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Lust for homicide. (chapter 6 of My Backwards Fairytale)

Short story By: neji chan

Tags: Strang, Changes

Cause it's nine in the afternoon. Your eyes are the size of the moon----sorry, that song's stuck in my head... any way, Ryo-san goes through CHANGES, and'tis not just puberty.

Submitted:Dec 22, 2008    Reads: 102    Comments: 8    Likes: 1   

Ryo's point of view:
I awoke, again, but this time I was on the floor. "Odd." I thought to myself as I made my way to the restroom. I began to shed my clothing when I noticed something strange, well, several things to be exact. My skin was ridiculously pale and my eyes were now yellow! And, for some reason my neck felt like someone hammered nails into it. What on earth happened last night? I stood under the water for a while, allowing theliquid to hold me in its warm embrace. I bathed longer than usual, perhaps I was hoping to scrub off all of my changes. I laughed at my stupidity. Unfortunately, today was a school day, and I didn't feel like dealing with the inevitable questions my fellow peers would ask. Why are your eyes yellow? You look pale. Are you ill Ryo-san? And, sure enough, I was right, for the first thing I heard when I arrived was "Oh, Ryo-san, you look pale are you feeling alright?" Surprisingly, the question came from Jayme! Wait, why was I surprised? "It's nothing, I'm fine." I answered, ignoring the sudden jolt of pain I felt on my neck. Our conversation was interrupted by a strange, rather dark and depressing aura. I turned to find that it belonged to none other than Ani-chan, Kaori-chan's best friend since grade school. "Ani-chan, o genki desuka?" (How are you feeling Ani-chan?) "Inochi ga daikiri desu." (I hate life) She replied in a tone that was almost a whisper. "Why so glum?" I asked. Apparently, I was now talking to Jayme because she answered instead of Ani-chan. "Ryo-san, it's horrible!" She remarked in an obviously fake worried tone. "Kaori-chan isn't back yet!" Her voice sounded more happy than upset, and she was starting to piss me off. "Shut up Jayme! It's your fault she left in the first place, you could at least show some remorse for what you've done!" I shouted enveloped in rage. "Oh, yeah right! I'm the one to blame! You did break her heart after all, imagine seeing your boyfriend making out with your best friend! Now who do you think she hates more?" She clearly intended her refutation to hit below the belt. "Shut up!" I warned, clenching my fists. "Admit it; you liked our kiss didn't you?" She teased. "I said shut up!" I yelled as I allowed my fist to connect with Jayme's face. A loud cracking sound was heard throughout the room as she fell backwards onto the ground. Holy crap, was that her neck!? In a matter of seconds we were surrounded by a multitude of students and teachers. "Her neck is broken, there's no doubt about that." The clinic stated. "What were you thinking Ryo! You never hit a girl!" My science teacher yelled. They must have been mistaken, there was no way I could've actually broken her neck! I didn't even put that much force into my punch! A feeling of guilt began to take over. O.k., not exactly, but can you really blame me? After all, she did kind of deserve it and to be honest, it felt pretty good. The sound of her neck breaking, how she looked falling to the ground and the fresh blood that emerged from her nostrils all seemed so amazing. I hungered for more. No, bad Ryo! I thought to myself. But, I couldn't help yearning to relive that experience. That's when I remembered the dream I had of Kaori-chan and a devious idea was conceived. Kaori-chan's blood did look lovely in my dream.
Kaori's point of view:
Creak! I heard the door open. Without hesitation, I grabbed a picture frame and threw it at the oncoming danger. Clank! Crash!! The sound of spilling dishes welcomed me back to reality and I found Akimitsu holding his head in pain. "Oh god, I'm so sorry Akimitsu! I'm such an idiot, I made you break your dishes and spill food, not to mention your hurt!" I apologized. "No, don't worry Kaori-sama, it's nothing. I always bleed from my head." He replied, trying to make me feel better. I told him to treat his wound while I cleaned up, and after many protests, he complied. For some reason my eyes were fixated on a fragment of the plate that Akimitsu had brought in. It's so sharp! If I use this, it'll be easy to end Akimitsu's life! Wait a second where'd that come from! There was no way I'd ever even dream of killing him! There must be something wrong with me


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