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Short story By: neji chan

Edlyn Gage, daughter of Thomas Gage, whom is a general in the British army, would do anything to help her country succeed in the war-Even seduce a commander in the Colonial army! But, what if she were to fall in love with this man? Would she go on with her previous plans or will her love for that man be too great to allosw her to? This takes place in the Revolutionary War era and is a work in progress.

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She rested the shiny, wooden instrument under her chin and began to play. She allowed the wooden bow to rub gently on the violin's strings, creating a sound that the angels themselves would envy. She played for hours on end, for it was the only thing that eased her mind-That let her momentarily forget the danger that her father, Thomas Gage, a general in the British army, was in. Why couldn't everyone just stay in England? She'd think to herself. If no one moved then there'd be no war-This is what she felt was right.

She set her beloved instrument carefully next to her bedside and left to help her mother with the household chores. Much to her surprise, once she made her way to the sitting room a certain man she knew and loved was present. "Father, I've missed you so much, I'm so glad your back!" She exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear. She ran towards him, attempting to capture him in an inescapable hug, but stopped abruptly once she noticed that she was in the presence of another man. A shade of bright red spread across her face, making her porcelain skin appear even more pale in comparison. "I'm terribly sorry." She mumbled quickly whilst dipping into a curtsey. "We suffered a great loss in our previous battle, didn't we Thomas?" The man queried. He called her father by his first name, so, she assumed they were familiar with each other. "If only there were a way that we could know what the rebels were thinking-If only we could figure out there plans!" The gentleman groaned. "I'll help!" The young lady ejaculated without even one irresolute thought residing within her mind. "Nonsense," Her father claimed, "Young women belong at home where it's safe-Not on the battlefield!"

"But, father, I could help. I could, maybe trick one of the commanders of the Colonial army to tell me their plans!" Her father only frowned in disapproval at her confident vociferation. "Now, now, Thomas," Her Father's acquaintance interjected, "This Lovely young lady may have a point. Yes, I've got it!" He then took her dainty hands in his, looked straight into her azure oculi, and stated very seriously, "Madam, would you be willing to woo one of the rebel commanders and trick him into telling you his plans?" She agreed without hesitation and pretty soon, much to her father's disapproval, she was on board a ship headed to America.


Edlyn Gage's diary:

It's been several weeks since I entered this boat and I'm getting so sick of the smell of sea water! Believe me, if this wasn't for my dear father I would've jumped off the ship a long time ago. Oh! I think we're here (finally). I will write some more later. -10 May, 1775.

The momentEdlyn set foot on the ground she felt strangely happy-But, who could blame her? She had just spent two months on a boat! "Pull yourself together! You have a mission!" The young lady scolded herself. She reached into her coat pocket and searched blindly for something which resided there. Smiling triumphantly, she pulled out a neatly folded piece of paper and began to read it.

Surely the man must be running late, for the only person, other than the crew members, was a man with an unkempt appearance. Surely her father wasn't acquainted with someone of his stature. Then, the very man she had been criticizing made a bee line straight towards her. "You're MissEdlyn Gage, am I not mistaken?" The stranger asked in the politest of english. She nodded and was lead to a fairly small house on a picturesque patch of land.

My dearest daughter, until you are able to come in contact with one of the commanders you will be staying with an old friend of mine by the name of James Volsfer. He should be waiting for you next to the deck where your ship arrived.

Sincerely, Thomas Gage


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