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Wedding Bliss (z0mb1ezg0dd3ss Picture Challenge)

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, The story of Gary and my wedding day. I hope someone reads this and understands what love and respect are really about.

My husband Gary and I were married on December 16, 2006. We met each other through an on-line dating service. Okay so what can I say, it did work for us. We had both been married before and both sides of our families had ideas on our wedding, so we opted for plan B, which was we eloped.
We left on December 14 and headed for the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Gary rented a cabin and hired a minister to make arrangements for our wedding. Thinking the weather would be cold that time of the year we planned on having the ceremony inside the cabin.
Everything was going really well, until we turned off the main highway and drove to our cabin. For twenty minutes we drove up what looked like a goat path. The so called road was barely wide enough for one car and it was a two way road. Parts of the road were completely washed away and had ruts at least a foot deep in it. I, of course, being the brave soul I am, totally panicked. All the way up the mountain I kept imagining the car with the two of us in it plummeting over the mountain’s side. On one side of the so called road was the sheer rock face of the mountain. If you looked close enough you could observe tiny rocks and dirt falling at regular intervals. On the other side of the road was the drop off. I prayed that all would be well. I just knew we would die before we reached safety. Could have happened, but didn’t.
Once at the cabin, things went better. Our honeymoon cottage was beautiful and the view was just amazing. Not worth the drive up the goat path, but hey we were alive and safe. Gary wanted to drive back down to town and eat supper, but I had no desire to go anywhere. Not until the road had been fixed, anyway. He laughed at me and told me I was being a silly goose. I was offended by his comments. War ensued.
Gary and I bickered and argued over the road and I finally told him I wanted to go home. My intention was to call the whole wedding thing off. I am normally a very brave person, but when it comes to really frightening things, like an eaten out road and possible death, I fall to pieces. Gary made fun of my phobia and I got my feelings hurt. It appeared our marriage would end before it even started.
We went to bed still angry over the incident but the next morning Gary brought something over to me. It was a journal he had found in the cabin. Gary was blushing from embarrassment as he gave me the journal.
“Read this,” Gary said to me, “I am really sorry. I shouldn’t have laughed about your fear of the road.”
I took the little book from him and started to read what others had felt as they vacationed in our cabin. On page after page the road was mentioned. It seemed I was not the only one who had been horrified by the dreaded goat path. Everyone had loved the cabin, but the road was the focus of their attention as well. I laughed at some of the things other people had noted about the road from Hell.
To make a long story short we did get married. The weather was just gorgeous for the middle of December. We had seventy degree weather and held our ceremony on the back patio which overlooked the mountains. The minister and his wife had taken care of flowers, cake, champagne, pictures, and music. Gary and I felt blessed. I still remember the kiss we shared once we were united in marriage. Nothing like it, I must admit.
There were other stories that made our days in the mountains special. Like the magic cat that turned into a raccoon. The hiking excursions we went on and what happened. The thing I remember most will always be that dusty weather worn goat path of a road and how close I came to losing the man I love.
Thinking back on how it played out and the distress it caused, I guess I should have insisted on a beach wedding instead. Below is a poem I penned in the journal, along with a note about my feelings on the road.
It was not the pretty gown I wore
but that special man I waited for
and that awe inspiring kiss
which made our wedding bliss.
It was not the bouquet I carried
but my love who I married
and that unforgettable kiss
which made our wedding bliss.
It was not the champagne or cake
but the man’s hand I did take
and that soul rendering kiss
which made our wedding bliss.
It was not the sunshine or birds
but those glorious Holy words
and that long lasting kiss
which made our wedding bliss.

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