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Tags: Romance, Drama

A short story of a girl named Monica voniales who hides behind a mask and has a fake personaility and meeting a boy who changes her life, as they fall in love.

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From him

A new school year, a new beginning, to hope that I can forget everything that happened to me. "Monica! My so-called friends screamed. You look amazing! Your hair got longer again didn't it," said a brunette wearing the school uniform all messed up. "Aren't you excited, we're freshmen's this year! I can't wait to get a boyfriend! You should get one too," said a blonde with her shirt unbuttoned until you could see her chest stick out! No, I don't need anybody I thought to myself. "Every guy is crazy for you. You're cold yet delicate features, you're popular, optimistic, and caring. Your deep red, beautiful burgundy hair, your gleaming green eyes that shine coldly, said another brunette with her hair curled pulled to the side with tons of accessories on her. I stopped them half way and said "Well I'm gonna go ahead and go to the music room," I said but I lied. "Ok," they said happily. I turned around and started to walk towards the West Building. When I got into the west building, I made a turn on the left to enter an abandoned classroom. After all, the west building was deserted because it was old and everybody thought it was creepy from all the rumors. Although it's not creepy, I made up the rumors so I could have this place all to myself, and change the light bulbs to half dead ones to make the lights flicker. I liked this place because I was all by myself, and I was comfortable being alone. I didn't need anybody after all; all they told me were lies, and empty promises. That's why I hide myself behind a mask at school; no one understands me and doesn't care at all. So why should I care about them, they don't even know the real me and probably wouldn't want to know anyway. Their only by me cause I'm popular and their not, but the real me can't even compare to the me at school. I'm serious, and have a good-self-esteem, but I'm not optimistic at all. I also don't care about others beside me. I turned out like this because I have no one but me. I live alone in a dark empty cold house. I have no friends, family or someone important to be with me and have a lively house. (rattle, rattle, crash) Someone's here I thought, who's there I said. I was wide alert now, and cautious. I went out of the classroom to look and saw a man lying on the ground. I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost time for opening ceremony. I started to walk away, and then thought what if he heard what I said. So I dragged him by the back of his shirt, and realized that he was wearing the boy's uniform for my school. I dragged him to the infirmary and left. When I got to the opening ceremony they were already starting and were in a middle of a speech from the student council president. After it ended I went to my first class, and found out that I had math with the man I dragged to the infirmary, then after every class I somehow realized that I had every class with him. I even sat next to him, and was his partner in every class. This is going to be the worst school year I thought. One day, in eighth period he talked to me "do you hate me?" he asked "you never talk to me unless it's for class or meet me in the eyes when you talk, you also never smile" I ignored him and walked away. I left the classroom and ditched the last seven minutes of chemistry and went to my locker. I went down into the basement into the girl's locker room and took out my swimsuit and went into the pool to cool myself off. After I got done, took a shower and washed my hair. I got dressed and reminded myself that I had to work tomorrow, I didn't want to go but I had to else who else is going to pay the schools tuition. I left the locker room and went to the West Building and into the dim music room. I sat on the chair for the piano, and started playing. I stared into the window and said when will I ever be free. "Someday" a voice said, I turned around and saw that it came from the man I just ignored. What do want I said coldly to him glaring at him with my cold silver eyes. "You play beautiful," he said, "don't waste your breathe," I said and got up to leave the room. "Where are you going," he asked, "away from you," I said loudly. I had to get away from him I thought, because every time I was by him, he made me feel anxious and nervous. My heart beated so fast and was so loud I thought everyone could hear it, as if it was going to burst. He stopped following me, and then started again. I turned around and said "ok, what do you want from me?" I said. "I want to know, and understand the real you better," he said. I was shocked, then I went back to my compose self. "You do know me," I said. "I'm the school's Monica voniales, the most wanted and popular student. The perfect role model anybody would want, now leave me alone." "I can't leave you alone," he said softly, caressing my cheek. I removed his hand off my cheek and said "I don't need you or anybody ok, I'm better off on my own." He turned me around and hugged me tightly. "I know you need me he said, I know you want to cry from being alone, and having no one to understand you. You need me and I need you," he said again. My tears started forming in the corner of my eyes, and big drops of salty tears fell down from my face and onto his big burgundy jacket. After I got done crying I said "what is your name anyway?" I asked "Jorden, my name is Jorden leopik!" he said, and his name really defined him. He had pitch black smooth hair that brought out the color of his eyes. He had dark blue eyes that almost looked like black. His beautiful face that didn't even look like it was real. "I guess we should start going home now!" he said. I looked at my phone and saw that it was already 6:30. I got up and went back into the music room and picked up my colored contacts. "I thought it was weird, that earlier at school you had green eyes and now you have silver eyes." he said. "I wear these cause people freak out about my eyes," I said. I walked out of the room and started to walk down the flickering halls. "Monica!" He shouted, "Will you go steady with me?" He asked. "I'm not capable of intimacy," I said. "It's ok," he said "it's because you don't know me yet." "I'm autonomous," I said back. "It's ok," he said again "because I know that your values and purpose for living is meeting me and being with me!" he said. I turned around and said "don't regret your choice!" I said smiling at him. He smiled big and started to run towards me "I love you!" he said "I always have" and kissed me. I pulled back looked at him. "It's my sign of telling you that you're mine now!" he said happily. I smiled and whispered in his ear "see you tomorrow!" I kissed his cheek and left, when I got home I went into my living room and put up an picture of my parents and said "I love you guys!" and thought to myself this year is going to be great! And felt that the hole in my heart was starting to recover from the death of my parents last year, all because of him.


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