one and only Joanna.

Sheila, My ex-girlfriend.

I never thought that she'll kill Joanna. I know that Shiela hated Joanna because I broke up with her. I told her that I fell in love with Joanna.

I met her in a cafe near my office. I accidentally stepped on Joanna's sandals while walking towards the counter and broke it, so I gave her my spare slippers (inside my car). Afterwards I asked her number. I asked her out several times, I courted her then we became couples.

Jeremy told me that he found Shiela's fingerprints in the doorknob and in the knife. After that, I rushed to Shiela's house to confront her. When I got there, I found her sitting in her chair holding a gun, she was about to kill herself when I got there.

She told me to stay away from her but I took one step forward. Even though she killed Joanna, I don't want her to kill herself.

She got mad and pointed the gun to me. Again, she told me to stay away from her. Then she told me that she killed Joanna and now she's going to kill herself out of guilt. When she pointed the gun in her head, I ran towards her and grab the gun but before I know it, she pulled the trigger and I was shot in the chest. I can't stand the pain I felt. Then everything went black.

"Where am I?" I said to myself. All the things I see is covered in white. There were people wearing white clothes with wings. At first, I don't know where I am. But then I realized that I'm in heaven.

Then I saw someone ... Someone I missed and truly love. My angel and my one true love.

I saw my Joanna, smiling.

Then she ran towards me. I hugged her tight. I missed her soooo much.

At last. Im with Joanna, again. And this time. I'll be with her forever.


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