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Be a Man! (chapter 19 of "My Backwards Fairytale")

Short story By: neji chan

Ryo's point of view: I have and always will love you Kaori-chan...No matter what.
Kaori's point of view: I don't know what to do! The same man who wounded Akimitsu and tried to kill me was asking for forgiveness?

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My head was spinning. Emotions ran rampant inside of me-Confusion, sorrow, resentment, surprise…They all ran through me as if my veins were a free way. All of that energy was going on inside of me and yet I couldn't make my lips shape any words, let alone have sound escape my throat!
He stepped closer and I backed up. I was now back to back with a brick wall and Ryo had his arms out erect, his palms resting upon the cool, brown bricks on either side of my shoulders. "Kaori-chan, I know I tried to kill you and I know you probably want me to just leave right now, but just hear me out. I've left the zodiac army-I've left them just for you! I'll even be good and use my abilities to help people, so what do you say? Please Kaori-chan, I can't live without you-I won't live without you!" He was pleading-He was actually pleading! And his eyes looked so sad…
"Ryo…Ryo what's going on? What is the "zodiac army" and why'd you try to kill me?"
"I had no choice…I wasn't in control of my actions-You have to believe me!" I agreed hastily; Ryo was starting to scare me."As for the 'zodiac army'….I don't know much. All I know is they turn innocent people into monsters in order to murder each and every human on the planet. But, they need you dead-Somehow you can stop them." This was insane; I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
"Chaos filled the town as the terrible monsters ran rampant. The streets were flooded with people trying to escape, but it was all for naught. Dozens of people were dying every minute and I could stand by no longer. I grabbed my sword and left the palace, determined to defeat the demons of the zodiac. "Hisae-onee-san, don't go! You at least must stay safe!" My younger sister tried to convince me to stay, but I refused. "Akari, if I truly was a good ruler, then I would, without hesitation, sacrifices my life for this kingdom." I stated calmly. For I knew that my fate was sealed, but I also knew that if I was going to die, so were the demons of the zodiac. I fought them one by one, making sure to slice through their hearts so they wouldn't be able to regenerate. Then, he appeared, the man who had brought those damned creatures upon us. He still looked the same as I remembered. His eyes were pale blue and he had pitch black hair with cat's ears to match."
I suddenly remembered what Akimitsu had told me about Hisae-sama and his father. I must have looked as worried as I felt because Ryo was now trying to comfort me! It was all too much for me to comprehend all at once. Then, his name returned to my mind. Akimitsu… My heart beat faster with every frightened thought that came to my mind. Oh, Akimitsu, where are you! I lifted my eyes so that they were now aligned with his and asked "Ryo, where is Akimitsu?" He looked at me, bewildered. "Cat-boy? I thought I killed him." I frowned at him. "Maybe his kind is unable to stay in this world; after all, I'm still sort-of-human, so I'm assuming that we are able to coexist with humans-We being the zodiac demons. It's just a theory though." I suppose the only thing I can do is pray that I be able to see him again. Akimitsu…
Akimitsu's grandfather's point of view:
I have had my hands full ever since I found Akimitsu last week. He was fast asleep next to an old oak tree at the forest's entrance with a fever so hot he could have burned the grass! I have been trying every remedy I know-which is a lot, by the way-But, none seem to work. He doesn't eat or speak, only sleep. My dining room table is abundant with medical books from all over Buyu Gercek. Thump! I shut the five inch book and began to walk down the hall towards Akimitsu's room. I was surprised to find him sitting upright on his bed. I asked what he felt and the only thing he said was "Love sickness-I miss Kaori-san so much." I was in a state of shock-was his fever really created merely by his anxiety? "Akimitsu…Be a man!" My statement earned me a confused look from Akimitsu. "If you truly want to see her, then go to her."
"But, grandfather, I am unable to stay in her world for-"
"If your love for her is strong enough, then nothing will be able keep you from her-Not time, not logic, not even death."


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