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My Throbbing Heart (chapter 20 of "My Backwards Fairytale")

Short story By: neji chan

Chapter 20 of "My Backwards Fairytale. If you haven't already read the remake of chapter 19, I suggest you do so or this chapter won't make sense.

Submitted:Mar 1, 2009    Reads: 92    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

I rummaged through my coat's pocket until my hand met something that felt like a sort of polished stone and tied it round Akimitsu's neck. "Here, this should allow you to move freely between Buyu Gercek and Olumlu Bolge-Without fading away and returning home with an anxiety-caused-fever." After kissing my old, wrinkled cheek, he hurriedly bestowed a "thank you" upon me and jumped out of his bedroom window, landing gracefully on the balls of his feet. He ran faster than I had ever seen him run in his life.
Akimitsu's point of view:
I felt the wind rush pass me as I ran to the hospital-The place that I had entered Olumlu Bolge through. Then, I screeched to a halt. I'd know that scent anywhere. It was a light, sweet, floral scent. It was Kaori's scent, but it smelled a bit different. I combed the crowd until I found her. At that moment our eyes met,-My ruby eyes with her warm, brown ones. Upon seeing me, she developed an enlightened look and ran into my arms. "Oh Akimitsu, I thought I'd never see you again!" I chuckled lightly at Kaori's enthusiasm, but stopped abruptly once I noticed the taste of copper in my mouth.
I looked down at her with weary eyes and she looked up at me too, but with enjoyment in hers. A rusty, cylinder-shaped object twisted itself in my left breast. I let out a screech, more blood spilling from my mouth in the process. With a hasty jerk, the object was removed and I found it increasingly hard to keep my balance-Almost as if the weapon had been my legs.
"W-what did you do with Kaori-san?!" I asked, struggling to lift my body from the cool, grey ground. I looked up at her with flames in my eyes. I struggled to my feet with what felt like a fifty pound weight on my back. I had finally managed to stand on my feet. My legs were like rubber and every internal organ in my abdomen was in pain. It hurt just to blink! I trudged over to "Kaori" and placed my hands on her shoulders-Practically falling on her due to dizziness. "If…You…H-hurt a single hair on her h-head…" It was difficult to merely speak. My eyelids grew heavier-Heavier and my sight grew dimmer and dimmer. My head was heavy and the world was a merry go round. I clutched the wound on my chest in an attempt to seize-Or at least retard the flow of blood escaping from my wound. After removing my shaky hands from her shoulders, I collapsed back to the ground. My eyes followed her feet as she disappeared into the crowd.
Kaori's point of view:
My eyes were wide open-I hadn't shut them all night. They were sore and probably red. I took the pillow from beneath my head and covered my ears with them in an attempt to quiet the low, loud rumbling in the room next to mine. Why, oh why did I let Ryo stay here!? Groaning, I dragged myself out of bed in a fashion that would have people mistake me for a zombie. After having made it to the restroom, I looked at my reflection, rubbing the red, puffy pouches that formed below my eyes. Ryo was definitely going to pay for this! Reluctantly, I left the bathroom-Reluctantly because I wasn't too keen on the world seeing me like this, and who should I bump into, but the criminal himself. "Oh, wow, Kaori-chan you look awful!" I could feel the vain twitch on my forehead and there was a storm brewing in the bottom of my stomach. "Shut up you big meanie-snoring person!!!" Before I knew it he was rolling on the floor laughing. "Bi-big meanie snoring person?!" He stuttered between chuckles. I crossed my arms and glared at him. He pushed himself off of the ground and stood close to me, his face almost touching mine. "I'm sorry Kaori-chan, you're just so cute!" He extolled, his lips tickling my cheek and making me blush redder than I ever had before. I pushed him away, barely conscious of what I had done. My eyes focused on the white carpet as I chewed my lip to the point that it almost bled. He edged closer, slowly, and I retreated, walking backwards until my back met the smooth, beige wall. My heart was beating impossibly fast and I was certain that all of my colour had retreated to my face. He tilted my chin upward gently with his index finger and whispered softly, "Don't worry Kaori-chan. I won't do anything to hurt you." He cooed, his lips tickling mine. He licked my lips earnestly-Begging for an entrance.


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