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Our Past Happiness Causes Me Heartbreak (Jfm98's Challenge)

Short story By: neji chan

So far, it's about a heart broken man who's love has departed this world. Eventually, more stuff will happen, but I wanted to post what I had so far to see what people thought.

Submitted:Feb 13, 2009    Reads: 166    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

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Dear Kain, I am leaving to Italy tomorrow morning, I hope to see you again soon. I promise I won't ever forget you, ever-Please don't forget me either. I love you and I always will.
Forever yours, Julianna.
I stared at the letter, broken hearted and still unbelieving. I could still remember her smile, her laugh… If only she didn't go-If only she stayed here, she'd be safe. I tried to suppress my tears-To keep them inside and it does work, except once I'm alone, I can't stop my eyes from overflowing. There is a pain in my chest. It feels like my heart has grown heavy-Almost as if it soaks up every last one of my tears, only to add on to the lingering heartbreak I've had for five years now. The only things I have to remember her by are the letter, our photo, and my guitar. She used to love when I played for her…
I trudged over to the far corner of the room and picked up the guitar which rested against the pale, blue wall. I sat down, placed the instrument in my lap, and began to play. My fingers strummed the strings, creating a melody I had written for Julianna when we first started dating. It was a romantic, heart-filled tune-It reminded me of her. Ha ha ha ha. "Kain, you're so good! Did you really make it just for me? "
"Sure did, I'm naming it after you, Julianna."
When I play, I feel nostalgic. I hate this feeling-It's like part of my soul has disappeared along with Julianna. "Damn, why is it so cold in here?" I pulled myself from the carpet and gently lay my guitar back in its resting place. Once in the hallway, I checked the thermostat. 85 degrees Fahrenheit."This thing must be broken," I thought aloud whilst pulling my coat closed, "There's no way its eighty five degrees in here-I-it's way too cold! Maybe I'm sick or something." I decided to go to sleep-After all, it was pretty late anyway. In my dreams I'm with her, just like old times. We laugh and kiss and hug. But, my physical body always weeps during these sweet dreams. I suppose that no matter how happy I am, deep inside I know that it's all just a fantasy. Tears fill my eyes and spill over, creating clear, shiny streaks on my face. No matter how happy I am whilst in the dream, my physical body endures heartbreak.Oh, Julianna, how I wish this could be true, but alas, you and I have departed. During that night, I felt colder still, but it was sort of comforting. It felt as if someone was gently rubbing my back and holding me close-Trying to put an end to my tears. There was also a familiar sent-A sent of peppermint and roses-The kind of sent that Julianna would wear. Oh, how cruel! Now, even my senses are aiding in my heart-broken memories.
I contemplated lying in bed all day, but an urgent knock quickly struck that idea as impossible. The knock was a bit obnoxious-Much too obnoxious for a common passer-by. It could only be one person, so I mentally prepared myself for my soon-to-be migraine."Hey Kain, why so glum? Oh, hey look who I brought-My younger sister, well, only by two years-So, how ya doin'? "
Do you see what I mean?
Behind the rather excitable, blonde-haired man stood a slender brunette with large blue eyes and a height of about five feet and three inches. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance." She spoke politely."Pleasure's all mine, please come in." I responded, quickly regretting my offer, but was I supposed to do? Leave a lady outside? No, I'm too much of a gentleman for that. After offering them a drink-Of which the man, Byron, took a glass of beer and the lady, whose name I found to be Augusta, chose tea. For a moment everything was quiet and relaxing, as if we were three elderly friends reminiscing on "the old days" Of course, the moment of silence was a brief one, after all, it was only a matter of time before Byron swallowed his drink. During his barrage of meaningless questions and statements I noticed the woman acting fairly strange. She scooted closer and closer to me until our hips touched and she was blinking her eyes incessantly.
I asked whether she was alright or not, but she only smiled-Her cheeks changing to a deep, red-colour. "Oh, ho! What have we here? It seems that my dearest Augusta has taken a liking to Kain!" Bellowed the group's loud-mouth. I watched as she grew pale and all of her colour rushed to her face. The room grew colder.
"Damn Kain, how cold do you have it?" So, I wasn't sick-It must be the thermostat. "I don't know," I answered, "I think the thermostat is broken or something." Byron's mouth twisted into a sly smile. "Or it could be a P-O-U-L-T-E-R-Y-G-I-S-T!!!" Byron spelled out the word in the spookiest tone he could. "Byron, you spelled poltergeist wrong." After that statement, Augusta and I shared a good, long laugh at Byron's expense.


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