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Lost Love But Not Forgotten (Dreamer1031 Music Video Challenge)

Short story By: mommy3

Alina has been thinking about her fiance that passed away six years ago and realizes she still loves him. She still mourns for him even though she is married to Antonio.Will she decide to leave her husband or stay married? This is the story I came up with for Dreamer1031's music video challenge. The song is I'll be thinking of You by Katy Perry.

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Here is the link for the song.


Lost Beloved But Not Forgotten

Alina was lying in bed awake next to her husband who was still sleeping. She was crying softly so he would not hear her. She was in so much pain but hid it well from Antonio. All she could think of was her lost beloved Brody.

She silently left the bed and walked over to her dresser to look for her jewelry box. There was a picture of her lost beloved Brody with a letter and a ring. As soon as she saw the picture she noticed more tears were falling and left the bedroom.

The water was running in the sink to hide her sobbing. She really missed her lost beloved Brody. Whenever she was with her husband Antonio she would remember Brody. He would kiss her and she would remember how Brody kissed her. She was so ashamed about thinking of Brody since she did care for Antonio but not like she loved Brody.

Antonio was really a great husband he just did not know his wife loved another. He knew something was wrong with and that she was keeping a secret from him. He would always ask her and she would get silent so he tried to let it go.

About six years ago that fateful night her fiancé (Brody) was killed in the war. He was on his way home when there was a surprise attack. The soldiers were not expecting the attack and unfortunately all of them died. When he died he had all her written letters and they were scattered upon the ground.

She remembers that day like tomorrow and will never forget. She was on her way to go pick up her fiancé when she received a letter from the mail. The letter said I am sorry to have to tell you but your fiancé was killed in the line of duty. She dropped the letter and collapsed to the floor sobbing uncontrollably.

Now six years later she has tried to move on with her life but is finding it very difficult. She still has the letter, picture, and ring from her lost beloved. Her husband does not know about this and it would hurt him horribly if he found out.

Later on in the night she was preparing dinner for the two of them and realized she forgot to put away the ring, picture, and letter of her late fiancé. She tried rushing into the bedroom but realized Antonio was in there. He found all the belongings on her dresser.

"What is this?" Antonio asked confusingly.

She decided that it would be a good idea to tell him the truth. She told him it was her late fiancé that died in the war about six years ago. He looked up at her with shock and a little anger. He knew she had a secret but did not realize this was it.

"I can understand if you do not want to be with me. I am still grieving for him and probably always will. I will always love him and will never forget him." She had tears streaming down her face after telling him about her beloved Brody.

He sat down on the bed when hearing this news. "Were you ever going to tell me about this?" he replied.

"I really do not know. I probably would of eventually. I am so sorry for not telling you."

"Do you still want to be with me? I can understand if you do not. You should have told me this sooner."

"I am not really sure. I am so sorry for hurting you that was never my intention. I just don't know what to do anymore. I wish he was still alive and my husband instead of you."

Antonio had to leave the room because he was so upset and hurt at the moment. She called "wait we really need to talk about this to try to work things out." Antonio rushed down the stairs opened the door and decided he needed to leave before something was said wrongly in anger.

He was getting ready to leave when he noticed she was running and crying to catch up to him. She was out of breath when she reached the truck. He told her to leave and that he needed some time by himself.

Around midnight he still was not at home and she was getting worried. She decided to call his cell phone but received no answer. Just about as she picked up the telephone to call the police he walked in the doorway. He walked in a little drunk and tripped over the rug falling on his face. She heard the door open and then heard a loud thud.

She rushed down the stairs and saw him lying on the floor. She checked to see if he was okay and realized he was unconscious. She immediately called for help.

When they were at the hospital she was told her husband was in critical condition. She felt horrible and thought this was all her fault. If only I told him the truth about Brody sooner this would have never happened. She thought.

A month has gone by and Antonio was no longer in critical condition. He was doing actually really well except for having a broken heart. He remembered everything his wife told him and wanted to talk to her.

His wife was sleeping in the chair waiting for him. He would always love her no matter what. Probably the same way she feels about Brody. He thought. He still could not believe after all the years they have been married she never told him.

He softly whispered "Alina" she woke up. She had black circles under her eyes and her eyes were red from crying. He still thought she looked beautiful no matter what she looked like.

"Hi, how are you doing?" She went up to him and kissed him on the lips feeling sorry for him.

"Um… I'm okay. We need to talk more about what you are going to do. Do you still want to be my wife?"

"Yes I still do. I will not love you like my Brody. I care for you as my best friend. Brody will always be with me and I will always love him. I am sorry that's just how I feel."

"Okay… just know that I will always love you. I hope someday in the future you will come to love me."

"I don't deserve you. You are too good to me. Maybe in time I will come to love you. I am sorry for ever hurting you."

"Don't worry about it I am just relieved I finally know what you were withholding from me. Maybe we should start a fresh new start. I love you and will always will."

She started crying because those were the exact words her late fiancé said to her before he left to go to war. She was blessed to have two men in her life love her so much. She would show Antonio just how much she appreciated his understanding. Maybe in time she would love her husband like her late fiancé (Brody). She realized that right now she did not and this was okay.

He was released from the hospital and they were talking about how to spend more time together on the way home. He was excited because he could not wait to see her expression on her face when they went home. He was planning this for awhile even after his accident. As soon as they got home he was going to tell her.

"Hey honey I have a surprise for you."

"What is it?"

"Umm… you know how we were talking about ideas on how to spend more time together. Well I bought us two Hawaii tickets."

"Are kidding me?"

"No I am not."

She jumps into his arms and gives him a big hug and a kiss on his lips. He loves when she kisses him and he decided to deepen the kiss by biting her lip slightly. She gasped softly when he thrust his tongue in her mouth.

Before things got out of hand she pushed him away. She was angry that he did that to her and stomped up the stairs.

He hoped she would come to love him and eventually forget about Brody. Will she ever be able to forget? If not will I stay with her? He thought.


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