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Stacy(Payton Roxanne smith Togood Challenge)

Short story By: Mistress of Word Play

The story of Stacy as told by Tony her true love.

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My name is Tony Stephens and I met the love of my life about two years ago. Her name is Stacy Andrews. Stacy to me is everything I ever wanted or will want in a woman. She has short, curly red hair with blonde highlights. Stacy's eyes are emerald green. The first time I saw her and looked into those gorgeous eyes of hers I felt like I was lost in some mystic forest you read about in a really good fantasy book. Her skin is flawless. It is the color of fresh cream and is as soft and smooth as fine silk. She stands about five foot four and weighs about a hundred pounds. She is a goddess and I was lucky to find her. Even without all the great physical attributes she has on the outside, what I love the most about her is that killer smile. When Stacy smiles it just warms your heart until you feel like fire will consume it and leave nothing but ash as a replacement.

I met Stacy in high school. I was a senior and she was a junior. We shared some of the same classes and I remember our entire story just like it was yesterday…….


"Hey Tony," Will, my best friend, whispered to me from his desk across the aisle, "Check out the new girl."

I looked in the direction Will was jerking his head in and melted. Will was right. She most definitely was eye candy. I stared at her the entire class and walked over to her after the bell rang to signify the class was over. Strange thing was I could scarce get a word out. I had never been prone to shyness, but this girl was different. The cat seemed to have eaten my tongue right out of my mouth.

"Hi," Stacy said as I stood transfixed in front of her, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, sure," I finally was able to speak, but it took great effort to do so.

"My name's Stacy," she said looking at me with that disarming smile and those totally wicked green eyes.

"I'm Tony," I replied trying desperately not to look like a creep or freak.

"My family and I just moved here," Stacy said smoothing her reddish blonde hair with her fingers.

"Well I am really glad to meet you," I stammered, "Maybe we can do something, sometime. That is if you want to."

"Sure," she replied, "I'd love to."

She wrote her phone number down on a pink sheet of paper and extended it to me. My fingers made contact with hers for a second and what a rush I got. I noticed I seemed to have the same affect on her. Stacy's creamy white cheeks turned scarlet red. She excused herself and I just stood there watching her walk away.

On our first date we went to the Valentine's Day fling at school. She wore a beautiful white dress and reminded me of an angel. They played the song I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston and it was incredible. We kissed long, hard, and deep as the music worked its magic. I had never experienced the feeling I felt for her. I wanted that moment to last forever and if tomorrow never came it wouldn't have mattered to me. The whole evening was perfect. I felt blessed beyond words.

Needless to say we became an item. Every time we were apart seemed an eternity to me. I loved her as I had never loved another woman. The times we shared were perfection. I would never find another to replace my Stacy. Life was good until that night about a year ago.

Stacy's parents had gone out for the evening and Stacy was left to babysit her younger sister Charlotte. Around nine o'clock as Stacy was getting ready to get her sister off to bed the door bell rang. Stacy thinking it might be me flung the front door open. An intruder looking for an easy mark pushed past the door and into the house. He held a pistol in his hand and his face sported a black mask of some sort. Charlotte frightened by the thief began screaming at the top of her lungs. The thief in a panic shot Charlotte. Charlotte lay lifeless on their living room floor. Blood oozed from where the bullet had entered the right side of her head. Stacy realizing what had happened jumped the thief. I guess the last thing Stacy saw was his eyes behind the mask, because he shot her point blank in her temple.

I really to this day do not know what happened that night. The police from viewing the crime scene determined the events that transpired. A set of fingerprints the police found in the home matched those of a well known criminal. It did not take long to find and apprehend him.

Stacy, unlike her sister Charlotte, did not die. She was rushed to a hospital and they operated to remove the bullet. Stacy's parents and I were told if she survived, she would live in a vegetative state. I remember the pain I felt that night to this day. It felt as if someone had mashed my heart and then cut it into little pieces with a dull knife.

I came each day to her hospital room and sat with Stacy. I wanted to believe if I willed it enough she would come back to me. Day in and day out I prayed and watched thinking that today her eyes might open and Stacy would smile at me again. I noticed each day I came her condition did not change. They had removed the ventilator which had helped her breathe right after the incident. A feeding tube had been placed to provide her with nutrition and buy her time. Stacy's parents as I refused to give up hope. The doctors had tried several times to make her parents sign the papers to make Stacy a no code, which meant the feeding tube would be gone and they would allow Stacy to die. Stacy's parents could not bring themselves to even consider the options presented.

It was fast approaching February fourteenth, our anniversary. I wanted to relive those memories with Stacy, so I had convinced the hospital staff to assist me. With the help of a few nurses and other hospital staff members a room was decorated with pink, red, and white streamers. I had found some heart shaped balloons as well. Stacy's nurse had placed Stacy in a wheelchair making sure she was strapped in, so she could not to tumble out of it. I pushed Stacy down the hall to our special place.

"Look Stacy," I said to her as I turned on the CD player, "We're at the dance. Remember the dance and our first kiss."

Music filled the room. Whitney started belting out our song and I kneeled beside Stacy. I took her cool, pasty white hand and kissed it. Tears began to well up in my eyes. I waited and I prayed. I detected a slight movement in her hand. There was that tentative wiggling of a finger. My heart soared.

"Stacy!" I cried, "Stacy can you hear me?"

A tear ran down her cheek and I watched her emerald green eyes that had been dark for so long lighten.

"Nurse, come here quick!" I screamed in my delirium.

Stacy's nurse rushed into the room. I sat in the floor hugging and rocking Stacy; tears were running down my face. It took six months of vigorous physical therapy, but Stacy came back from the dead.


Well I pretty much told the story as I remember it all happening. There are a few details I left out for modesty's sake. Right now I am getting ready to walk down the aisle. You see I have an emerald eyed, red headed angel waiting for me. Her name is Stacy.


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